March's Past

If you haven't picked up on a theme yet, I've been recapping the past 5 years each month, just to see the crazy amount of things that have changed in such a short time. If you missed January or February, be sure to catch up first ;)

March 2008
Finishing up my junior year of college by going on a missions trip to FL.

Helped throw a bridal shower for my sister.
And hellooooo short-haired-Erin!
March 2009
I was working a temp job grading standardized tests. THAT is a post for another day, my friends ;)
Made my first trip to NJ/Philly with my mom. Visited Ellis Island & saw the Statue of Liberty.

March 2010
I'd been a temporary employee at my current job for 7-8 months and was waiting for
that bump to a full-time employee.... and an engagement ring ;)

March 2011
Prepping all the last minute stuff for our wedding.
Getting spoiled by bridal showers left and right!

March 2012
Celebrated a fun St. Patty's day with family and friends.

Jared and I hosted our first grill-out at our new house.

March 2013
Said goodbye to my dear, sweet great-grandmother.
Officially started on the Dave Ramsey plan to pay off our debt!!

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  1. Such a great flashback! Sorry about your great-grandma :( But good luck on paying the debt off!

    Thanks for linking up today :)


  2. This is such a neat way to look back on memories!

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  3. March is a great month for you! Thanks for sharing your memories.
    I hope the rest of your March is fantastic too.

  4. I cannot wait to fire up the grill - I'm just waiting for warmer weather!

  5. awe love this recap! Thanks for linking up gal!! I love looking back at years- guess we were kinda thinking the same thing b/c I recapped "fun" in college today! ha. Are we feeling out today or something ;) just kidding!

  6. I hadn't seen January and February so I got caught up - what a fun idea!

  7. Fun way to recap and see how much has happened in the past five years!

  8. I love that you're doing this each month!! :)

  9. Love your recaps! And I am loving short haired Erin - so cute!!

    Dave Ramsey! Look at y'all go. We are so blessed to not currently have any debt, but have been looking into his six steps recently - mainly because I'm panicking over not having a college fund started haha. We don't even have kids yet!

  10. I love these posts! You your sis and mom look so much alike

  11. What a fun way to re cap the months of March. We got engaged a few March's ago :)

  12. I love these posts!! I always look forward to reading them :) Yayayay for saying bye bye to debt!!

  13. We are doing the Dave Ramsey thing too! I figured out that if we stick to our budget we can have everything paid off by the end of 2014, which seems far away, but really when you think about it, it isn't. I love how you are doing these posts too. How fun!

  14. Love these posts, such a great idea! You looked super cute with short hair, by the way :) Have a great day!

    -- Emily @

  15. These are so fun...such a great way to look back too! And you need to teach me what you learn from Dave Ramsey. I've heard great things!

  16. Your hair looks so cute cut short!!!

  17. Love looking back at all of the things you've done and accomplished, you go girl! Also, I've been hearing so much about this Dave Ramsey but I still don't know what he's all about. Tell me more?


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