I made one!

A 30 before 30 list that is. Sure, everyone's got them floating around in blogland... but for good reason! They are awesome! Anytime I see that someone has one on their blog I click straight to it, no joke! I love to see what people hope to accomplish in the next few years of their life. It always inspires me to do more.

In my mind I always think of things I want to do, see, accomplish before a certain point in my life but I've never made that concrete list. Which, if you know me, is crazy because I LOVE a good list.... or seven. I make lists daily so it just makes sense to finally get on it and make by 30 before 30 list. Plus, my 26th birthday is exactly 1 month from today and every so often I have panic attacks about how "old" I'm getting.
Oh you know... just *TWENTY* years ago!!

Erin's 30 before 30 list
To be completed by April 20, 2017
1. Run a 1/2 marathon.
2. Be completely debt free.
3. Give up pop for 60 days straight.
4. Finish my novel and submit it for publishing.
5. Be a mom.
6. Organize our house, top to bottom.
7. Grow this blog to 2,000 readers.
8. Treat myself to a day at the spa.
9. Host a holiday meal.
10. Crochet a gift for someone.
11. Get at least 2 more stamps on my passport.
12. Get involved in our church.
13. Visit 2 more NFL stadiums.
14. Upgrade the floors/carpeting in our home.
15. Get professional pictures taken of Jared and I.
16. Visit as many new states as possible. (I'm 22/50 right now)
17. Regularly donate to charity.
18. Watch every movie we own.
19. Throw Jared a fantastic 30th birthday party.
20. Go on a spontaneous weekend getaway.
21. Be up-to-date on all family/yearly photobooks.
22. Get a promotion.
23. Visit DisneyWorld     April 2013, recaps found here, here, here , here and here!
24. Anonymously help someone in need.
25. Restore an antique piece of furniture.
26. Become an early riser.
27. Go to the Ohio state fair (I've never been!)
28. Update my camera/lenses
29. Grow my hair out and donate to Locks of Love.
30. Read 20 new books each year.

So what do you think? Think I can do this all in 4 years & 1 month?! I know there are some pretty lofty goals on there, but I'm excited to finally have an 'official' list and to start crossing things off. I'd love to read your bucket list or 30 before 30 type of list, if you've got one- leave the link in a comment below!

And since Robin is starting her brand new link-up today, I wanted to join in as well!! Because seriously….

I can't believe… It's taken me this long to make this list.
I can't believe… My birthday is only 1 month away!
I can't believe…. I might be meeting lil miss Robin next month, eeeeek!!!! :)
I can't believe…. I actually went out and jog/walked 2 miles with Jared after dinner last night- and liked it!


  1. I think you can totally do it! Especially the half marathon :) Also your birthday is my half birthday!!

  2. Love the list! Not going to lie, I read "early riser" too quickly and thought it said become a "hell raiser!" hahaha I have a feeling we'll be doing enough of that next month! ;) Eeee I can't even start thinking about how excited I am!!

    And thank you SO MUCH for linking up!! :)

  3. I love this friend!! I've been working on mine for like a year now but you've inspired me to finish it and get it posted. Happy Wednesday!!!! Love you!!!!!!

  4. You are the cutest. I love your list. I always dread birthdays. I will be 25 in August and I have those "omg I am 5 years from 30" moments. I need to do one of these lists. I keep saying I will but I actually need to sit down and do it! Love yours!

  5. I need to make one as a "25 before 25".... now I know what to do today at work. Thanks love bug ;)

    I love that I got a sneak peek at this list... makes me feel all speeecciiaaal. Love your face off miss thang.

  6. That's an awesome list! Run a half and grow the blog would also be on mine. I'm old, so if I make a list of things to accomplish by 40, does it have to be 40 by 40? Can it be 10 by 40??? or maybe 15???? LOL!

  7. Great list, Erin! I like how varied your goals are :) I should start working on my own list, though I have about 20 months, instead of the 4 years you've got. Which one are you tackling first?

