Creativity? None.

Today is definitely one of those days the creative juices just aren't quite flowing like they should. I'm blaming it on lack of sleep, tedious projects at work and also watching half of Inception last night.... pretty sure I got lost in multiple layers of dreams last night. Normal, right?

Anyway- lucky for you all (I kid, I kid) I've got some random factoids for you all today. My gals Carolyn & Kristin did this recently so thanks for the inspiration! ;)
Yep- this is the weirdo you're about to learn about today. I'm sorry in advance.
Age - 25, and creeping up on the 2-6 in April. When did that happen!?

Bed size - Queen frame with a full mattress currently....I don't want to talk about it.

Chore you hate - Probably dishes, it always seems to take FOREVER!

Dogs - None, because I'm allergic to just about everything. But keeping my fingers crossed we can find something that only makes me break out in hives on occasion, instead of daily ;)
I do love my puppy-in-laws though!
Essential start to your day - Music. I'm NOT a morning person, but a lil' fun music at least gets me moving (after hitting snooze 6 times of course!)

Favorite color - Orange. I know, I know- I'm the only soul in America who likes orange. It's cool.

Gold or silver - Silver comes in first, but gold is a close second- depending on the outfit choices.

Height - 5' 4"

Instruments you play - I played flute for 6 years in junior high/high school and was pretty darn amazing at it, if I do say so myself. (First chair, what?!) I can play a little bit of piano too.

Job title - Ticket Operations Assistant.... let's hope that changes soon!!

Kids - None, yet. But let's just say- we want a lot of 'em!

Live - it up every day!!! :)

Married - Since May 28, 2011. Hard to believe we'll be married 2 years in a few months!!
What? Can't a bride and groom get their choreography on?!
Nicknames - I'm pretty sure I was 'Casper' in high school because of how pale I was haha! And people call me E-Mags at work... And Jared calls me Sugar ;)

Overnight hospital stays - None, thank goodness.

Pet peeve - Crazy/bad drivers.... and complainers. 

Righty or lefty - Righty. My left side is useless, lol!

Siblings - One awesome older sister. And 3 brother-in-laws and 1 almost-sister-in-law :)
Love my fam :)
Time you wake up - My alarm goes off around 6:45 every day, but most of the time it's after 7 before I peel myself out of bed. WHY are mornings so difficult?!

University attended - Mount Vernon Nazarene University for my B.A. and Xavier University for my M.Ed. Cougars and Musketeers all the way!!! :)
College freshman. WOW....
Vegetables you dislike - Hmm, brussels sprouts? Artichokes? Yuck.

What makes you run late - Not too many things... I hate being late! And hate when others are late! Hate, hate, hate it!!

X-rays you’ve had - Plenty at the dentist, but also on my wrist once, and ankles a million times. Thank you sports injuries.

Yummy food - Mexican food sounds pretty good right about now. (Who am I kidding?! It ALWAYS sounds good)

Zoo animal favorite - I love penguins!! And also love the tigers :)

Did you learn anything about me today?! Or just waste 10 minutes of life reading through this? ;)
PS- Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for our Valentine's Day Swap!!
Happy Friday Eve!!


  1. I love learning more about you!

    Okay, so on the dog thing - get a yorkie! They're hypoallergenic. I'm allergic to dog dander too, and mine is one of the breeds I can tolerate!

  2. You are so presh. That very first picture makes me smile.

    I'm like you... I HATE the dishes. Ross does the cooking and the cleaning of the dishes. But, lucky for him, I keep the entire rest of the house clean!


  3. hahaha love this. that first pic is awesome (I just turned 26!) i HATE being late too.

  4. Love this!! :) You're not 26 yet?!?!?!?!?! BABY! :) Please get a Cairn Terrier. Please oh please oh please.

  5. Yay for lots of babies! Then when you have nothing to blog about, just post pictures of them and call it good. People love baby pictures :)

    I have been craving Mexican food so bad lately! Can you swing over to WI and go out with me. A margarita is in order too!

