You know you're a football fan….

When you're literally counting down the hours until your team's first playoff game. 
(56 if you'd like to know)

When you have not one, not two but THREE Fantasy Football app's on your phone.

When you host a Blogger fantasy football tourney…. btw, Congrats AMY on winning!!!

When your wardrobe consists mostly of the team's colors. 
(A girl can never have too much orange and black!)

When you schedule family functions around sporting events.

When your ringtone has been the team's fight song at LEAST once.

When you travel to away games.

When you cry after a tough loss…. or an amazing win. 

When the best foods you make are all various forms of dips & chips.

When your photo albums seem to revolve around the sport.

When your team is in the playoffs and you CANNOT THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE!!!!

What can you add to this list? ;)


  1. WOW! You guys are truly die hard fans! I love it! =)
    I am only a football fan around Super Bowl time... an excuse to eat and drink of course! How sad! lol!

  2. -When your quarterback announces he's not returning as a Colt and you sob hysterically...oh and when you take your lunch hour at juuust the right time so you're home from the press conference.
    -When you know enough about playoff happenings that you start cheering your heart out for teams to ensure YOURS gets the spot you want. (Thanks, Pittsburgh for missing the playoffs this year!)
    -When you recognize players walking down the street that isn't even on your team...WHO DOES THAT?! ;)

    P.S. Please beat the Texans..then we'll beat Ravens for you. Win win!

  3. That's too funny that you enjoy football so much! I don't understand the sport. I had three brothers growing up, but I never understood football in general. Haha! I will say that several of my friends are Houston Texans fans. (The only team I'm a fan of is my college team!) I will watch your blog to see who wins! :)

  4. When we accidentally grope each other from so much excitement from a single touchdown... when we wear matching Bengals headbands... when we feel like the world is over that Sunday we lose... just to name a few ;)

    love you like crazy!

  5. I mean - I'm a big football fan, but of college football. I love my Florida State Seminoles!! :)

  6. - when you arrive at the tailgate field an hour before you can start tailgating so you can secure your favorite spot (even if that means 6:45am)
    - when you get all emotional during the pre-game rituals and when your team takes the field

    I feel like I am in a relationship with our college team, the East Carolina University Pirates haha. Love your list!

  7. Can't wait til Saturday!! Whodey!! And I totally sucked at blogger ff. Better luck next time!

  8. Haha this is amazing!! 56 hours...wahoo!

  9. - When you schedule your travel for vacation so you won't miss kick off! (True story. Left a day early for South Padre, TX so we would be in our hotel room before noon. Dedication, baby!)

    I can't wait either! Except I'm on the other side of the fence as a Texans fan. Just hoping we step up our game because our last few games have been horrifically embarrassing! And way to go Amy for winning!

  10. Eeeeep! OK, don't hate me but I'm not a fan of the NFL, I LOVE LOVE LOVE college football. BUT, I am pretty excited for the playoffs this weekend! Vikings vs Packers? Whoop! And I'll totally cheer for the Bengals, just for you! But, I have to say I hope the Broncos win the Super Bowl. I was born in Denver and my cute little grandpa is the biggest Broncos fan!

  11. Ahhh I love it, you can never have enough orange and black!
    WHO DEY! 56 days, 56 days, 56 days! Ecksssss!

  12. Haha, I can pretty much say the same for all of these. I love it! Packers play Saturday night and I can't wait! I would normally root for the Texans because JJ Watt is from Wisconsin, but I'll secretly root for the Bengals this weekend. I like an underdog anyway :)

  13. Y'all are so precious! It's so inspiring to see a couple so passionate about something TOGETHER! =)


  14. I know you were just waiting for my comment. haha
    I am so bummed that my players decided to stop playing the second half of the season! Ugh.
    I LOVE this post.
    I agree with Lauren about crying at our ECU pre-game rituals. I get goosebumps and cry every single time.
    When you cry when your new roommates don't want to get cable, because you know you'll miss out on games.
    Crying when your favorite player gets traded from your favorite team, even if he is being replaced by one of the greatest players of all time (or so I'm told).
    Dreaming about your little football children one day.
    Checking my fantasy line-ups 5 times a week.
    Being able to spout off crazy stats that no one should just know.
    Being called 'rainman' at work due to your football knowledge.

    Just to add a few.
    I'm so glad I found another girl that is as passionate about football as me!

  15. I love this list! Can you believe that I'm just now getting into football and I'm from the Deep South?! Yeah, late bloomer here lol. Slowly but surely, I'm becoming a passionate fan :)

  16. Wooo I had no idea I won!!! Makes me feel much better since I SUCKED in my other league! Ha :) And yes, I totally agree!! Soooo stoked that we made it to the playoffs again (Pats fan here). Rooting for you guys this week :)

  17. hahaha this is awesome. I am not as big a fan as you but love this and I can be a fan through you!

  18. This is so exciting! I will have to live vicariously through you since my giants blew it this year :( oh, and my fantasy team was terrible!

  19. LOVE this post & Agree with EVERYTHING! The clothing, the crying, etc lol.
    My team (Atl Falcons) happen to be in the playoffs as well & I am (nervous) but stoked!
    Actually...3 of "my" teams are in the playoffs!!
    The other two are the Broncos & the Bengals also!(WOO!)
    I have yet to be brave enough to venture into Fantasy I have a feeling I would fail, or lose, miserably!

  20. Haha! The team in my city is the Philadelphia Eagles, and we could not have had a worse year. I'm not even an NFL fan and it was still painful for me! I hope your team wins!! So fun!

  21. When you're anxiously awaiting the birth of your first born (when you're not even pregnant OR married yet!) so you can put them on the season ticket wait list, and *maybe* they'll get them in your lifetime and be nice enough to take you to a game! ;)

  22. new follower here, great blog! found you through Lauren @ Life.Love.Lauren. -I too am a huge football fan, I would have loved to participate in the Blogger Fantasy Football.. maybe next season? sorry about your Bengals.. I'm a Browns fan so I know disappointment.. there's always next year.

  23. What about when you buy your baby cousin Bengals gear for Christmas?


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