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post over the weekend, Jared and I LOVE to entertain. Sure, our house may be small and the parking situation isn't ideal- but we make it work. It's worth the hassle and the madness for a few hours of fun with family or friends.
As I mentioned in a

Here are a few tips for keeping your next party stress-free!

1. Simplicity is key. I used to be really bad about making ENTIRELY too much food. Buying more decorations than necessary. Wasting money on a bajillion drinks and plasticware…. you name it, I overplanned and overspent!

I've since realized that a few great food items go a long way- especially when you've got a house full of hungry, intense football fans! Just make a few of the classic appetizers that you know will get gobbled up, but make plenty of them! I also try to make snacks and items that don't all require spoons and forks. Just one less thing to buy and/or clean!

2. Make your guests feel at home. I love to have a delicious scented candle burning for about an hour before guests plan to arrive. There is just nothing like being greeted by a yummy smell, am I right?!

I also like to make sure anything my guests might need is easily accessible and in plain sight. With a house full of people, I don't want one person to be searching for a cup forever without my knowing it! Stocking the bathrooms is one of the first things I always do when getting ready for a party. Extra rolls of toilet paper, air freshener and plenty of hand soap.

Now, I get to try something new at our next get-together! The Kleenex Hand Towels will also be a part of my bathroom party set up. That way, when guest after guest visits this room to wash their hands? They aren't greeted by a wadded-up, damp towel four other people have just used. They get a clean, fresh towel that's Cottony-Soft!

I'm already looking forward to their fun seasonal/holiday box designs that will be coming out this fall. Any affordable ($2.99/box), fun way to make a room look festive is good in my book! And although I don't have a towel bar in our bathroom, the box can be turned upside down and wedged right into the bar so people can pull their towel like they would from a paper towel dispenser! Genius!

3. Just have fun! If anyone is like me, parties can make you a little nuts. But at the end of the day, none of the silly little details matter. Just enjoy your company! Some of our very best nights have been the low-key ones with friends, food and just a lot of laughing. Game nights at our house? Nothing fancy and always some of the best times we have. Our NYE get together is STILL being talked about…. 7 months later. I'm just sayin ;) Opening up your home is a good enough reason to kick back and let yourself enjoy the present!

What is your number one party-planning tip?? Favorite party "product" to use?

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  1. Loved this! And #1. I am totally guilty of making too much food, always.

  2. Now I wanna come to your next party!!! :)

  3. Can't wait to try these suckers out! Also, can't wait to see their fun holiday designs!

  4. I love this!!! Brad always makes way too much food lol

  5. We always have too much food but I'd rather do that than run out. We always have the Kleenex hand towels in our guest bath. There's no towel bar in there either which is fine, but I have to say that when the supply starts getting low, you have to dig down in the box. That's usually when we just take them out and leave them in a stack on the sink.

  6. You mean you don't want people rooting through your bathroom cabinets and medicine one? ;)

  7. I've been meaning to try those Kleenex towels, not just for a party, but for everyday use!


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