    I love that Jared calls you Sugar. SO cute :)

  6. Bichon Frise's are hypoallergenic!

    That college freshman pic makes me LOL I was a college freshie in 2005 and I'm almost certain I rocked a sweet track jacket like that too.

  7. You're not alone ~ my favorite color is orange, too!!! Well, just for the Vols :) And I'm always late, but please don't hate me. I'm hoping my other glorious qualities make up for my issues with clocks!

  8. I am a former flute player too, I miss the days when I only had to stress about what chair I would place.

    We have a Maltipoo, and he doesn't shed. My husband is allergic to my other dog, but our Maltipoo doesn't bother him at all. You should look into hypoallergenic breeds because I feel a house is not a home without a furbabie!

  9. Oh... I LOVE this!! I may have to copy it! How sad that you are allergic to dogs! :( Miniature Schnauzers are supposedly hypo-allergenic and they are THE best dogs!!

  10. OMG I love Penguins like LOVE penguins, I seriously think we should be able to keep them as pets. 2. they called me pinky in high school not because I love the color but because i'm so white I'm pretty much pink... hehe

    loved your post today!!!!

  11. Hahaha I like this! I've had plenty of x-rays as well. I blame sports and the fact that I'm a bit of a daredevil...ooops :)

  12. My step-brother and sister were allergic to dogs too so we got a Maltipoo, half maltese half poodle! He looks more like a maltese and is about 20 pounds. A little bias, but he's the cutest dog in the world!

    Also, love me some penguins - I could watch them play at the zoo all day long! And otters!

  13. I recently just looked back through my freshman scrapbook from college. Isn't it funny how different we looked then? I absolutely love going down memory lane. Love it.

    I am with you on the veggies that you dislike and tigers are my fave!

  14. Being late is probably my biggest pet peeve ever. I always wonder how I'm still friends with my best friends because they are all at least 15-20 minutes late no matter where we go!

  15. First thing -- Halloweens with you are the best.
    Two -- I love being your "Almost-sister-in-law" ;)
    Third -- Love your face off.

    k thats it.

  16. I have so much for you:

    Can you get a non-shedding dog? Like a yorkie (of course!) or something mixed with a poodle?

    I didn't know you went to Mount Vernon! I had tons of friends from high school that went there!

    And lastly, I played the flute in jr high/high school too!

  17. i learned that you are SUCH a wittle one, SO YOUNG! ;)
    also... that a basketball net is cool if hung around your belt loop!? .....

  18. haha i wont ask about that mattress situation. as long as you dont ask about my queen directly on the floor. haha!

  19. Love learning more about you... might have to steal this one day! I'm allergic to most dogs too, poodle mixes usually aren't bad.

  20. Loved reading these...I hate when people are late too so it's a good thing we were both on time for our blate. Hahahahaha.

  21. Ahh, we also have a full bed...with no upgrade in sight :( As soon as one of us gets up in the morning the other one immediately sprawls out and takes full advantage of the alone time! haha

    Two of my high school friends went to Mount Vernon- I've heard good things!

  22. Ahhh! Mexican food! Def a fave here too! I have been trying to make my favorite dishes at home more to be healthier, it is amazing how just CHEESE can make a dish so unhealthy! SO unfortunate! Haha

  23. My good friend's favorite color is orange, so you're not alone! And I like it most of the time. My birthday is in April, also! Only I will be 27 this year. ;)

  24. Love this post and that first picture!

    Um, we have a king mattress on the's all good!

    I like orange so you are not alone!

  25. I love the random facts & may borrow this as well!
    btw my sister is at MVNU :)

  26. I enjoyed the random facts! I love finding new blogs! Hope you have a great day!!

  27. Are you up for a promotion??! And I know someone who can help you in the bed department if you ever need it. We just bought Nathan a new bed. These kids grow too fast!

  28. You got married a day before and year after us :)

  29. Shih Tzu - that is the dog you want. They are so sweet, so cute, so affectionate - and hypoallergenic. :) That's what they say, anyway, and i believe them b/c me & hubs have BAD allergies but Fievel doesn't mess them up! :)

    LOVE that Jared calls you sugar. So cute!


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