It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark...

If you immediately knew the song lyrics in my post title, I love you!

It's a cold and rainy Halloween over in Ohio. Which makes me NOT want to pass out candy tonight. There is a good chance we will turn out all our lights and hide in the basement tonight watching movies.... don't judge. I think since we had our Halloween costume party a week early, I'm just about PAST the festivities... sorry, Halloween, I'm over you.
I promise that we will top ALL our past costumes in 2013. Promise.

Not sure we could top the cuteness of my in-law's puppy though. Seriously.....

There is, however, a chance my boss' 20-month-old son will be stopping by IN COSTUME before the end of the day today.....Eee! Keeping my fingers crossed.
I also wanted to congratulate Allison  for winning at the halfway mark of our Blogger Fantasy Football group!! Winning is an understatement.... the girl is DOMINATING US ALL! Allison- You have won the $20 Target gift card!!! :) Check your email soon for details!

So because I was busy being present the past day or so - that's all I've got for you today :)
Enjoy your Halloween, eat some candy for me please and be safe!!

Be Present

Jared and I have talked a lot lately about "being present" after a message we heard at our church. It really hit home for us and now like using "be present" as a catchphrase of sorts and a daily reminder of how we want to live our lives.
Too often it seems that many people, are either living in the past or the future. There is obviously nothing wrong with looking back on fun memories, or looking forward to things ahead, but you can't constantly live in that zone. I know too many people who are always just counting down until the next holiday, next day off work, next night out, etc etc. I'm guilty of this too, but I've become more aware of it! I don't want to wish the days away because I'm excited about a particular event. I want to enjoy EACH day. Make EACH day some type of celebration. Life WILL pass you by if you can't live in the moment.

This is hard for us bloggers ;) We love to tweet our every move, Instagram every meal we eat and sometimes feel like we have to take pictures on the weekends--- just to have a Monday morning post! I'm assuming I'm not the only one with a significant other who just doesn't want pictures of us shopping at Lowes sometimes (Yes, we lead an exciting life!)

Am I saying quit all these things?! Heck, no! I love social media as much as the next gal! But I've learned there is a time and a place. I want my husband to know I'm present, not just in the same room, glued to an outside world but really present- spending that quality time together.

So take pictures, blog, share, tweet! But also play in the rain, wear party hats, put flowers in your hair, host game nights, have real-time fun.

Remind yourself that "being present" is more than a physical nearness. It's engaging with the people you love who are enjoying this beautiful life with you.

A simple weekend

Linking up w/ Sami today!

I had an extra looong weekend, taking Friday off was a great decision ;) I had one more vacation day before the year was up and it was the perfect weekend to extend by a day.

Friday I spent most of the morning getting my house in order -which was no easy task. I have totally been slacking on the housework, not going to lie. Luckily, it now looks like two human adults live there again--- not 4 years old and puppies.

I also got to visit with my grandma and mom, which was nice :) Family is always good!

Saturday was a BIG day! I got to go wedding dress shopping with my future sister-in-law. Almost all her bridesmaids were able to come, plus her aunt and grandma - and we had a BLAST! She looked beautiful in EVERYTHING she tried on. I'm serious, it was a little bit disgusting how well each dress fit her ;) I don't know how she'll ever choose!!

I had a lot of fun getting to know some of the other bridesmaids I didn't know that well yet.
Kayla- you are so loved!!  And you have good taste in friends-- just saying. ;)

Other weekend highlights included getting lots of quality reading done, getting gas for less than $3 and seeing a Sunday afternoon matinee of Taken 2. LOVED IT- has anyone else seen it?!

Don't you love the simple weekends?! Just friends, fun and relaxation all rolled into one. Perfection.

I whip my hair back and forth

Hair whipping brought to you by New Year's Eve, 2010.

Some of you may have caught onto the fact that I HATE drying my hair. Like, hate it with a passion. It seems like no matter what length my hair is, it takes FOREVER to completely dry. Because of this I almost always air-dry or wear a semi-wet pony tail to work. Not exactly "professional" I know….

Enter Misikko! I was THRILLED when they contacted me and asked if I'd like to review their HANAair Professional Hair Dryer. Uhh, free hair stuff? I was in! :)

And how exciting was it to open it up with all these fun goodies included?!

