Help those in need

I got to have dinner with my BFFFFF Lacey last night which was, as always, a great time. I will never, ever take that girl and our friendship for granted. Don't you love the weeknight meet-up's with friends that turn into a 3-hour dinner?! That's always the case with Lacey and I.

You know what else? Lacey has just about the biggest heart I know. She is always looking for a way to help someone in need, and last night she shared with me a heart-breaking story. Her co-worker is just 21-years-old and she and her 18-year-old brother lost their mom this past Sunday to Mantel Cell Lymphoma. She'd been fighting this rare blood cancer since 2009 and one of the last things she hoped she'd be able to do was see her son graduate high school.

You can watch the news clip here, but they were able to hold a graduation ceremony a little early for her son at her bedside in the hospital. The family needs help covering the funeral arrangements- as her two children both work full-time jobs and are doing the best they can, but will be responsible for the costs.

There is a memorial website here about where donations can be made to and you can learn more about Jennifer's life and her own foundation she started to help others. If you feel you're able to, I know Lacey would appreciate your help so much, as well as Jennifer's family. And if you can't donate, prayers are obviously appreciate and I'd love if you would just share this story on your blog, twitter, anywhere. Lacey has taken it upon herself to tweet Ellen DeGeneres every 2 hours, so if you feel led to do that too, please feel free :) This is a family in need.


  1. Oh my gosh. That's heart-breaking! Definitely will be praying. Hope Ellen can do something.

    As a side note, you look fabulous!

  2. WOW such a heartbreaking story. I am sure we can all find a little something to contribute to this family in need.

  3. This so hurts my heart for that sweet family. Definitely sending special their way. Thanks for giving us the information on how we can help friend.

  4. I just love Lacey and her heart. So glad you two have each other :) that story is heartbreaking... I will be thinking of them all!

  5. amazing! heart of gold indeed- hoping ellen hears her tweets!

  6. Oh my gosh! What a touching story. Literally got goosebumps while reading this. So sad :(


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