Weekend away: Part II

Before I continue on with part two of our roadtrip, I have to first celebrate this Throwback Thursday with a picture of Jared and I in 2008. Today marks five years we've been together and yes, we still 'celebrate' that date even though we have a real anniversary now too. I know it's cliche, but time really does fly when you're having fun…. and if you know anything about us, it's that we love to have fun. So happy 5-years, Jared! Oh, and readers?! That stud of a man has his FIRST EVER guest post in the works and I cannot wait to see it and share it with you all next week! :)

So now that you let me get all my mushy-gushy stuff out of the way, we can get back to our trip to NJ/Philly. My first recap was mainly about the roadtripping experience with Jared and I, so now we can get on to the really good stuff. After a much needed night's sleep we were off to explore Brittney & Aaron's hometown with them.

We had lunch at a quaint little Irish Pub nearby. The food was all DELICIOUS, especially the appetizer Brittney suggested we get: Spicy Potatoes. They were basically just peeled, round potatoes covered in buffalo/hot sauce. Sounds simple, but we inhaled them. Probably should get two orders next time ;)

We spent most of the day exploring the huge, HUGE mall nearby. It's funny.... I work in and live near what I've always considered to be a pretty big city, but this trip proved me oh-so-wrong. I used to always think that my local city was so diverse, so multicultural. Totally not true now that I've seen the NJ/Philly area. It was actually pretty cool to see an area that really could be considered a cultural melting pot!

Of course, if you're ever out shopping and see a hedgehog in any form, you MUST take a picture (no matter how large and in charge you look) to let Robin know you were thinking of her and Tate while vacationing.

We got to attend my sister's church later that night and hear her beautiful singing voice and meet a few of their friends. Afterward, a few not-so friendly games of foosball broke out between Jared and Aaron. It's safe to say that Aaron practices....a LOT ;)

Sunday rolled around and it was time to tear up Philadelphia like the tourists that we were! This was Jared's first time visiting, and it had been 4 years since my first and only visit. Our first stop was to see the Liberty Bell.
Jared in line for the Bell with Independence Hall in the background :) 

There she is!!! There is just something so cool about seeing a piece of history that we've all read about and heard about since we were little elementary students.

Jared's ringing the bell, don't tell! ;)

Independence Hall was our next stop! This area in Philadelphia is SO PRETTY.

And you can't just go take pictures in front of Independence Hall without taking a handful of jumping pictures.... Am I right?!

The first stop inside Independence Hall. The tour guide (who was hilarious and you will meet a little further down) said about 80% of the furnishings, paint, woodwork etc is original in this room. Unreal!

Oh! There he is!! Let's just say, he was a very smart man who obviously loves his history... but we DID feel like we were getting military orders barked at us from time to time.

And boy, do I wish this picture had turned out better. It'll have to do ;)

A fave picture from the trip. The three of us engaged in a lively debate in the former home of Congress!

Another favorite part of the trip for me was getting to see where/how they printed different newspapers, flyers and other paper materials. As a former journalism/graphic design student, this was very cool to see. I actually took a class, "History of Graphic Design" in college where I studied and learned about a lot of this so getting to see it reenacted was a treat! Nerd Alert.

Yes, I spazzed just a little over seeing this ;)

And what would a trip to Philadelphia be without a lunch consisting of Cheesesteaks!?
Yes, mine was chicken but it still counts!

And one last stop to let Jared had his "Rocky" moment in front of the Art Museum?!

So I think it's safe to say we crammed just about everything into a short few days that we could. It was so nice getting to hang with Britt & Aaron on their turf and also be tourists. They were the perfect hosts and I refuse to let another 4 years pass before I get up there to visit again :)


Hello, hello! I am FINALLY back and although I'm caught up on sleep finally, I have come down with some gross headcold/sore throat nastiness. I'm at least glad it hit me after I got back from one of the most fun weekends I've had in a long time!

My sister and her husband live in NJ and I've been a terrible sister and haven't made the 10-hour-trek out there in...... well, let's just say a LONG time. So the trip was much overdue! We left last Thursday night after work with plans to drive 3-4 hours and stay overnight somewhere to break up the drive a little bit.

Of course leaving from downtown during rush hour is always a great idea, so we started with taking the most unflattering picture known to mankind:

We had plenty of snacks to keep our bellies happy until we could knock out a few hours of driving. I mean, what is a roadtrip without Chexmix?! We also entertained ourselves by refusing to let this BUS get over in front of us.... they were driving in the shoulder! That is so dangerous, right?!?!

Come to find out, buses are allowed to drive on the shoulder in certain areas. A sign about 15 minutes later told us so. Whoops! Sorry bus driver! =\

We made our pit stop in Washington, PA and of course our hotel happened to be right next to a Mexican restaurant. (We didn't plan that at allllll) so after a late, late dinner we turned in for the night.

The next morning we were making great time and decided to try a hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant for lunch. I think eating at new places is one of the most fun parts of traveling! So John's diner it was. Cheap prices and tasty food- I couldn't complain! The turkey club on a PRETZEL bun was divine!
Wow--- we look tired!
The last few hours of trip seemed to be the longest. You know how it is when you're finally getting CLOSE to your destination, times seems to go at half-speed. We were starting to run out of ways to entertain ourselves. We'd already done the karaoke portion of the trip, the would-you-rather game, and I'd about exhausted the weird/creepy pictures you can take going through tunnels...

So when we FINALLY got a glimpse of Philadelphia, and then shortly found ourselves on the bridge to New Jersey, we knew we were almost there! Cue the dance party in the car!

