Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah!

If you don't love the Parent Trap- get off my blog.

 I kiddd, I kid! My mom introduced me to the original version years ago and it's still one of my fave's to date.

Not to mention the remake of '98, where L. L. looked the best she ever will. I can, and do quote this movie beginning to end. Like, as I'm typing this- I know what Hallie's first line in the movie is.... "Okay- found my duffel. Now the question is how do I get it out?!"

 Why am I typing this and letting you know how many times I've watched The Parent Trap? I'm not sure...

Ooooh- that's right! I wanna 'get together' with all the new faces that have been showing up here! I want to meet you! I want FRIENDS not just FOLLOWERS! :) If you're here- I want to know you!!

So here's all I ask of you this weekend. If you can find time before your late night parties & guacamole-eating Super Bowl parties- say HI! Tell me your name, where's you're from, what you do, how long you've been following, anything! everything!

And if you're REALLY feeling kind?! I'd love feedback on this blog. Yep, from you! I'd be interested to hear what your fave part of my blog is.... maybe a topic you'd like to hear more on? Maybe you just have questions for me? I don't know- the floor is yours! So fill up my inbox :)

And because this post didn't have enough fun pictures, especially for a Friday:

Happy Weekend!!!!


  1. Could totally watch BOTH versions of TPT on repeat. (and have!) lol

  2. This was such a cute post! You are so right. That is the best that LL will EVER look. I loooove the LL version of Parent Trap. It was literally my parents go-to movie whenever they needed a break from me....until I started asking (more like begging) them to have another baby so that I could have a sister...

  3. I loved the Parent Trap...even though Lindsay Lohan isn't the best little actress anymore, I still loved the movie!

    I'm Julie...I blog over at TwoBluesFans...I'm from the midwest, St. Louis to be exact and I'm freezing as I type this. I am a teacher trying to get her foot back into the classroom due to this terrible economy. I am married to Keith and we'll celebrate 2 years of wedding bliss (6 years together) in July. We love to travel, watch the NHL, and have date nights. I honestly do not know how I found your blog, I'm sure through a link up but I'm a forever reader and I hope you do the same to mine!!

    Have a great day...and weekend! :)

  4. Ahh the original Parent Trap!! Love it- mainly because I love Hayley Mills. And the LL version made me want to go to summer camp!

    I can't think of any specific I'd like to see more of on here. I read and enjoy every post :)

  5. I will hate to hear the response when I admit to this fact - I have never seen the original. insert your gasp here! Sorry...or not. But I have seen the LL Remix (yes remix was intentional). And you are right that is THE BEST she will ever look...poor poor train wreck of a LiLo. anywhooooo. I am Lindsey over at Life on Countryside, I have been following you for oh let's call it a week. I am from MN, if Julie from above is freezing, call me stuck in an ice cube! It's negative some number up here and it's not FUN. I don't know how I found you really...random clicking while working I presume. My advice about your blog? Keep it you! Be real!

  6. love the parent trap! it's funny, I JUST saw a picture of the Lindsay Lohan "twins" yesterday that said "I hope there really is a British version of Lindsay who is living a nice wholesome life somewhere, not being a crackhead" haha

    I'm Lauren, my blog is "On a lighter note..." and I've been following for... awhile? Yikes I don't remember when I started sometime in October 2012 I think! I'm pretty sure I found it through the Friday Letters link-up though. I am in the Public Relations field and I am a huge East Carolina University Pirates fan (arrghh!)I have an amazing husband named Josh, an almost-two-year-old named Sawyer and a 105 lb. chocolate lab named Sookie. Love your blog and that there are other girls out there who love football!

  7. could not agree more. i hope we iz friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. LOVE the parent trap, both versions! And that picture Lauren saw is hilarrrrious.

    I'm Kaitlyn and my blog is put a bow on it and I was late to catch on how amazing you/your blog is, so I've been here a week. Found you through Kayla. Everyone else is talking about how cold they are up north and I just turned the heater on because it's 46 degrees outside - I guess I have it good! I have been married to Andre' for 5 months and we have a precious little dog-child named Bowden - I may be girly and love bows but my first love is college football.

    Hope you have a fantastic Friday!!

  9. ......... lets do this.

    Waddup giiirl. My name is Kayla, in case you didn't know -- we are soulmates. We were destined to become zee best of fwends. My awesome fiance' just so happens to be your brother-in-law, so that's cool. I love all things yellow, Katy Perry, and Jude Law...obsessed with mountain dew and a girl who calls herself emags ;) I'm gettig married in May, and have one heck of a lady up there with me ;)

    that iz allll.

    .. but for real. Lets watch parent trap together asap. LOVE YOUR FACE!

  10. Never seen the original, just the remake with Lindsay Lohan.

    I'm Audrey, i live in Belgium. I'm 19 years old, my blog is High tea and fashion. I don't know where i found your blog, I've been reading your blog since a few weeks. I love everything girly, fashion, vintage and books, lots of books :)



  11. Looove that movie. My best friend and I would quote the whole thing too, and sing and dance, haha.

    I'm Megan and my blog is Ordinary Things Made Extraordinary. I started following you a few months back, I'm not sure how I found you but I was instantly hooked. I'm from Virginia, I'm a social worker, and I'm marrying my best friend in August. My fiance calls me a city girl but I'm a country girl at heart! :)

  12. Hey girl! I just started following you as of 5 minutes ago - I found you from Alexa's bloggy which I am disgustingly addicted to :-)

    As far as Parent Trap - I mostly loved that LiLo was a little Ginger! I felt like we were twins and should also probably be BFFs.

