Husband alert!!!

You guys are in for a TREAT today. Jared has finally agreed to show his handsome face around here with a guest post! He's sharing some of HIS thoughts on the 'whole blogging thing' so grab a seat and see what he has to say ;)


Greetings and Salutations Blog-World!

For the longest time now I have sat idly by while my beloved wife E embarked on her journey into the blog-osphere.  I’m allowed to make up words and explain their quirky reasoning in subscript right?? 

I will admit that at first I was a skeptic and reasoned that the behavior was similar to online video gaming for men… both entail meeting online friends with the “leveling up” goals in video games replaced by the “adding of followers” in blogging.

Yes I edited this picture myself…

And comments on a blog were no different then the cherished e-props of Xanga.   Wow, Jared… Who didn’t like e-props?! And way to judge a blog by it’s design ;) Oh, and real funny play on the cliché  “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” only you replaced it with a blogging reference to fit your post! Is it cliché to call something cliché? I think we’d all agree that cliché anytime is always cliché cliché…shut up Jared :)  

Nonetheless, I recently became a follower of Love, Fun and Football **the 500th I might add** and have come to find out that not only is my wife stunningly beautiful:

But also a model of creativity and imagination as expressed in her writings, designs and..
birthday party planning! I’m lucky!

She has already met some really neat people and made some good friends from the blogworld as well.

Sure, I was skeptical of these “rrreeaaalll” friends and would even jab at E asking, “How do you know that this 'friend' isn’t some fat, 43-year-old community college drop-out, living in his parent’s basement flipping Cheetos off of his gut with one hand while pausing his game of 'War Wizards Revenge 7' and leaving a comment on your post with the other?”

Kind of like this guy …

E has since put that odd (and random) theory to rest with fun Blates and Skyping with  “real” people who seem “real” awesome: Robin, Allison and Alexa…just to name a few. 

So I have now stepped my toe into the Blog-antic Ocean and find the water inviting, fun and refreshing! What could be so odd about thousands of people connecting with each other in mostly positive and uplifting ways while even making some real relationships along the way? Let skeptical people --like I once was-- question the sincerity of these blog follower “relationships.”  Some people will always be negative toward everything and will find something to complain about everyday about everything.

Kind of like this guy…though E and I have no idea who he is, google served him up for my purpose here

It is people like that who find the negative in every life situation; from standing too long in line at a cash register and mumbling obscenities under your breath, to ignoring the content of what someone is talking to you about because you are too occupied thinking of what you are going to say next. There are millions of examples of those people who just don’t seem to enjoy life or human interaction at any level!  It is to those all-too-unhappy folks that I wish a thousand comments and followers to their un-created blog of life! 

Regardless, being cynical is depressing and the world needs more uplifting, inspiring and authentic human interaction anyway! Why not let the blogging community be an example to others that even in an often dark and dreary world full of evil and hate, that there are bright patches that can spread positivity and friendship that makes others feel more alive than ever?!

Cheers to you, Bloggerdome!! (Sweet. I worked in 3 variations of a play on the word blog)  Always keep it authentic, as you are far more real and impactful than any video game could ever be!!



  1. not to copy but I had planned on letting Chris guest post this week and it will for sure happen now that I've seen your hubby's awesome post! Great job!

    P.S. is it just me, or does he look like a darker haired version of Ryan Reynolds??? Maybe the coffee hasn't kicked in yet lol.

  2. So adorable! & great to get a man's perspective. Great job!

  3. Yayy, Jared on the blog! You KNOW he's going to get sucked in checking for comments on his post all day!;) *hi Jared* :)

  4. Haha i love how he compared it to video games! And I liked how he ended it - we do need more happy, uplifting interactions! Great job Jared!!

  5. Awesome hubby post! Mine knows that I blog but he has no interest in it unless it were a hockey blog or forum. Oh well! :)

  6. love this!!! I know B would NEVER do it lol

    awesome post Jared :)

  7. GREAT post, Jared! And your pictures you added - awesomeness! I needed a laugh on a Monday morning. I hope you'll be guest posting more.

  8. I am sending this to Andre' to read right now!! LOVED this :) And I am laughing so hard at how he compared it to COD, Andre' has said something very similar!

