Yummy Snacks!

With the chaos that football season brings, healthy snacking is always a challenge for me. It's way too easy to pick up some type of junk good at the gas station while I fill up, or grab Chipotle's chips and guacamole one too many times when I'm working an entire weekend. So when I disocvered Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips I knew I had to check them out!
My family and I tried out Green Giant's Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chip- Garden Ranch and also their Multigrain Sweet Potato Chip - Barbecue. My personal favorite was definitely the Garden Ranch chips. Thick, flavorful chips with that perfect "crunch" to them. The flavor was delicious without being overpowering. The kind of chip that is tasty by themselves, but could also be dipped in hummus or homemade guacamole to really kick up the snacking!

The rest of my unofficial taste-testers (thanks, husband and in-laws!) loved the Barbecue chips best. If you are normally a barbecue chip fan, you will definitely love these. Packed full of flavor, they don't need any type of dip… they're amazing as is. I can honestly tell you they were gone in probably less than 30 minutes-- they were tasty!!

A serving size of the chips only has only 120-130 calories (depending on the variety) and are made mainly of ingredients you will know and recognize :) Green Giant also offers a Zesty Cheddar flavor and a Sea Salt one as well. I'm looking forward to trying out both of those soon. It's always good to have options!

Although I'm trying to eat healthier in general, I'll never completely cut out snacking. When I do snack though? I want to make better choice than I have in the past and I really think Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips have a winner with this product! I know it will probably soon become a staple snack I keep on hand at the office for those days I just need something to hold me over while I'm working late.

What healthier snack choices have you made lately? Have you tried out any veggie-based chips yet?

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  1. yum! I personally love Veggie Straws by sensible portions. My favorite flavor is the ranch! You can have 38 straws for a 130 calories, and they help curb my chip craving!

  2. oh my ive tried to cut out snacking and well yes it will never, ever work! There's just something about a crunch needed when you eat. I won these chips via BzzAgent once and they were delish - Keith ate them all before I had a chance to have a 2nd taste!

  3. Best picture of me, EVER.............. ha! ;) also, those are so yummy!! That was a really fun night! I'll need to pull that coupon and get on it!

  4. MMMMMMM.. gonna need some of those Garden Ranch chips! ASAP!

  5. we tried the sweet potato ones (not barbecue, though - and I forget what flavor they were) with a BLT dip I made for Memorial Day and they were ahhhhmazing!

  6. these sound sooo good. especially right now for an afternoon snack!


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