Beards and Dogs

You know what?! I didn't post yesterday. (Thank you Captain Erin Obvious) It was one of those mornings that I have a billion ideas swirling around in my head and just couldn't 'land the plane' on one of them. So I skipped blogging for a Tuesday. So what?! Sue me! Actually.... don't, please. Seriously.

So What Wednesday

And since I kinda' said "So what" to blogging yesterday, I felt Shannon's link up was only appropriate ;)

So what if I blast Pandora just a little too loud at work? It's my office, after all!

So what if I acted like I was on a first date when Robin and I Skyped for the first time this weekend?!

So what if obsess over the dogs of blogland and continually tell Jared we need Cooper & Grace, Holly, Rocky and Hugo.

So what if I also obsess over our upcoming Disneyworld vacation?! And how many days until we leave.... and all our dining reservations.. and what I'll wear on my birthday there.... Totally normal 25 year old stuff.
I mean, I could fit "26" on Minnie, right?!  via 
So what if Jared's beard is getting ridiculously large?! 
Okay- I actually care about that one a little bit…fingers crossed it's shaved off soon! ;)

So what if nasty clients have been yelling at me the past two days?!….I've got a short week this week AND next!! Take that :)

What are you saying 'so what' to?! :)


  1. Cute post, and I love the pic pointing out the beard! Hope you have a great time on your Disney Vacation. I've had nasty clients yelling this week too, so I sort of wish I were going with you, lol. :-) Stopping by from the SWW link-up and now following. Looking forward tot reading more.

  2. we leave for orlando in a couple weeks, and that's consuming a lot of my thoughts right now! we'll be there for my birthday too, and i chose to go to emeril's at the universal citywalk for my bday dinner. what places will you guys go to eat? i'm always looking for new restaurants!

  3. We went to Disney for our honeymoon and it was WONDERFUL! I would go back in a heartbeat if the hubby would let me:-)

  4. Have you been to Disney before? We went there for our honeymoon and my sister is a former castmember if you need any ideas, etc. Where are you staying? We're aiming to go back in 2014, we love it soo much!

  5. jealous of your disney trip and you should TOTALLY rock a shirt like that haha. My husband has a crazy thick red beard and recently shaved it to just a goatee and I feel like he isn't even the same person haha, I am ready for him to get sick of shaving and grooming it so he'll grow his old one back!

  6. it would be a dream if all our dogs could have a play date! and sorry for people being mean, give me names, I will beat them up!!

  7. so jealous of your Disney trip!!! you TOTALLY need a pup!! :-)

    and stupid people being mean need to be smacked!

  8. You should definitely get a dog - they are the best!! :) And I don't know what it is about men and their facial hair...I once told my boyfriend if he ever grew a beard I would shave half of it off, which he just responded with "then I'll just have half a beard". Haha I've gotten more use to it though now!

  9. Boo to mean clients! :( And you DEFINITELY need a Cooper or Grace of your own. JUST SAYING. SO JEALOUS of your Disney trip. Have the most fun ever!!!

  10. My hubby's mustache is ridiculous right now- I feel ya on that! I love that you love blog dogs- so cute!

  11. You could totally fit 26 on Minnie!! :)

    Love the beard ... well ok that was sarcasm. My husband usually grows out his beard during the winter. I'm not a fan but he calls it his 'winter coat' so whatever. As long as it's gone by spring we are good. At least he doesn't go full on Duck Dynasty or anything and he keeps it nice. This year no beard and that's a GREAT thing!

    Sorry about the mean customers. I get the same thing working in insurance. Hopefully you'll get some nice customers this afternoon to end the day positively.

  12. Congrats to the short week and love the so what link up!!

  13. Boo to mean clients! :)
    I actually like the beard on J. Y'all are adorable, as always.
    And seriously, you are a gem for blogging every day. I don't know how you do it!

  14. Haha what is with mean & facial hair lately?! If its not playoffs of some sort, no beard. & mean clients suck. I love the minnie shirt & would rock one myself if it was socially acceptable. with a tutu.


  15. Hahaha I love posts like these. So authentic. Isn't Robin presh? So is this blog!

  16. hahahahhahahah YES on the bday shirt!!! :D

  17. I don't think you should ever feel guilty for skipping blogging!!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

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