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It's always a good day for me when I meet another blogger I can talk football with one minute, cooking the next minute and what color nail polish we're 'feeling' in the next. That's not always the combination you find, but I'm glad Jenn and I were able to find each other in the bloggy world. Her blog continually motivates me to treat my body better- this new momma is seriously a rockstar. I hope you'll enjoy her guest post over here, but more importantly go stalk her blog for some laughs, as well as motivation!

Hi everyone!! I'm Jenn and I blog over at Bliss to Bean.  Erin did such an awesome job on my blog design, I just knew I had to show it off by getting an ad space from her.  This girl does NOT disappoint!  I love to write about my family, friends, and life.  It all goes by so quickly, it's so important to enjoy the moments.

I know Erin is a huge football fanatic, and here at our household, you'll find us sporting maroon & gold!!
My husband has been a 49ers fan since he was a little boy.  I honestly didn't know much about football...and then I met him and we'd watch it from time to time.  Well, come 2011, things started changing and Jim Harbaugh's team was kicking butt!  I attribute it to my cute PINK San Fran sweats I'd lounge in on Sundays.  Either way, I was hooked!! The thrill of watching a good game on a Sunday afternoon with your significant other, is priceless. Needless to say, we've bonded even more since that year!  This year I have a new #7 jersey to rock!

You're most likely to find me in the kitchen.  Since I've retired from teaching and become a housewife, now SAHM, I'm constantly trying out new recipes!! I believe in healthy balances of good food, good for you food, and tasty treats.  I try to share as much as I can on my blog & Instagram!
{recipe here}
In January of 2013, we welcomed our little bundle of joy, Brooke, and became a family of three! She is the apple of our eye, and we just adore this little bean.  She's already 7 months old and in 12 month clothing. Where does the time go??

Of course, she was our lucky charm and the Niners made it all the way to the Superbowl...and we'll leave it at that. {this is our year boys!!}

I can feel it in the air:::Football time is here!! Soon enough our Sundays will look like this, with the baby of course!!
2011--I was NOT prego here.

And now that I've had my first baby, I'm just a normal gal who wants her hot pre-baby body back. 
Fall 2012
I gained quite a bit {scale tipped over 60 lbs at the end of my pregnancy} and while most importantly I delivered an absolutely perfectly healthy 8 lb 6 oz baby girl, I have had a heck of a time losing all of my weight.  So, I've since joined an amazing team of people and am currently doing my 24 Day Challenge through AdvoCare.  If you're even remotely feeling like I was, [sluggish, tired, not fitting into clothes, feeling down about my appearance, just not 100% happy with myself] please please please, know that this company and their products work.  There is NO reason why you shouldn't feel and look your best.  We only have one body {and life} and it is our job to keep it healthy!! I just love helping people feel awesome.  It's also nice to have a little something extra to do while I'm at home with my baby girl.

Stop by and say hello!! I just love meeting new readers!! You'll be entertained, to say the least, I promise!!

 Life is short. Be silly.


  1. I love Jenn! She's funny and sooooo gorgeous!

  2. I can't wait to see the goofy pictures that you two take when you guys have a baby!

  3. Oooh, I love finding new blogs that I love... how cute is she?! Off to visit her blog now! :)

  4. Awww, there you go introducing us to new fun people. Gotta go check out a new blog now. ;) Have a fun weekend away!

  5. You let a 49ers fan on your blog? *shock* She's right though, you are an awesome designer!

  6. Yay for another football fan!! We are getting ready for our draft next weekend.. Are U doing any fantasy this year? Off to visit her blog now!

  7. isn't growing your family just the BEST? beautiful family by the way - stopping by your blog now!


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