  9. Awesome Post Jared! Erin you are blessed to have a husband who supports your blogging adventures! Likewise, Jared you are blessed to have a wife that LOVES FOOTBALL with you. I propose Jared gets his own blogging day on Love, Fun, and Football!

  10. Haha that was so awesome! Love that he compared blogging for girls to video games for boys. He's probably right on target with that one :) And he even edited his own picture up there too! Very impressive...

  11. Awesome post Jared! It's cool to see that you get it and that you are supporting your wife. We are pretty fond of her around these parts! Hope you make another appearance soon!

  12. Hiiii Jared. Miss you both! This guest post was awesome haha... I can just hear him saying all of these goofy words... so fun! Great idea :)

  13. Excellent husband guest post! Mine occasionally posts when we're doing our restaurant reviews (although he's seriously slacking lately and might lose out on this week's post).

  14. I love this! I would NEVER be able to talk my husband into this!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  15. BAHAHAHAHA! I love this!! :) He's SO FUNNY!

  16. Pretty sure the guy in the glasses is the Angry Video Game Nerd, a character that reviews games. Hubby would LOVE this post. He's a video gamer guy too and kind of thinks blogging is crazy!

  17. This is GREAT!! My fiance is super skeptical and gets very tissy when I give our address out LOL! :) So funny!! I hope I can get Chris out no the blog at some point!! Kuddos to you both!

  18. Nice to meet you Jared...and no I am not flipping Cheetos off my gut! I am flipping Reeses cups off my gut...GOSH! ;-)

  19. Love this!! It's always nice hearing a man's persepective on blogging...I love how he compares it to playing video games online! Great comparisson, Jared!

  20. This is the cutest thing EVER! Great job Jared!!!! :)

  21. Great job, Jared!!! I'm sure Andrew will never guest post for me, because I'm sure he'd hate it---but I think his post would look a lot like yours.
    My favorite part? Don't judge a book by it's cover...unless it's a blog design. Good work!

  22. Excellent post, well written!! By the way, has anyone ever told you that you are a dead ringer for Ryan Reynolds??

  23. such a great cute post, your hubby sounds hilarious. Loving the COD reference of his post!

  24. hahahaha omg this is fantastic, good job Jared!

  25. What a great idea! Now to convince my hubby..

    Happy Monday!

    The Hartungs Blog

  26. That was so precious! Thanks for this!

  27. HA! love this my hubby would never and i repeat NEVER guest post on my blog! i tried to get him to "guest post" after our vacation and he still talks about it and how silly of a request that was... one day... ill get him... hahaha

    great post to your hubby!!

  28. Way to go Jared!! I think Mr. M needs a blog of his own.

  29. AHHH THIS MADE MY DAY! My love for Jared is no secret, and I still love him even though he put quotations around real when describing me. I promise I'm real! I think he needs to crash our next skype date! :)

    Love this post! I think all men can relate to this analogy. Dom is definitely going to have to read this! Also, I think Jared needs to post more often! He made me laugh, made me cry, made me love...just perfect! (okay, so I only cried because I want to hang out with you 2 SO BADLY and I just fell in love with you two so much more, but what can I say? I have a flair for drama!)

    p.s. Ryan Reynolds. HOLY CRAP. I didn't notice before, and now it's all I see!! Way to go Erin! ;)

  30. I so enjoyed this!!! You are a lucky man with that awesome wife of yours. How about you start a blog for the husbands of these blog crazy ladies...surely they would all read it! :) Happy Tuesday Eve you two.

  31. My husband would definitely appreciate the Call of Duty reference. He is actually playing a video game as I type this...

  32. I really enjoyed this! I like how he compared blogging to video games. Such a fun post!

  33. I'm so glad Jared has come around to all of us cool bloggers! (Thanks for the shout out Jared!) His comparison of blogging to Call of Duty is something my husband would say too! So funny and true! Someday (after our sushi date) we will have a double date and then Jared and Drew will both be forever convinced that bloggers are awesome. :)

  34. He looks very Ryan Reynolds, & I don't think the day will ever calm when my husband isn't idling alongside me. I would love for him to blog...hmmm bday present! Thanks for sharing Jared!

  35. Haha this is awesome! Such a great post. I love the edited cod picture. And I think I need to talk my husband into becoming a follower of my blog!