    1. Thanks, Suzanna! I couldn't fine an email address to respond to you at! How can I get in touch with you? :)

  8. You got this! I love lists. Make sure to post the list in several places. I have a list myself and for the longest time I would just simply forget about it. Now that I have it more accessible I find myself doing more from the list. Good Luck!!!

  9. Love your list!! You should make one of those NFL stadiums the superdome and come to a saints game :)

  10. I have a 30 before 30!! I did it right after my 25th!! http://simplesouthernways.blogspot.com/2013/02/30-before-30-feb-18.html Totes should read :) LOVE yours!! I've already crossed a lot off of mine so very exciting!!

  11. Ahhh I love your list! I have a 101 things in 1001 days but I love all of the 30 before 30 lists going around.

  12. Such a great list!! :) YOU CAN DO IT!

  13. I love the list, and when you come up for the Ohio State Fair, you'd better let me know!

  14. Great list! I've got one too and need to get cracking on it.

  15. what an awesome list! I wish I wouldve thought of this 3 years ago, maybe I will do a 40 before 40 ;)

  16. I love these lists! I turn 27 in a few weeks and I'm making my 30 before 30 list for then!

  17. I'm turning 30 in July, ack!! I haven't accomplished everything I wanted to by this age but I'm okay that. :)

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  18. I hate to say that you aren't missing too much by never having gone to the Ohio State Fair haha but I'm biased since we deal with it every summer. I think this list is fantastic! And will be SUPER excited when the "I'm going to be a mom" post finally comes ;)

  19. YES!!! I love lists too and I know #23 is happening soon!! You have an ambitious list, but I have no doubt you will cross them off one by one. Good luck and congrats! Also, the Vikings stadium is scheduled to be done in July 2016 - I know it's cold and our team isn't great - but it's super fun here in the fall :)

  20. Can I make a 31 before 31 list??? (Old woman here!!)
    P.S. I WANT TO TAKE YOUR PROFESSIONAL PICTURES!!! Seriously, I'm serious. Seriously! :)

  21. Great list! :) I LOVE it! :) I have been slacking in the blog department here lately because life has been SO busy! But I'm starting to get back to commenting and reading more blogs again! {Which I LOVE!} Listing is one of my favorite things!

    Hope you're doing well love!


  22. I love too many things on this list to even name, so I'm just gonna say I LOVE IT ALL and I LOVE YOU FOR MAKING IT!! You're gonna make big things happen, girl, I have so much faith in you :) Muuuuah!

  23. What a fun list! I think you can do it. Go Erin!!

  24. Yay! I love reading these lists, they give me so many good ideas! You've got some good stuff on there! Mine is here at: http://strawberryhallsforever.blogspot.com/2013/03/30-before-30.html

  25. I love that you wrote your own 30 Before 30 list, and I love so many of the things on it! You're going to have so much fun, and accomplish so much - I can just feel it :) Good luck my friend!

  26. I love this list idea!! And I love your list/goals! I kind of want to do one, but I might wait 'til July once I turn 25. Then I'll have 5 yrs. Ugh, that sounds scary.
    Jealous you're getting to meet Robin! Wish I could hang out with you ladies!

  27. What a great idea! Your list is awesome. It will feel amazing to start checking those goals off! I'm also shooting for a 1/2 marathon... slowly but surely we'll get there!

  28. You've motivated me to make one of these lists! Of course you can do all that! :)

  29. I think it's appropriate that (pre my comment) you had 30 comments on this post! lol.

    Woo hoo for '87 babies, me too! My b-day is in July! You have a lot of great ideas, I should do something like this too :)

  30. This is a GREAT list! I totally think you can accomplish these goals in the time frame that you have before the big 3-0!! Mine is coming up in July...already getting excited for a fun celebration!

  31. Im soo behind and I'm just now reading this! Yikes on my part! Anyways, 1) I love that you said "pop"! Haha! I guess that's a northern thing :) I call it "coke." 2) Good luck!!! 30 before 30 lists are the bestest!


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