After only a couple wrong turns, Jared and I made it to their cute condo. Brittney was there waiting on us, and Aaron got home shortly after that. We just had a relaxing, low-key night to recover from our travels. We ate some delicious BLT salads (why don't I make those more often?!) and ended our night with none other than Rockband. Please note Jared's expression.... he was entirely too good at the singing portion of this game ;)

I've got to break this post up into two, possibly three different recaps since I took over 200 pictures in the span of one long-weekend!! Blogger alert. I can't wait to share all our pictures of the sight-seeing we did in Philadelphia. Jared was in history heaven!

What do you do on roadtrips to keep yourself entertained? Or do you just fly, like normal people?! ;)

A quick hello!

Hey friends!! I am having an absolutely amazing weekend but just wanted to pop in and say hi! I haven't forgotten you all, trust me. ;) I am, however, living it up, living in the moment, avoiding mooooost social media and making some awesome memories with some great people!

So until then, have a great couple of days and I look forward to sharing lots with you in the coming days! :)


Loving: Spring clothes EVERYWHERE! I cannot wait to get to my goal weight/body and treat myself to some new pretties!

Reading: Lone Wolf, one of Jodi Picoult's most recent books. Jodi hasn't disappointed me yet! I would recommend EVERY single one of her novels.

Waiting for: A new opportunity.

Using: New Essie polish from Robin! I'm rocking 'in stitches' today.

Excited about: New opportunities; all the fun stuff I can't blog about until next week ;)
Hint Hint
Trying to: Save, save, save and pay off our student loans ASAP.

Working On: The never-ending pile of laundry and some blog designs!

Enjoying: All my new bloggy friends I continually get to "meet" and my the fact that my hubby finally shaved the beard. Guys…. he is sexy!!!

Wearing: Penguin pajama pants. I am obviously not on par with Jared today.

Planning: A bridal shower, a bachelorette party, a girls night, my birthday, my next blog post…. when am I NOT planning a few dozen things?!

Learning: Patience. It's a never ending learning curve for me.

Listening to: Florence + the machine. Is there any better Pandora station to blog to?! No.
I feel like I want to go as Flo for Halloween this year… thoughts?
Singing: Right along with Florence and anything else that comes on. I'm one of those annoying people who can't NOT sing a song if I know all the words.

Needing: Vacation time. I have not had time off in I don't know how long…. shudder.

Wishing: All my friends and family lived within a…oh I don't know, 2-hour radius? :)

Doing: Blogging, writing in my planner, chomping on some stale, nasty gum.

Dreaming of: Vacation… sorry guys, it's on my mind

Now that you're caught up with me, what are YOU up to lately? :)

Beards and Dogs

You know what?! I didn't post yesterday. (Thank you Captain Erin Obvious) It was one of those mornings that I have a billion ideas swirling around in my head and just couldn't 'land the plane' on one of them. So I skipped blogging for a Tuesday. So what?! Sue me! Actually.... don't, please. Seriously.

So What Wednesday

And since I kinda' said "So what" to blogging yesterday, I felt Shannon's link up was only appropriate ;)

So what if I blast Pandora just a little too loud at work? It's my office, after all!

So what if I acted like I was on a first date when Robin and I Skyped for the first time this weekend?!

So what if obsess over the dogs of blogland and continually tell Jared we need Cooper & Grace, Holly, Rocky and Hugo.

So what if I also obsess over our upcoming Disneyworld vacation?! And how many days until we leave.... and all our dining reservations.. and what I'll wear on my birthday there.... Totally normal 25 year old stuff.
I mean, I could fit "26" on Minnie, right?!  via 
So what if Jared's beard is getting ridiculously large?! 
Okay- I actually care about that one a little bit…fingers crossed it's shaved off soon! ;)

So what if nasty clients have been yelling at me the past two days?!….I've got a short week this week AND next!! Take that :)

What are you saying 'so what' to?! :)

Put the camera down!

While I thought about what I wanted to write about today, and how I wanted to share my weekend, I hopped around in the blog world and landed on one of my faves- Becky. And I'm telling you, her post and her link-up today couldn't have been any more perfect for what is on my heart!

She wrote about her blog and how she always wants to write for HERSELF. It's super easy to forget that, but I think I do a fairly good job at it. Tagging onto her thoughts…. for me, it's also about not taking pictures JUST for the blog.

For instance- this past weekend?! One of the best! No concrete plans were made, no overly-scheduled calendar, just a lot of time for Jared and I to spend together. Friday was spent eating a delicious meal Jared whipped up when I got home from a late night at the office. It was spent lounging in sweatpants and catching up on Netflix. Saturday we ran errands, grabbed lunch where we pleased, threw a random crockpot meal together for dinner that turned out fabulous and had our friends over for a low-key game night. Sunday our church service was incredible -complete with a baby kangaroo appearance- and the rest of the day we lounged some more, took Sunday afternoon naps, Skyped with our parents…. it was PERFECT.

Now all those things I just shared?! Made up a perfect weekend for us. We haven't had that much quality down-time together in awhile, and it was nice. You know what else was nice about it? That I didn't take any pictures. My camera stayed in it's little home in the office. Sure, I could have taken pictures of our crockpot creation- but did I need to?? I could have snapped a few shots during our intense game of Monopoly- but was it necessary?? I have a blog and so it's tempting to constantly have a camera attached to your side, but think about what you're really capturing. Are the things you're taking pictures of honestly something you want to keep forever? Frame? Scrapbook? I think you'd say 'no' to a lot of them.

My mom posted this picture on Facebook about a month ago and I cracked up. I am definitely guilty!!! It was a nice reminder to just capture the things that matter in life.

So write for you, take photos for you. Know when it's important to be present and when you'll want those photos to last a lifetime.

And ps- trust me, this blog will still be filled with pictures galore of my life and all that comes with it… but I'm learning that it's okay to post every once in awhile with no pictures :)