Diapers bags & mini-vans

I could sit here and write a long-winded post about the Super Bowl, sure. After all, the Super Bowl is sortof the holiday of all holidays for a football-working and football-loving girl. But instead of discussing which commercials were my favorite (Taco Bell & Tide), how Beyonce couldn't have been wearing less clothing, who ate the most guacamole (Me, for sure) and how I can only dream of the day I have orange and black confetti raining down on me..... I've got a story of other events of the weekend.

This cutie is Leia (pronounced Lay-uh, like the princess) and she turned 1 over the weekend. This is Jared's cousin's little girl and we seriously love her SO MUCH. She is the sweetest little thing ever so we were happy to be a part of her first birthday celebration. Not to mention we got her the CUTEST outfit that I can't wait to see her in!

With that said, it was kid mania at the party. MANIA. Way too many of us crammed into a party room with bottles being made, diapers changed, socks going missing, tears, kool-aid faces and lots and lots of squealing and running. Not to mention the fact that some how Kayla and I were the ones who got crammed into the smallest, most crowded corner of the room.
Yep, there we are. The two people at the party without children. The only women there who didn't drive a mini-van to the party. Holding down the fort in the corner! I'm serious- had there been a fire, I'm not sure we would have made it out in time. That door in the far corner? Our only escape!

Anyway- we survived, there was no fire and we did get some quality time with our favorite little princess. But let it be known, as cute as she might be, this girl just isn't ready to be carting around a bag full of diapers and cheerios just yet. ;)


  1. So glad we are on the same page about this. I think at one point, we just stared into each others eyes like "are we really here right now, witnessing all of this?!" HA!!

    There is no one else I'd rather share a squished-in corner with, than youuu ;)

  2. LOL...seriously, that picture of you two smooshed in a corner is hilarious!

    Sometimes I think I do that same thing in my own home---back myself into a corner and just watch the chaos unfold all around me! :-P

  3. I laughed when I saw the title of this post. And some day you will look back and laugh about how much times have changed :)

  4. Haha too funny! I love babies, but when I'm put in situations where there are a lot of them screaming and crying, etc i just can't deal!

  5. Haha you two look hilarious stuck in the corner. My best friend just had her baby TODAY...but I'm still okay being without diapers and cheerios too.

  6. I love that picture of you two in the corner! HILAR! She's a doll! :) Happy Monday love!


  7. What an ADORABLE little girl! I'm guessing being trapped in a corner with diaper bags & bottles & crying was great birth control this weekend?!

  8. MY UTERUS IS QUIVERING! I would like to be squished in a corner with you please :)

  9. what a little cutie! love her name!

    that picture is great

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