Last minute reservations

Happy Friday! It's the end of a CRAZY work-week for me. We had deadlines and projects galore so I am especially
excited to have a pretty low-key weekend ahead of me! 

So Jared and I have REALLY been making the effort to eat healthy, cook at home more often,
 juice as much as possible etc....

Let's just say- around 3:30pm yesterday, I got the craving for sushi and knew there was no going back.
A quick email to Jared about by 3:37pm we had dinner reservations at our local sushi place and our at-home
dinner plans were out the window.

And all my pics from the night are terrible quality. I didn't have a camera on me since I'd planned on going straight home from work.
Android photos will have to do ;)
The "Bengals" roll….. SO GOOD!


Thank you EVERYONE who linked up with Megan & I and participated in our Valentine's Day Swap!
It was honestly so much fun getting to know a lot of other bloggers better, and who doesn't
like getting goodies in the mail?!
Love, Fun & Football
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Love, Fun & Football"><img src="" alt="Love, Fun & Football" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Sweet Kristin over at The Ackerman Three sent me my Valentine's Day Package and that girl did her research ;) So many amazing goodies- including an adorable orange scarf and Bengals-themed hair ties that DON'T rip my hair out! Win!!! :)

Getting mail AT work?! Most exciting day ever

And I'd be lying if I didn't say that bag of trail mix was open about .3 seconds after I snapped this photo ;)

Oh, and this candle?! One of THE most relaxing, yummy scents ever.
It's the perfect candle to burn while soaking in the tub!

So thanks again, Kristin!
Did you guys link-up your Vday goodies yet? What was your favorite gift?


  1. It won't let me enter my link but here it is ...

  2. I love those hair-ties...I have a ton of them now! and they look cute on your wrist too ;)

    great gifts...and thanks again for hosting this!!

  3. Glad you had a fun dinner out! I can't stand sushi though LOL :-P

  4. YUMMY sushi! Once you get those cravings they are very hard to ignore! haha I got that same candle for Vday - can't wait to use it!

  5. saw your instagram of the sushi roll!! so fun! glad y'all got to do this!

  6. What a great swap = thanks again!

  7. So I was reading your "about me," and we definitely have a few things in common besides the editing/writing thing. I am TOTALLY type A. Love organization. And I pretty much have a standing craving for Mexican. In Oklahoma you can get some gooood Mexican food. Looks like you got some good loot for Valentine's Day!

  8. Thanks for hosting the swap Erin! :) And I LOVE sushi! Where do you guys go? Yummmm.

  9. Yummmm now I want sushi! I wanna try to make it someday and hopefully discover I have a secret talent of making a mean california roll! :)

  10. So pumped about the link up!! Glad you had a fab VDAY and adorable gifts :)

  11. I love sushi, that looks so good!!

  12. Mmmm... sushi! I can never say no to it once I get a craving either... and it's just something that is worth going out for!

  13. I got the trail mix, too!! Sooo good :)

  14. Bengal roll?! Do they have the buckeye roll down there? Because its pretty much amazing! Happy Friday!

  15. Well, drat! Now I want sushi real bad!!!

  16. Archer Farms trail mix is THE BOMB. COM!
    Love it! =D My favorite is the Carmel Cashew!!

  17. thanks for hosting, i've had a great time checking out everyone's swaps!

  18. Spontaneous sushi dates are THE best, after a long weekend it was a 'must' I'm sure!

  19. I have never had sushi. I know I know.

  20. Thanks for hosting!
    I didn't get my package from my person, but I was really excited to send mine to Julie!

    That sushi looked delish!I've been craving sushi for ages. I think now's the time!

  21. YUM! I love sushi! And random date nights!


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