Goodies from Florida!

Why is getting random mail about the best thing to ever happen?! I'm telling you what- I need to start sending more of it myself!! Sweet Robin sent me a box of goodies yesterday that literally could NOT have come at a better time. After a crappy, long day at the office seeing a package on our doorstep cheered me right up!
Me: (taking picture)
Jared: What did you get?!
Me: I don't know yet!!! I'm just documenting me opening it!
Jared: ....bloggers.

But goodness, she spoiled me!! An ADORABLE orange mug that made the 1,000 mile trip safely and in one piece. (Uhh- plus there was bubble wrap...instant stress reliever right there)

 And I now have some adorable colors of Essie nail polish, the best lip balm in the world, yummy-smelling candles that smell just like Florida and my candy supply is definitely not hurting.

So thank you, thank you THANK YOU, Robin! :) #BloggersRock #hashtagsonblogsaresupercool

Oh, and by the way... HAPPY FRIDAY! I've been looking forward to this weekend for awhile now. Tonight all the women from Jared's side of the family are going out! Mother-in-law, aunts, cousins ---gonna' be a good time for sure. Mexican food (duh) and back to my MIL's for some games and more fun.

And Saturday? I'll be out bridesmaid dress shopping for my brother-in-law's wedding. The lovely bride is letting us pick, so lets hope I find the perfect one this weekend! Their wedding is exactly 4 months from today!! :)

PS- If you're signed up for the Valentine's Day Swap be sure to check my blog AND your email tomorrow for info on who you're matched up with! Happy Weekend :)


  1. BLoggers DO rock, don't they?
    How sweet of Robin! =)
    & my husband says the same thing about me & my documenting haha
    He always gives me an eye roll! =)
    Silly non-blogger boys!!

  2. awww how sweet is that!? yay! and have fun picking out bridesmaid dresses!

  3. how sweet, its funny how others know when we are in need! can't wait for the valentines day swap!!

  4. I love you ladies so much!! And that EOS lip balm IS the best ever!

  5. How sweet! It's great to get actual mail!

    I am excited for then valentines swap!

    My husband doesn't get the whole blogging thing either!

    We should do some sort of thing where we.get some other bloggers and do this send each other a little gift like 10-15

  6. What an awesome surprise present! And your little exchange with Jared about opening it is perfect, and so funny. I'm sure I've had that same kind of convo with my BF before too :) Happy Friday friend!

  7. uh, is this your "brother-in-laws" wedding or your "soulmate for life's" wedding missy?! ;) hehe
    can't wait for you and Marie to find your dresses!! I just know you will tomorrow! Can't even wait!! ;)

    and YAY for the valentines day swap. Can't waaiiiittt!! :)

    PS- Robin, YOU ROCK!

  8. I love when my mom sends me surprise packages from Texas! They are always filled with random stuff: cupcake liners, dish towels, cereal bowls! Never fails to make all of us smile.

  9. I love sending and getting packages!! :) that's so sweet of her! Have fun this weekend!!

  10. aweee what a nice just for the heck of it gift!!
    i love the convo b/w you and your hubby "...bloggers..." sound all too familiar!

    and yeah you are SO right about #hashtagsonblogsaresupercool

  11. I love your Husbands comment. It is so true. We document everything. But I seriously love that about bloggers! Glad the package cheered you up. Have a great weekend!

  12. What a great package! So sweet of her!!

    Happy Friday!

  13. Wow! What an awesome package! So sweet! :) :) LOVE the mug!!

  14. This is such a sweet package!

  15. Ah, I love the mug, how cute!

    And yay bridesmaid dress shopping, that is always so much fun! :)

  16. That is awesome! What a fun surprise to come home to!

  17. YAY!!!!!!! I love YOU and that package and this POST!!! I seriously had so much fun buying everything, I was just sad I couldn't send myself along with it! But no worries, I am going to SEE you soon anyways :) :)

  18. Robin is too sweet! Logan keeps pointing at the picture and saying "try it, try it" I think he wants your candy :)

  19. Soo sweet! Man wish I signed up for your Valentine's swap! Great idea lady! xo!


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