The little satchels had nail files, hand sanitizers and bath salts in them! I must say- I was in need of new eyelash curlers too- thanks Misikko! ;)

The Pros: Dries hair FAST-- seriously, the fastest I've ever been able to dry my hair; A nice LONG cord that doesn't tangle as easily as others; a "cold" air button that presses on and off- as opposed to having to hold it down like my previous hair dryer!

The Con: The dryer is a little heavier than I'm used to, but that's truly the only negative thing I could think of! I like it a lot, and hey, if my arms get a little more workout every morning, that's not such a bad thing ;)

I have always just purchased the cheapie stuff from Target, Walmart etc… but always find myself needing another one every 6 months or so! They just don't last!! 

They claim it's the WORLD's best hair dryer, and so far- I agree. I honestly wasn't sure if I'd be sold on this when I first got it- but after playing around and enjoying it for a few weeks- I'm completely a believer. My hair stays straight longer, I can tame my baby hairs better because of how powerful it is and I'm in love!!

Sorry for the crappy computer cam photo. But seriously- have you ever seen my hair look that silky and smooth?! Didn't think so-- and this is 12+ hours after I dried it!!

Next up- getting them to send me one of their amazing flat irons ;)

Time to PARTY!

I am OFF WORK today all. Enter the happy dance!!

Don't be jealous- this will be my very last vacation day for an extended time, so I'm going to soak it up :)

And as always- wanted to link up with Miss Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds!


Dear Friday, Glad we get to spend the day OUT of the office. Let's party!!

Dear Mamaw, I'm coming to visit you today and I'm so looking forward to seeing you. :)

Dear Caleb, Happy Birthday brother-in-law!!! I know your lady has an awesome day planned for you :)

Dear fat fingers, could you please unswell?! I need to get my rings cleaned but they are currently stuck… =\

Dear laundry, go ahead and wash, dry, iron and fold yourself. Thanks in advance.

Just 7 months til this beautiful gal get's married!! :)

Dear Jared, You are awesome, per usual ;) Looking forward to date night tonight!!

Dear Blog world, You continue to amaze me. Thank you to each and every person who follows and comments on my blog. And if you don't comment, please do!! :) I'd love to "meet" you!!

Halloween, through the years

If you missed it, J and I already did up Halloween in STYLE over the weekend at a costume party. 
We get into Halloween, what can I say?!

And okay- you caught us... we have definitely been pirates before. Via 2008. But I MUST say, we've stepped up our antics since then ;)

Can you believe I'm even embarrassing myself with this first photo?! Wow, Erin.

A little King of Pop for me, and a crazy super-fan complete with a blow-up helmet for J.

My favorite costume- Willy Wonka & the Golden Ticket; Plus a cute flapper & bowling ball ;)

Last year J went left-field and created box-head man(?!) And I reused a costume from high school that my mom made! Oh, and our fave superheroes are also pictured here ;)

Repeats for all of us this year: Pirates & Superheroes :)

What's the best costume you've ever rocked?! Do you make your own or buy?
Get any ideas from these? :)

Fall is fabulous!

I realized I shared with you guys a couple weeks ago about our visit to the pumpkin patch and the fall weekend kick-off, but hadn't followed up with our SWEET pumpkin carving skills ;)

Yes, I'm in Christmas pajamas.

The finished products. I went with a classic pumpkin + eyebrows; J went for the 7up man face.

I think he succeeded ;)

We also have all our fall decor out which I can't get enough of. I will admit I got my CRAFT ON last year, making wreaths and decorations for this time of year. This year? Nothing. Not one new crafty-craft. Hey, life gets busy! And Pinterest gets old..... wait, that was a joke. No it doesn't!!! :)

So even if there is nothing new, I'm enjoying my candy corn crafts from last year, the fun kitchen towels and of course all the delicious-smelling fall candles that we light daily.

I figured we need to get the most out of fall. Seeing as how CHRISTMAS is now just 61 days away.

Enter: Panic Mode.

Why don't pirates need lawyers??

.....Because they prefer to settle through ARRRRRbitration!!

Corny joke brought to you by Yes, it's a real website.

In case you didn't see it on Instagram, J and I went to a Halloween party over the weekend. It's his cousin's party and each year they seem to one-up themselves. This year was no different.

We headed out to their house (in the middle of no where!!) with Caleb and Kayla- the superheroes.

They go ALL out with their decor- stepping it up each year, too!

They had a giant tent set up outside, with themed tables. A couple of my faves were the superheroes, the creepy/vintage dolls and the kiddy table had lots of fun stuff to keep them entertained.

