Podcast Plug!

Hey readers! I don't normally pop in on a Sunday afternoon, but I've been meaning to mention some friends of mine for awhile on here and have been a total slacker. Forgive me blog world… and friends! ;)

My friend Nick hosts an awesome Podcast, Who-Dey Weekly and talks ALL things Bengals. If you're a Cincinnati football fan, there really is nothing better. I swear, a couple years ago I didn't even realize what a podcast was, but his definitely opened my eyes to that world.

Now I know you aren't ALL Bengals fans out there (what's wrong with you people?!) but through The Sports Podcasting and Entertainment Network, there are TONS of other awesome shows just begging for you to find them! Professional baseball, minor league baseball, professional soccer, Notre Dame football, and my personal new favorite--- a podcast about how to get started making your OWN podcast!

I highly recommend checking them out, if you are any type of sports fan at all! Hours and hours of free information and entertainment on there. Not to mention, they're won quite a few awards ;)

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  1. Thanks Erin! Hope everyone enjoys the podcasts! Keep up the great work here at LFF!


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