Love, Fun and Football: April 2012

Apr 30, 2012

Avoiding the Monday Blues!

"Happy" Monday to all! I don't know about you, but this weekend went WAY too fast. Actually, now that I think about it--- all of April has went too fast!! This was the first weekend we actually didn't have any plans for the first time this month:  Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and a birthday & wedding have occupied the past 3 weekends! I thought I'd share some photos from my brother-in-law's wedding on the 21st of this month to shake off the Monday blues!! :)

This was on my birthday and at the rehearsal dinner. After we were done eating my MIL of course had to make them sing to me and bring out some fried ice cream! ;)

The bride-to-be's little guy wanted his own hat too!

The groom and all his guys getting ready for pictures.
Btw- Excuse the quality on some of these pics... I brought my new point and shoot and
haven't quite mastered all the settings just yet ;)

J's Mamaw with a new little cousin Zeke!

I mean, really. How cute is he?!

The bride with all her gals.

Again-- how cute?!!

The happy couple in the getaway car...

...That my smokin' hot hubby got to drive!! A 2012 Challenger is pretty much his dream car,
 he was in heaven!

And that would be my father-in-law doing a pretty darn good robot dance!

And J's uncle- not to be outdone- showing off the running man. This family LOVES to dance :)

My sweet cousin-in-law Calena :) Is she a supermodel or what??

So what are you doing to rid yourself of Monday blues this morning!? Do you have something fun to look forward to this coming week? This month?! We are just *11* short days from our vacation to celebrate our 1-year anniversary so I'm ALL KINDS OF EXCITED!!


Apr 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday {Rockin' Bridal Party!}

This is pretty much a big deal. And probably ridiculous.
But I'm posting twice today, so hope you get over it enjoy.

I've talked specifically about all our great 'maids and men, so there are few words needed here. These pics were taken right after the first look and were a fun time to be with all our closest friends
 right before the ceremony. This group is awesome :)

And how cute are my flower girl & ringbearer?!?!
Oh and get ready for it.... watch the flowers. Watch my face...
One too many fist pumps with the flowers and SNAP, they were done.
Nothing a little masking tape couldn't fix later though! ;)


With my two new brothers! :)

That was some crazy picture AND post overload today!
Make sure you read my birthday recap from earlier over here.


Playing Catch Up... and that time I blogged twice in one day!

I'm alive!!!
The past week has been a serious whirlwind of events.
First off- THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes!
I definitely got spoiled with a whole week of surprises and fun.
(Plus- I'd started the celebration with my family 11 days out!)

J gave me one of my big gifts the Sunday before my bday to kick off the week.
Yep, tickets to see THIS when it comes to town next month!! I seriously love MJ and I've never been to the Cirque du Soleil so I am pumped!!

All week long I got cards, notes, goodies and phone calls from friends
and family wishing me a fun birthday week.
KBug (by the way, will someone start leaving her comments and tell her to start her own blog.
She wants to. I want her to. So do you guys, trust me!! ) got me this CUTE beach dress/cover up and
lots of good smelly stuff from Bath & Body Works.
My in-laws had us over for dinner Thursday night and got me this adorable beach bag/cooler
--see the theme going here?
My MIL filled it with all the beach necessities: sunscreen, plastic cups, sunglasses, snacks, a first-aid kit, tissues, chapstick, a bag to put your wet clothes in, etc etc! Very cute idea and made me even MORE ready to go on vacation!!

Friday was my actual birthday and J had flowers sent to my work which is always exciting! After work I had to go straight to my brother-in-law's wedding rehearsal/dinner so it definitely was a long, eventful night. The plus side was that the dinner was a fajita bar with allllll the fixings- and you know how I feel about Mexican food ;) I had more than my fair share of chicken, guacamole and cheese dip!

After we got home J gave me my other big gift-- a new camera!!

I have a nice DSLR Canon, but I've been wanting a handy point-and-shoot also. It's not always convenient to lug that big one around, say.... when you're going to see Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil, amiright?! Plus it's ORANGE- and it doesn't get better than that!

This post is kindof a mess- I will be the first to admit it. I took lots of pictures Saturday at the wedding and will try to update later this week with those. I haven't had a spare minute to even upload them between all the celebrations and my intense work schedule this week!!

I'll be back later this afternoon with a Wedding Wednesday. Yep, two posts in one day... You are some LUCKY readers today ;) Actually, I just can't fall behind because our ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY is less than 5 weeks away and I still have a lot of recaps to get to ;)

Check back later today for MORE on our saaaaweet bridal party & the cutest lil kiddos you've ever seen!


Apr 20, 2012

Happy Birthday To ME! {25}

My, how time flies!
No hair, cake smashing, 1st birthday

Me in the middle, + sister and cousins

I just couldn't wait to eat that "4" cookie apparently!

Yeah, I bet YOU didn't have a Lambchop birthday!!! ;)

Ohhh, awkward middle school birthdays. 
Turning 12 and definitely got a PowderPuff Girls tank!

Oh- and awkward 16th birthday after an apparently sweaty cheerleading practice. Sick.

Delicious fruit pizza (not really a cake girl!) on my 23rd I believe ;)

And here I am today, at 25. At halfway to 50!
Enjoy your weekend celebrating my birth!! :)

Apr 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday {First Look}

J and I chose to see other before the ceremony and I'm SO glad we did. Not only did it calm my nerves, but it was truly the only 20 minutes we spent together, alone, for the rest of the evening! Our photographer was there to capture it all, and honestly I felt like she wasn't even there for the first few minutes. It was sooo exciting to see him that afternoon, all dressed in our best about to become a MR and MRS!!!

Here are some of my favorite photos of our "First Look"

It looks like I'm going to face plant here- but I was just excited to "sneak" up on him ;) 

He liked the shoes :)

 The old covered bridge could NOT have been any more perfect!!

Hope you didn't mind the picture overload today!! The first look was absolutely one of the best parts of the entire wedding day! Isn't he handsome?!?! If you are a bride-to-be thinking about seeing each other beforehand, I highly recommend it! It was so special! We got the majority of our pictures done before the ceremony so afterward we were able to get to the reception VERY quickly and not leave our guests waiting!

If you're married, did you do a first-look or not? Are you still happy with the decision made?Happy Wednesday all!