  36. Oh gosh, this is awesome! He did such a good post! And is so sweet to you. My husband thinks me blogging is absolutely absurd and a waste of time. I'm glad yours is less skeptical now and was your 500th follower!

  37. Haha, this was hilarious! He did such a great job guest posting! My husband isn't an official follower of my blog so major brownie points to Jared :)

    The Tiny Heart

  38. this is SO awesome! I wish I could recruit my man to blog for me!

  39. I had to let my fiance read this.. he grunts and grumbles when I blog. Although all I've been doing lately is reading them, not writing them :)

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  55. Didier Deschamps : “Kami Memiliki Kans Juarai Euro 2016”

    Agen Bola Melaporkan Berita Olahraga Terkini dan terbaru - Pelatih Timnas Prancis, Didier Deschamps mengutarakan pendapatnya mengenai partai Final Euro 2016 yang akan digelar tiga hari lagi. Deschamps berpendapat bahwa peluang timnya dan Portugal untuk menjuarai Euro 2016 sama besarnya, sehingga partai Final nanti diprediksi akan berlangsung dengan sengit.
    Les Bleus sendiri resmi memastikan diri sebagai finalis kedua Euro 2016 setelah mereka menaklukan Jerman dengan skor 2-0 pada dini hari tadi. Mereka kurang selangkah lagi untuk meraih Trofi Euro ketiga mereka, di mana mereka harus mengalahkan Portugal untuk meraih tujuan tersebut.
    Dihadapkan dengan Portugal di Partai Final, Deschamps mengaku siap dan ia menilai timnya punya peluang untuk menjadi juara. “Kami memiliki kans kami untuk menjuarai Euro 2016, dan Portugal juga peluang yang sama” beber Deschamps kepada ESPN.
    “Meski berstatus sebagai tuan rumah dan kami baru saja mengalahkan Jerman tidak berarti kami punya kesempatan yang lebih besar untuk memenangkan Euro nanti. Kami percaya bahwa kami bisa memenangkan turnamen ini begitu pula dengan Portugal” tutup pelatih 47 tahun tersebut.

  56. Wenger Dikabarkan Incar Morata dan Lacazette

    Agen Bola Melaporkan Berita Olahraga Terkini dan terbaru - Manajer Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, disebut masih amat ingin mendatangkan striker baru di musim panas, setelah klub disebut terlibat negosiasi dengan Alexandre Lacazette dan Alvaro Morata.
    Wenger disebut amat kecewa ketika Jamie Vardy menolak kesempatan bergabung dengan The Gunners, setelah klausulnya aktif, namun sejak saat itu sang manajer memusatkan perhatian pada striker Lyon, Lacazette, dan bintang Real Madrid, Morata, menurut Goal International.
    Olivier Giroud, yang sempat berbicara pada Wenger mengenai masa depannya sebelum Euro 2016, akan bermain sebagai striker utama tim musim depan, dan manajer Prancis ingin menutup bursa musim panas dengan mencari pemain baru yang bisa bersaing dengan sosok berusia 29 tahun.
    Morata sendiri baru bergabung dengan Real Madrid dari Juventus bulan lalu dan ia diperkirakan akan dijual lagi untuk memberi keuntungan pada timnya. Chelsea juga tertarik dengan pemain yang sama, namun Arsenal juga tidak akan menyerah begitu saja.
    Sementara itu, Wenger juga diklaim akan mengincar bek Wolfsburg, Ricardo Rodriguez, untuk membenahi lini belakang The Gunners, yang sudah mulai dimakan usia.

  57. Pemain Portugal Mengaku Tegang Jelang Final Euro 2016

    Agen Bola Melaporkan Berita Olahraga Terkini dan terbaru - Blaise Matuidi berkeras ia akan coba untuk melakukan semua persiapan dengan normal, jelang pertandingan final Euro 2016 antara Prancis dan Portugal di Stade de France akhir pekan ini.
    Namun sosok berusia 29 tahun mengatakan bahwa nuansa ketegangan memang mulai menjalar di dalam tim.
    “Saya tidak pernah mengalami situasi seperti ini sebelumnya, final Euro. Terkait persiapan pertandingan, tidak ada yang berubah, semuanya tetap sama,” tutur Matuidi pada Goal International.
    “Saya terus berlatih, dan juga memakan makanan yang sama, tidur, itu semua hanya ada dalam pikiran anda. Saya mencoba untuk seminimal mungkin mengalami stress.”
    “Memang ada ketegangan yang saya rasakan. Namun begitu kami ada di stadion nanti, kami akan melupakan semuanya dan kami akan bermain dengan cara terbaik dan juga meraih hasil yang kami inginkan.”
    “Kami akan siap karena Minggu nanti akan menjadi pertandingan terpenting dalam hidup kami. Kami akan memberikan segalanya.”

