Jan 6, 2013

About Erin

I'm a little bit crazy, but I'm convinced that's what makes life fun.
The majority of pictures taken of me are not posey/smiley.
I cry over happy things more than sad things.
Even though my job stresses me out, a lot, I don't want to ever take it for granted.
Jared and I love our church and we're excited to get involved there this year.
My biggest weakness is being stubborn.
I remember my dreams regularly, and often very vividly too.
I'm pretty sure my hair is continually getting darker as I get older.
I am anti-mornings and I don't drink coffee.
Currently, I have a love/hate relationship with the Insanity workouts.
Blogging has become much more than I ever thought it would... you guys rock!

What should I know about YOU?


  1. What should you know about me?
    You should know first and foremost that I think that picture of you sums up why you are one of my favorite bloggers in the whole wide world.

    Loved this. =D

  2. all your facial expressions are hilarious, I love them!
    and I am totally with you on the happy crying, it's soo awkward sometimes!

  3. Haha that's an awesome picture...too bad you weren't making that face after the game yesterday. BOO!

  4. Your pictures always make me laugh!! I am also anti-morning and HATE coffee. It is one of the grossest things I have ever tasted, besides olives. Yuck!!!



  5. I totally dream vividly! ... it freaks me out!

  6. Love this! =) You're a lucky gal for the job you have; definitely has its perks!!

  7. 1 love this! although anti-morning and don't drink coffee? does not compute :)

  8. I think i cry more about happy things too... I am anti-morning and LOVE coffee. :) I love people who are a little bit crazy. Or a lot crazy. :)

  9. I love your picture! Funny pictures are sometimes better than posed ones. :)

    What should you know about me? Well, I'm not cutting my hair until after I get married, except for trims. And I never get tired of looking at my ring. :)

  10. Fun post! I am not a morning or coffee person either.

  11. I love that you cry over happy things. I do that too. I feel a little pathetic sometimes, but when something really great happens, the tears start flowing. So glad we understand each other in that sense :) Happy Sunday!

  12. Love this....

    Here's what you should know about me...I despise talking on the phone

  13. i have definitely noticed that THIS face is about 80% of your photos....too cute :)

  14. I'm anti-mornings and don't drink coffee, too. Dangerous combo sometimes :) Love the pic!

  15. Love that picture of you! What exactly is your job? Something with the Bengals, right? That's so awesome, ha! I cry over happy things more than sad things, too! I am SUCH a crier, lol.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, lady! Besides the tragic loss :( I was totally rooting for you guys!

  16. I am not a morning person at all.. and INSANITY! Omgsh!! Torture. I so commend you! I hated it. hahaha. But I DID notice results...and that I liked!

  17. I definitely cry over happy things more than sad. I am a crier for sure. haha love this!

  18. I loathe mornings and Crossfit, and yet I'm at the gym by 6 every morning. Coffee is my saving grace as a result of that :)

    Cute post!

  19. I'm a cryer! I cry during sappy commercials .. Have you seen the Fancy Feast/proposal ones? I'm such a sucker for a happy ending.

    I love mornings and I don't drink coffee. I hate staying up late unless it's for something really fun.

  20. I am more of a morning person now than I ever used to be. I guess kids will do that to you. You don't drink coffee?? I love coffee first thing in the morning.

  21. I have legitimately no clue how you function in the mornings without coffee. NO CLUE.

    Did your blog design change again? It looks good! You're pretty awesome at those! I want to learn.

  22. you should know that we are A LOT alike and i love it! which... is why i love reading all of your awesome shizzzz ;) even if i am SUPER behind in LIFE.

  23. You should know that I love your blog! I found it through your guest post on Allison's blog & think you are stuck with me reading now :)

    Have a great Friday & long weekend!


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