A List of Happy

Giant bottles of water with fresh lemon slices.

The 'humor' section of Pinterest.

Cooking in my kitchen with a good Pandora station on.

Feeling sore after a tough workout.

Sleeping better at night because of that same workout ;)

Finding awesome, random documentaries to watch on Netflix.

Blog comments/novels that show people really do care about what I have to say.

CandyCrush (yes, I went there)

Motivational blogs and Instagram accounts.

Skyping with my baby niece and knowing I get to see her SOON. Details to come on being a first-time Aunt!

New workout clothes from the clearance section.

Having someone play with your hair.

Puppies. Always.

Taking the time for a bubble bath & a good book.

Decluttering the house and finding something you thought you lost.

Laughing over something completely stupid with your husband.

Planning blogger meet-ups.

Free stuff- doesn't matter what, it was free!!

Lists. Any type of lists at all.

These things? These are the things I'm finding happiness and joy in this week. Big, small, significant, trivial... it doesn't matter. Sometimes you just need to compile a big list of 'happy' so you stop looking at the negative. The negative thing(s) in your life seem to get much easier to deal with when you step back and change your thinking. I promise if you make a list of your own like this, you'll be smiling a big stupid grin by the end of it. At least, that's what I did as I listed these out.

What's making you happy today?


  1. Having a sister as awesome as you.
    Learning I've pronounced Yosemite wrong my whole life, and not being ashamed.
    Being a gym member.
    Lifting weights.
    Feeling sore after a workout.
    CC! (ALL DAY!)

    :) love you, soulmate!

  2. Puppies...and a good workout are the best!

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one that looks at the humor section on Pinterest for a laugh, haha.

    1. I just discovered it a couple months ago. Life changing, I tell ya!! ;)

  4. Just reading this list made me smile! The Humour section of Pinterest always offers a quick cure for a grumpy mood!

  5. Humor section on Pinterest and Candy Crush, yes please! But don't touch my hair!!

  6. Great post. Much needed right now! <3 hmmm. I would say this AMAZING pumpkin spice cream cheese that I have on my bagel! So yummy! Free stuff/couponing/saving money. my daughters singing and dancing (she isnt even one yet!!) LISTS for sure. How would I get through the day without them!? Snuggles on the couch with the hubs watching the x factor and the voice.

  7. I love posts like these. Good reminder that there are greaaaaat things in life. Especially puppies :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. We're kinda on the same page today!!! Finding things that make you happy! I probably could have written my entire post on Duck Dynasty though! hahah Can't wait to hear about your baby neice!!! Congrats! :)

  9. I just switched from putting lemons to putting limes in my water... Mind blown! ;) love this list!!!

  10. OMG I make lists on lists on lists, adore them. I especially love when I make a to-do list and go ahead and write down things I already did so I can cross them out :)

  11. So, so true. I'm in the process of moving and I've been complaining so much lately. I made a list like this to cheer me up a few days ago and you're right! It totally changes your perspective. So glad I'm not the only one who loves free stuff. I take anything that's free, even if I know I will throw it away later. Which Netflix documentary did you watch? I'd love a suggestion for a good one!

  12. Do you ever look at the animals section on Pinterest?? I seriously could look at it for hours, so many adorable little piglets and puppies!! Hehe!!
    And a big YAY for the blogger meetup!! xoxo!!

  13. Twitter/Blogger friends, open the windows weather, my cashmere woods glade candle, and books I got on sale that should be delivered to my house this week!

    I always feel bad when I write exceptionally long comments on a blog post, maybe I shouldn't.

  14. Yay! This list made me happy! Things making me happy this week:

    New playlists
    Getting organizing
    Setting goals
    Tuesday & Thursday night television (always)
    Funny stories on blogs
    Blogger friends :)

  15. love lists and love love love puppies (if you don't you're deemed crazy!)

  16. Working out makes everything better :-) A clean kitchen is making me happy today! (Ugh, I feel super-boring for even saying that!)

  17. Working out makes everything better :-) A clean kitchen is making me happy today! (Ugh, I feel super-boring for even saying that!)

  18. Always always always puppies. And itty bitty kitties that try to sound fierce. Also days when you don't have anything on the schedule and you can do whatever you want. And cuddles. Forever.

  19. Awww, loving this post!!! Such a great way to look at things and weed out the negative points in your day by focusing on the positive! Now.. about this working out-- Two things: 1) work out some for me. 2) let me be tired enough to get a good night's sleep from that working out for me. Oh and we all know that I leave novels :)

  20. I absolutely relish the soreness that comes the next day. It's a constant reminder that I'm doing something right! Love it!

  21. Yes, yes and yes! I love anything free or on clearance. And duh Candy Crush always makes me happy ;)

  22. I got to FaceTime with my nephews today..it is an awesome thing!

  23. I love this, I need to make one of these. Candy crush makes me way to happy, until my husband yells at me for the 10 $1.00 transactions to beat the current level. (I have a major problem!)

  24. A new All You magazine
    Cuddles from my baby boy
    A surprise neck massage while washing dishes
    Talk Friends with co-workers
    Booing your friends
    Laughing at work
    Doing someone a favor
    Achieving a goal
    A good hair day

  25. As much as I hate to admit it, Candy Crush is on my list too! :)

  26. yay for being an auntie!! and this fun list :) hope your weekend is great!!

  27. I had to giggle at finding stuff you thought you lost while decluttering. That happens to me all the time, not necessarily in decluttering but when I clean out purses that I haven't used in a while. You'd think I'd learn by now that if I think something's lost, just look in the purses!

  28. Somehow I missed this post!! Can't wait to hear about being an aunt!!! :)


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