Lots of fun "potions" decorated the kitchen.

Cowboy Finley was the first to greet us when we got there. 

The party throwing family!

I cannot get enough of sweet baby Leia!!!

How creative are they?! :) Spiders in the taco dip!

My in-laws: the hillbilly fishing couple; J's aunt and uncle: gangster and flapper.

Look at the gorgeous sunset we had that night. Makes me want to up and move to the country, ASAP.

And you can't really have a Halloween party without a little glowstick fun. Or in my case, glowstick glasses.

Are you headed to a Halloween costume party this weekend?! :)

Monday.. Sucks or Not?

Things that currently suck :
It's Monday.

My football team lost last night...

...And I worked that game until after midnight.

I haven't had caffeine yet today.

Things that currently do NOT suck:
Guest posting for Robin today!

Winning "Best Couples Costume" at a Halloween party over the weekend.
Yes, that was our trophy!

Booking our VACATION over the weekend!!!!!


Friends, I worked all day and night yesterday, getting home after midnight, so please excuse this blog "post" in list form. I have lots of details and pictures from this weekend to share, but they are just not quite ready to make it to the blog today ;) If you follow me on Instagram you got a sneak peak of the party and our costumes.... as well as info on our vacation we just booked. Please check back tomorrow for a FULL recap on what's going on in the M household!! :)

What sucks and doesn't suck on your Monday?!

4 Things you NEED in your kitchen

I’ve made it no secret around here that I LOVE my deep covered baker from Pampered Chef. I bought it back in February at the first PC party I’d been too, and I’m seriously hooked. By the way, I don’t sell PC and I’m not helping anyone who does, I just REALLY love their products. The coveredbaker is definitely a pricey item, but I think it’s well worth it if you’re going to use it a lot, and we do!

It can go in the microwave OR the oven, and I’ve made everything from chili, to pasta, to desserts in this thing! You can’t go wrong, seriously. At the party I attended, she gave us a free cookbook specific to the covered baker with HUNDREDS of recipes for it. I’ve only just scratched the surface of what this bad boy can do ;)

Just last week I attended another PC party (wow, they are dangerous!) and added 3 great “basics” to my kitchen. Honestly, it’s embarrassing I didn’t have these already- but I’m so glad I do now!

First up were the Bamboo Serving Tongs. Let me just say--- it was time to stop using our ice bucket tongs are salad tongs. Yep. Moving on….. We needed a nice set to serve salads, pastas or really just about anything. They can also come apart if you need to use them separately, very cool!
Something else I decided to purchase –especially after I  saw the price tag—was the Small Micro-Cooker, for just $8.50!!! We eat a ton of vegetables and this is a perfect, 1-quart size that we will use a lot. It had a vented lid which doubles as a strainer. So handy!
I also bought a large serving spatula. We’ve got the “normal” spatulas, but this one is SO MUCH nicer. It’s got sharp edges which is perfect for getting a nice cut when serving lasagna, pizza, brownies, etc!

So- are these items you have in your kitchen? Or want to have? Any other Pampered Chef fans out there?! I really do believe in the quality of their stuff. I have other items that are years and years old that still work perfectly!! Plus, many of their products come with 3-year warranties, some even have lifetime warranties!

Oh heyyy, Friday!

Linked up with Miss Ashley today!! 

Dear THURSDAY, You kinda' sucked actually.

Dear Friday, Please bring good things, good thoughts and good news.

Dear J, I know things suck at your job right now and I'm so sorry. I'm so proud of you though and KNOW it will all work out the way God has planned. We just might not be able to see that right now. Love you!
I got your back! Pic circa 2008

Dear Bengals, We play Sunday night, at home, under the lights. LET'S DO THIS!!!

Dear Steelers, This is what I think of you!!!!!

Dear Jen, You win cutest thank-you note award! So glad to have you as a bloggy friend :)

Dear sister, I kinda' miss you. Why do you have to live 10 hours away? =\

Dear NYE, I know we have yet to hit Halloween, Thanksgiving OR Christmas, but J and I may have started brainstorming for our party this year already. Woop!!!

NYE 2011 with my girl Kayla!! Lookin gooooood ;)

Dear Weekend, I'm ready for a date night tonight, carving pumpkins tomorrow, a Halloween costume party and lots of football!! Let's go!!!