  58. Inter Milan Buka Peluang Jual Mauro Icardi

    Agen Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, Inter Milan bersiap melakukan langkah mengejutkan jelang penutupan bursa transfer bulan Januari ini. Bukan mendatangkan pemain bintang, mereka akan menjual salah satu bintang andalan mereka. Bintang yang dilego yakni Mauro Icardi. Sosok yang juga menjadi kapten tim.
    Sayup-sayup kabar penjualan Icardi sudah muncul pada pekan yang lalu. Kabarnya, terlibat sebuah intrik dengan pelatih Roberto Mancini. Sang pelatih tidak puas dengan penampilan Icardi pada musim ini.
    Kondisi semakin pelik bagi Icardi saat Mancini mendatangkan Eder dari Sampdoria beberapa saat yang lalu. Kini posisi Icardi semakin terancam. Terlebih ia juga masih harus bersaing dengan Rodrigo Palacio dan Stevan Jovetic.
    Yang mengejutkan lagi, Inter siap menjual Icardi dengan harga yang cukup murah, yakni seharga 25 juta euro. Padahal, pada awal musim lalu harga penyerang jebolan La Masia ini masih berada pada kisaran 30-40 juta euro.

  59. Lewandowski Dukung Klopp Sukses di Liverpool

    Agen Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, Striker Bayern Munchen, Robert Lewandowski, mengaku bahagia melihat Jurgen Klopp telah memberikan pengaruh yang besar di Liverpool.
    Kedua sosok ini pernah bekerja sama di Borussia Dortmund dan Lewandowski memuji sang manajer, usai Liverpool sempat terlibat laga seru sebelum akhirnya mencatat kemenangan 5-4 atas Norwich City.
    "Di Dortmund, ia sempat mengalami insiden yang sama dengan kacamatanya," tutur Lewandowski. "Anda bisa lihat ketika gol terakhir terjadi, ia begitu emosional. Saya tahu betapa pemain Liverpool senang bekerja dengannya. Saya sudah melihat satu atau dua pertandingan mereka, dan mereka benar-benar terlihat menyatu sebagai satu tim."
    "Ia selalu ada untuk timnya dan ia seperti ayah bagi para pemain. Selain itu, bagi para fans Liverpool, ketika merka melihat bahwa mereka punya pelatih yang memberikan segalanya, mereka akan mendukungnya. Klopp adalah pelatih yang amat bagus. Ia benar-benar cocok untuk sepakbola Inggris."

  60. Daud Yordan Pede Menang Mutlak Atas Kato

    Agen Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, Setelah satu setengah bulan mempersiapkan diri, petinju Daud Yordan menyatakan siap bertanding melawan Yoshitaka Kato, dan akan mengirim pulang petinju Jepang itu dengan membawa kekalahan.
    "Sejauh ini persiapan saya sangat bagus. Pelatih saya, Craig Christian, menggembleng fisik dan teknik. Saat ini saya tinggal menjalani latihan ringan menuju hari pertandingan," kata Daud.
    Setelah beberapa kali batal, Daud akan kembali naik ring untuk memperebutkan sabuk juara dunia kelas ringan (61,2 kg) World Boxing Organization (WBO). Di badan tinju dunia tersebut Daud saat ini menempati peringkat keenam, sedangkan Kato nomor 28.
    "Menang itu target mutlak. Saya tidak menargetkan KO (knock out) tetapi kalau memang kesempatan itu ada, saya pasti akan ambil," tegas Daud.
    Lawan Daud, Kato juga mengharapkan yang sama. Dia bertekad bisa mengalahkan Daud pada pertandingan nanti. "Saya sudah mempelajari gaya dia lewat video. Pertandingan ini penting buat saya karena Daud karena saya anggap sebagai petinju yang tangguh dan fight," kata Kato.


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