You guys, Ohio is a great place. Hey! Stop that! I can hear you big-city people and you beach-dwelling people snickering... but before you get too carried away, hear me out. Ohio really does have a lot to offer, but I think sometimes even I forget how awesome is it! It's easy to diss your own home state, and even easier to forget to show her off every once in awhile.
Well, you're in luck... I have one cool gal here to tell you WHY Ohio is cool. Which in turns, makes she and I both extremely cool ;) So get ready to take notes, here are reasons #1-10.

Hey, y’all! I’m Martha, and I blog over at A Southern Transplant. I blog about a lot of totally random things like being a newlywed (after 3 years, I think I still fit in this category), kids (I have a gwatrillion of them), my baby (my mutt doggy dog, Nutmeg), the South, trying to recreate my non-existent twenties (32 is not the new 20), embarrassing things that happen to me (like breaking my arm or falling sober in a bar)…well, you get it!
Hey y'all!

I’m so happy to be over here visiting Erin and her readers. She and I are almost like twinsies…except that whole age difference thing. Seriously, though, I knew Erin and I would get along famously. You see, girls from Ohio are just pretty awesome.

Here’s why Erin and I are exceptionally cool.

1. We both have a Mamaw and a Papaw! 

2. We know who Lequit is. And he will forever be shunned from all things Ohio. See #8 below, loyalty

3.  We are all for the poisonous nut. Beware. They are scary! Go Bucks! OH-! (I'll never stop cheering for the Buckeyes, even if I am a Gamecock fan, too!)
(On a side note, it's THE Ohio State Univeristy. Ohio is a school in Athens. For real, people.)

4.  We both know Cedar Point trumps all other parks. Take that, Six Flags over what??!! HA!

5. Erin and I love the fall. Especially in Ohio. And in Ohio, we do fall big.

6.  We have a love of travel to all places that aren’t Ohio. Ohioans are really good at broadening their horizons. I think this may be because winter lasts months…and travel is the only way to escape!

7.  We may not root for the same pro teams, but we love our Ohio teams. No matter if they are having an awesome season, or if they are the Bengals or the Browns, the Reds or the Indians. Loyalty, my friends.

***Sorry, Martha. You know I couldn't let you get away with something that says "Go Browns" without 
a picture of the REAL Ohio NFL team ;)

8.  We both have excellent blog design taste. Although, I have NO idea how Erin does such a great job! 

9. If it's football season, we're tailgating.  ***Or working. Lame. 

And, most importantly,

10. We both recognize the necessity to celebrate your birthday for weeks, not just one day!
Happy Belated Birthday, Erin!!!


  1. I agree with you both...Ohio is pretty awesome! :)

  2. I've never really hung out in Ohio and only know it as that state I have to drive through in order to go see my fam in NY. I don't hate it though like people from Michigan are born to do.. They have a weird serious hatred. I was told that driving through Ohio with my Michigan plates I'm bound to get pulled over (haven't yet) because Ohio hates Michigan equally as much as Michigan hates Ohio lol is this all true? Ohio seems alright to this Michigander! I've lived here 3 years so I think I can be one now.

    1. Yes. We don't talk about that state to the North. Like, ever.
      Riots ensue after that big game, no lie!

  3. haha i have never been to Ohio and not sure that i ever will, but maybe I should make that happen. And I agree, you and martha are pretty great!!

  4. LOVE this post :) And of course everything about Ohio (minus the weather...though fall really is awesome).

    And as an OU grad- I HATE when people mix up OSU and OU...definitely not the same school! Though I do love the Buckeyes (and my Bobcats!)

  5. My hubs LOVES the Buckeyes...he lived in OH for a year and worked for the OSU board of trustees. :D

  6. Although I was born and raised in Pennsylvania (and still cheer for the Steelers, sorry girls) I've lived in Ohio for more than half my life so I certainly relate to this. Now going over to Martha's blog to read more!

  7. Yay for Martha & Erin - both great ladies to get to know in the blog world...even if I am jealous that Erin's at Disney for her bday!

  8. being a fellow Ohioan I can attest to these! OH-IO! :)

  9. LOVE that photo you sneaked in!!!!

    Thanks for letting me crash your blog for the day!


  10. I've never been to Ohio!!! :O But hopefully that'll change when you, me and Kayla one day hang out?!! :P

  11. Super cute post! We need a mid-west get together! And happy birthday Erin!!!!

  12. I really do like Ohio. It's home to me. I wouldn't mind living out of state, but Ohio is my number 1 choice. :)

  13. Love this post & fellow Ohio girls :)Cedar Point IS the best park around, and Ohio is great in the Fall! GO BROWNS!!!! :) ~~New follower to you & Martha :)

  14. Cedar Point is the best, GO BROWNS, and man I wish I lived in Ohio. Hang on Sloopy was the biggest crowd getter at my wedding!


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