Ode to Football

Orange and black, how I love thee,
You go together like the beach and the sea.

My boys will wear you game after game,
Proudly pointing to their own last name!

We dress in orange and black from head to toe,
Does it help our team? We'll never know!

We nervous-eat chips and dip until we can't breathe,
The referees calls are so bad, often we seethe!

Bad-mouthing other teams is part of the fun,
If you're a Steelers fan -sorry, our friendship is done!
Four quarters of the game is often more than we can take,
Don't you know a Super Bowl ring is at stake?

This could be our year, I feel it in my soul,
If you win it all, oh, how I'd be made whole!

I'm anxiously awaiting this Sunday at one,
So I can shout with glee, "We won, we won!"


Who will YOU be rooting on this weekend? :)

Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. I love this! I'm so glad football is back! I hope y'all get the W this weekend! And Gio and Tate score a lot! haha

  2. Goooooooooooo Rams! ;)

    Then I'll turn on other games and cheer for random teams.

    I'm excited for football actually!

  3. Monday night will be my night!! I'm an Eagles fan but living in Redskins terrority so it's always a fun game!

  4. Love this poem, go Panthers! I think we've got a shot this year.

  5. Um...this is amazing Erin. Can you turn this poem into a print so it can hang on my fridge all season long?? ;) LOVE YOU!!!

  6. I bopped my head along to this as I was reading. I think you need to blow this up and frame it next to your television :)

  7. so cute and clever. future rap star over here? maybe? ;)

  8. Oh my goodness...I LOVE IT! And I love that football is back! Can you say Peyton Manning? Wow! Anyways, of course I will be at the game on Sunday cheering on my Cleveland Browns to a win :)

  9. You're so cute. I might read this to my nanny kid. It's like Dr. Seuss.

  10. While I ammmm partial to the orange and black when it comes to College football.. I think my team pretty much dominated the first NFL game of the season last night ;) Too cute Erin!

  11. It's the best time of the year! Go Chiefs!

    1. It most certainly is!! I couldn't find an email address to respond to you at, girl!! :(

  12. I love your football obsession. I love my Sooners, but we don't watch much NFL. Can we still be friends??? ;)

    Congrats on reaching 1,000, lady!!

  13. This was too cute!!! I wrote a poem like this in high school! It's all about football season, babyyyyy!!!! WOOHOOOO!!

    Let's Go Eagles!

  14. Hmph. That is all I can say at this time. ;)

  15. Yessss! Love this x1000! Especially that ecard ha. There is this Pinterest photo going around about football being back and I can't repin it because the player is a Steeler haha

  16. Um did you seriously write this? You are my hero.

  17. Great post!!!! :)
    I think you know who I cheer for....da Bears!

    Have a great weekend!

  18. LOVE THIS! But go pats! P.S. how does anyone outperform Payton Manning Thursday!? My fantasy team is shot this week since I am playing the guy who has him as a starting QB :((

  19. I love your love for football pretty friend. Hope it has been a great weekend so far!

  20. Unfortunately, my boyfriend's "second team" is the steelers. I don't understand how you can be a fan of two teams!

  21. OMG this is hilarious!! Found this on Pinterest and had to check out ur blog!!


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