Breaking Resolutions

Hello to all you awesome Love, Fun and Football readers...I'm the crazy girl behind It Is What You Make it. I can't say enough good things about Erin but you all obviously know how awesome she is because you follow her blog. She actually spruced up my blog for me so if you head over there you can "oohhhhh" and "ahhhh" over her hard work. hehe.

Soooo about me...the boring part that I try to make fun by seeing how long I can make my sentence (big breathe)... I am a first grade teaching, Dr. pepper drinking, dog lovin', Texas living, random thinking newlywed and blogger. I just started my blog a few months ago and have been so thankful to meet these wonderful ladies who I get to sponsor.

Today, I'm going to give you a few tips on how to break your new year's resolution. read that need to go back and reread. I am the absolute worst at keeping my new years resolutions...or any new idea I see on Pinterest that I think I can do to "get in summer shape". So I'm going to share with you my special tips on how to break them... are you ready?

Number 1Set goals that your brain stops you and goes "what? that's ridiculous". Yes I set those oh hey 2013...I'm going to QUIT drinking Dr. Peppers... yea right Ashley... but I still write it down on my little note pad anyways. Wishful thinking I guess.

Just a tad obsessed ya think?
Number 2: Marry someone who makes it a point to tease you with the said things you have decided to give up. Example: Michael aka my husband knows I've given up Dr. Peppers. I've been walking around the house with water attached to my hand so I don't relapse. So what does he do today? He puts one in the freezer, takes it out after a while, grabs a glass of ice, and comes and sits right next to me. He says "Hi honey...mind if I drink one of your Dr. Peppers?" wanting to wring his neck I say "sure what's mine is yours dear" and he proceeds to pour it in front of me, then take the biggest, longest drink EVER and then sits back and goes "ahhh". Well played husband...well played.

Number 3: Tell yourself that you will just skip it or drink it just today and you'll pick back up tomorrow with your resolutions. That's the best way to get off the tracks and stay off them! Ohhh I've done this today...I don't have to go to the gym...or ohh I have a headache....must need caffeine. Bam all that hard work all week is gone.

Number 4: Visit your grandparents.... "oh sweetie you're looking too's a buffet of food, 3 cakes, fudge, and chocolate covered Dr. Peppers so you fill out those jeans". Thanks Grandmom.
Our Christmas spread...ridiculous

Number 5: Have a count down until 2014. Y'all looking at how many days you still have until you can taste a Dr. Pepper, eat what you want, not work out when you want to come home and be lazy is just depressing.

Follow these simple steps and you're sure to not make it to February with your Resolutions. If you are one of those people that can keep them all year, PLEASE come over and share your secrets with me...

Thanks for letting me blog your eyes out. Have a great day friends!  


  1. love this and both of these blogs!!!

  2. Love both of you beautiful ladies so muchoooo!!! Great post, Ash! My "resolutions" were dead and gone before Christmas even came around ;)

  3. haha, I love Dr. Pepper! I'm preggo and I've had to cut back on soda.. but I do allow myself one okay.. maybe two.. on occasion;)

  4. Pitiful! I think I'd have butt-punched my husband for doing that!!! I think I could weigh 200 lbs and my papaw (who passed away in 2010) would have told me I "sure was looking thin!" (thus filling me full of yummy treats and snacks). I always try to get off Sprite and have the same issues. It creeps back into my life! I don't suck them down nearly as much as I used to though!

  5. Hahaha love it!! And the visiting your grandparents part is so true! My grandpa was literally shoving chicken parm down my throat last weekend.


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