    And for me, I'm Ashley :-) My last name is Cray and I'm still not sure how I feel about Cray being used as a synonym for crazy. I'm from Reno, NV but currently live in the rainy city of Portland, OR where we get rain & gloom for 9 months out of the year. I work in IT for a consulting firm which keeps me busy as a nerdo during the day. I blog over at The Darling Redhead - as you can see I embrace my gingeritis :-)

    Take care and happy Friday!

    1. oh oh oh! And my puppy's name is Polly (Pollyanna) after the Hayley Mills movie. She rocked the first parent trap - I adore her. Thought I'd add that lovely little nugget of info!

  13. Love both of the Parent Trap's!

    I'm Kindra. I blog over at Trying To Be Who I Am I'm from a little town in Missouri, newly engaged, planning a wedding through long distance and finishing up college to become a medical transcriptionist (not sure I'll use it though.) :\ I'm still a newish blogger so still trying to get into the posting habit. (I've been slacking lately. haha). I'm not sure how I found you but I've been following you for about a month.

  14. I love the Parent Trap! Such a cute movie!

    I am Nadine and I blog over at Life by Nadine Lynn. I am living in Birmingham, Alabama...and love some college football! I just got married this past November, and have 2 furbabies that I obsess over and take lots of pictures of! I work in the commercial real estate field right now, but I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I started following your blog a few months ago, I am still new to the blogger world.

  15. hahaha when I was in elementary school, the girls in my class would all play house during recess, and there would always be a set of twins named Hallie & Annie! (:

    My name is Teresa and I blog at The Adventures of Teresa and Luna. {Luna is my Volkswagen Beetle} I'm just a nineteen year old college student majoring in Hotel/Restaurant Management who is trying to figure out what she's doing with her life! I love your blog, and I found some pretty amazing blogs to follow because of it!

  16. OMG! That last picture? The reason why I'm a dog person. HAHAHAHA. :)

    You know me, but I'll play anyway. I'm Carolyn, and I blog at Life, Love & Puppy Prints. I am a 27 (almost 28! EEK!) year old married lady in Minnesota. I blog about my crazy life, my dogs and anything else that I feel is "blogworthy!" :)

    And you KNOW I love your blog just the way it is!!

  17. I know every line to the remake, but both are amazing.

    I'm Val and I blog at Wine and Summer. I live in Jersey and work in New York. I am obsessed with football too and cannot wait for Sunday! I've been following you for a while now!

  18. Aren't they the BEST!? I do love the lohan version better (sorry!), but I adore the "Let's get together" song. One of my fave Disney songs :)

    I'm Cayla and I blog at Livin on Love. I live in Wisconsin. I'm currently a "stay at home wife" while I figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I have a degree in Sports Broadcasting, I wanted Erin Andrews job (don't like her at ALL), then decided I should be a teacher. Now I'm trying to pick between the two! I found your blog through a link-up a few months ago and was drawn to your love of football. It's rare to find other girls who "adore" football. Your blog is wonderful :) Happy weekend!

  19. I still haven't tried peanut butter with my oreos yet.... anyway, I'm Max! I''m from TX, I carry a taser in my purse, I lift weights, and I hate lipstick but I love how it makes me look. I spend half my day on television, the other half thinking about what I'm going to blog next. I started following you a week ago and my life changed forever... kidding, but you did make me laugh so I figured I would stick around. Happy Friday!

  20. Hi, I'm Robin. I "met" you on April 12 2012 and you're my bloggy bff. If this is news to you we have problems (mainly. I have problems because it means I'm a creepy stalker. Oh, and I want to see more of your beautiful face every day!!!

  21. I'm Allison! I've been commenting for a few weeks now, and your blog always makes me smile! I found you through my cousin Amy's (mrsmommykattre) blog when she posted about your fantasy football league, so I had to join! And I'm from the cold/snowy/rainy/icy/all around messed up state of Wisconsin! lol

  22. I love the Parent Trap- both versions! I watched both of them so many times! Sigh, good times. I'm Jessica and I blog at Float on. I'm originally from Dallas but I now live in San Diego. I've been following for a couple months now. I adore my dogs-a puggle and a mini aussie. I want a million different things at once- like to travel the world, to raise a sweet family, to work hard, to relax. You get the picture. I have to have coffee in the morning and I have to do yoga at night. And I love country music. Phew. And I love your blog : )

  23. Love Love Love the Parent Trap, especially the Lindsey Lohan version! I do believe I can quote just about the entire movie as well!

    My name is Christy, and I am a nursing student from Virginia! I am a very new blogger and I cannot remember how I found your blog, but I love reading because you always crack me up! Hopefully I will succeed at this whole blogging thing but it has been a slow start so far. I have actually been more of a blog reader than a blog writer, but hopefully that will be changing soon!

  24. Love thar parent trap! The older version I love!!

    I'm Sarah I am newly married. We will be married one year May 5th! I live in the mid west St. Louis! I am a preschool teacher and I work at Busch Stadium for Cardinals Baseball! I love shopping, purses, shoes and Blues hockey!

    Love hearing about your healthy eating on your blog. I also love your sense of humor!

  25. Oh Parent Trap...I could quote that entire movie as well. Love it!

    I'm Lauren, and like several others, I am newly married! June 15th, 2012! I am an events coordinator, I just started blogging in December, I am a cat and dog person, I have recently found a love of estate sales, I love Sonic, sporting events, and bonfires. I don't know what else to say! I just started following you a couple of weeks ago and I really enjoy reading your blog! great to meet you!


  26. Hi, I'm Shelley. Been following you since now:). I'm a married full-time mom of three and part-time bridal consultant. I live in snowy West Michigan. I love to read, love all things entertainment, and I love to cook (and eat).


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