Cardstore: YOU ROCK

If you haven’t heard of Cardstore before, it’s a pretty cool service that lets you choose a card and personalize it however you’d like all with just a few clicks. Cardstore will even mail it out for you which is a nice little added bonus.

The custom birthday cards and the photo cards are some of the favorites and most popular, but there are tons of designs for every occasion imaginable available! Which is why I chose to make a customized card for the best dad in the world! Today IS Father's Day, after all ;)

The Cardstore photo cards were really cute, but I just couldn't quite decide what pictures I would want to use, so I chose a light-hearted card instead. I will say- although I didn't use pictures, I loved that you could link right to your Facebook and choose the photos from there if you wanted. Definitely an easy, seamless process!

I plan to deliver my card in person, but if you wanted, they'll mail it for you- you JUST pay for the postage stamp. No shipping or handling fees or anything like that. Simple, right? Also- you might think the cards themselves are too pricey and more than you'd spend? WRONG. My card was $3.49! You'd easily spend that at a Hallmark, CVS, Target or anywhere else you'd pick up a card. Convenient and affordable, Cardstore basically rocks!

I'll definitely be using their services again. It's especially convenient if you're like me and tend to forget cards until last minute and/or have family that lives out of town and you want to ensure your card's there on time!

*All opinions are my own. I was provided one free card in exchange for a review. No other compensation was exchanged.


  1. How cute, I need to check their website out :-)

  2. This is such a cute idea! Deff bookmarking this!

  3. bahahaah. that card is amazing.

  4. love that one!!!

    I got Brads card from there I love their site!!


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