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Happy Saturday everyone! I feel like such an old person, awake by 7AM on a Saturday morning…. I remember the days my mom would be dragging me out of bed at noon on the weekends. When did that change??

Regardless, I'm happy to be awake on this beautiful morning and share something really important with you all. I know probably only a handful of my readers are from Ohio, but I kindly ask you not to tune me out just yet.

James & Emily are friends of mine from college that recently organized this inaugural 5k/10k in Beavercreek, Ohio (near the Dayton area) in memory of their late son, Harrison. They lost sweet baby Harrison almost 1 year ago due to complications from Trisomy 18. You can read some of the blog they started during Emily's pregnancy, and their open, honest posts after Harrison went to be with the Lord here. Never have I read something so moving, so candid and so powerful. James and Emily have truly been an inspiration to so many already.

That's where you can come in. If you're in the Ohio/Indiana/Kentucky area on June 1st and would like to walk or run in this race, PLEASE go sign up here: http://heroes4harrison.com/ EVERY single dime is going to Dayton Children's NICU ward, helping support families with high-risk pregnancies.

You aren't from the area? That's okay…. all I ask is that you SHARE this blog post, the links, etc in any way you can. You should know by now I don't ask things like this unless I truly believe in them, and every single person who registers for this race can make a difference. I already have friends who have signed up, even though they can't physically be there. All support is a welcomed blessing.

Thanks for considering, and please take a minute to read their story.


  1. I was up at 7am today too. We are old! I just went on their blog and had a little tear fest. What an amazing testimony they are sharing with the world through their hardship. God is bigger than we know. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Now I am glad I am awake too early for a Saturday morning so I could read this post and their story! This sounds like it will be a wonderful event and I wish I could run it! Can I still register for it though so they get the money?!

  3. I am always awake at 7ish, without an alarm clock. My internal clock doesn't understand weekends! I wish I lived closer to Ohio...I am a pediatric nurse, so I feel very strongly about children's hospital support such as this one!

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  5. Erin,

    Thank you so much for speaking about this. To anyone who registers, and cannot make it: Yes, you can register, and it the money will go to Dayton Children's. I will also mail you the t-shirt as well. If someone is interested in donating without registering, please email me at james.mummert@gmail.com and I will give you further instructions.

    We are so blessed with how God is using us through this, and we appreciate any and all additional publicity this race can get. The more publicity, the more God can be glorified, and the more children who can be helped!

    Thanks again!


  6. I remember the days when I would sleep in until 3-4pm on the weekends and now I can't stand to sleep my days away. In fact, it drives me insane to sleep past 10am.. it feels like such a waste! It's so kind of you to share this for your friends. Sadly, I know the sadness of losing a child as I lost my son at birth (full term) eight years ago. It's a pain like no other and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I will spread the word about Harrison's Heroes and keep all those involved in my prayers!


  7. I've just spent (work) time reading some of Harrison's story - so inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time! I'll be sharing this with other friends who live in the area.

  8. i could never imagine their pain. i have a GOOD friend that lost their 1st baby to Trisomy 18. What a great cause!

  9. Emily's sister and BIL, Jessica and Evan went to college with me. Small world! I've read their blog and it's so heartbreaking. What a great cause!


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