Winter date ideas!

Since winter officially started today (brrr!) I've been brainstorming about date ideas for Jared and I in the coming months. I have to admit, we are creatures of habit and don't go outside the realm of our 'normal' date nights too often. So not only is this a list to maybe inspire you to try some new dates this winter, but also to serve as a checklist for Jared and I. We want to be more creative in our dates and not get stuck in the habit of dinner and movies at home ALL the time ;) Hoping we can do each of these at least once in these cold months ahead!

I know- you all PROBABLY think that's lame and totally dorky, but we love it! And we haven't been in forever. Even if you're no good- it's pretty cheap and always a good time. I mean, heck we seem to go for any occasion…. NYE, Halloween. Why not go when we aren't celebrating something for once?
NYE- obvi!
Halloween 2009
We have an AWESOME local aquarium and this is another place we haven't visited in forever. I think the last time we went was for Valentine's Day in 2009.... and we got to pet penguins! My fave! Although it's a little pricey, I think it's worth it!

Cooking/Demo class
Best chef EVER!
This fall I did a super fun girls night out at a pizza-making class. It was a BLAST and I've been telling Jared ever since that we need to do one. I'm going to keep my eye out for some good ones coming to our area soon!

DIY something/House project
Being a homeowner is awesome, but also a ton of work. There are a million updates we'd like to do to our house, so I'd like to pick one we're both excited about doing and make a date of it. Call me crazy, but I think going to Home Depot or Lowe's can be pretty darn fun. Grab the supplies, and knock out an upgrade we'll both be happy about in a day's time!

Sporting Event
You know I love me a good sporting event, football, basketball, anything! We'd love to get to an NBA game this season like we did last year, but if that won't work out- I'd also like to just support one of our local colleges and watch one of their games! I don't think I've ever been to a college basketball game actually.

Games/Puzzle night
Again- don't go rolling your eyes and thinking it's the lamest date idea ever. It's not.... it might be close to the lamest ever, but definitely not THE lamest ;) We host game nights a lot and love a good round of Monopoly, but with just two of us I think a night of snacks, good music and attempting to put together a ridiculously huge puzzle would be fun! Bonus points? It's a dirt cheap way to kill a few hours and have fun in the meantime!

Plan your next vacation or weekend getaway
We have a vacation booked for next Spring, but I'd like to obsess over that little more if possible ;) Our dinner plans, must-see's, etc. It's always nice to be able to sneak in a short weekend getaway too, and something about planning a vacay, no matter how 'small' gets me pumped!

Try new restaurants
We are SO boring when it comes to dining out. It's either our fave Mexican sit-down restaurant, or Chipotle. Honestly. We NEED to get out more ;) My mother-in-law gave us one of those hugeeee Entertainment books w/ all the coupons in it so I'm determined to use as many as possible & expand our dining options!

Build a fire & make s'mores inside
Let's just say- we did not use our fireplace ONCE last winter! Shame on us! I really want to build a fire on a cold night, picnic in front of it and make thirty-seven a few s'mores that night too!

Winter movie marathon
We did this last year and loved it, so I want to do it again. The first "big snow" we got, we watched every cold, snowy movie we could think of, ordered in and just lounged in pj's all night. Here are a few suggestions- but I definitely need more to add to this list. Anyone, anyone??
-Day After Tomorrow
-Groundhog Day
-The Lion, the Witch & The Wardrobe
-Happy Feet

Offer to babysit for friends/relatives kids
We have good family friends that we love to go visit, and they've got cute kids, 10 and 6. We always have a blast hanging out with all of them- but I'd like to offer them a date night out while Jared and I just play and have a good time entertaining AND being entertained. They are great kids and usually try to school us on the Wii, so why not give our friends the night off of kid duty?!

-and last but not least-

Pet Store date
Even for an allergy-sufferer like me, I cannot resist going into pet stores and playing with any cuddly puppy I see. Since Jared and I keep mulling over the idea of adding a furry baby to our mix, I figure we might as well start test-driving a few of them now. Bonus points again- FREE! Until we actually purchase the dog, that is.

Which of these dates do you do regularly? Or what would you add to this list?
Do you try to change up your dates often?


  1. Haven't been bowling in forever. Adding that to my list of 2013 dates. I think tommy would kill me if I tried to pass Home Depot and a project around the house as a date but if your guy is handy that can be fun.

  2. Good ideas! We like to bowl too haha.

  3. I love Newport!! And it's such a cute little town too! So pretty to walk around! It's a bit of a drive for us though-about 1 hour 20 minutes or so..but we usually go once a year! We went last year on New Year's Day..may do that again!

    And of course you can't go wrong with a Pacer's game! Though I suggest stopping at an exit off of 74 to meet me! :)

  4. These are such good ideas and I love them! The aquarium is definitely on our list. And I think bowling is a lot of fun...even though I'm horrible at it!

  5. B keeps telling me he wants to go bowling too, its always a fun group date! I have to laugh a little at the DIY project date, I hated going to those stores when I was younger but now its fun, the joys of getting old.

    I have to say a pet is totally the way to go, we got our puppy last February and we have become 'those dog people!' We love how much fun she adds even if shes a little crazy

  6. These are cute ideas! And bowling is SO NOT lame. We love to go bowling! We do it pretty often actually, and you're right - it's always a fun time. And game nights are the best! And you should definitely try out some new restaurants, it's been so much fun for us to do that! Good luck with all of these ideas, sounds like fun!

  7. Get a pup!! Get a pup!! SOOOO that I can dog sit whenever I want ;)

  8. I can't believe you don't use your fireplace! We are obsessed with fires. Pyros? Maybe. I was obsessed with the Pacers growing up. Reggie Miller will always be my fav professional athlete ever. The day he was retired was the last NBA game I have ever watched in it's entirety.

  9. Ooooh I want to do a pizza making class! These are all great date ideas! I need to make a list since our winter looks to be a cold one this year!! :

  10. Can I just say that I wish we lived closer? We would SO join you for bowling or a couples game night. It's been a while since weve had one, but it is one of our fave things to do!

  11. Pet store date!? YIKES. That's dangerous. I would walk out with a pet. ANd YAY FOR BOWLING!!!!!!

  12. We love bowling...and pet stores! Great ideas Erin. Don't forget Jungle Jim's date nights too! And one of our favorite cheap things to do is go to Whole Foods on Friday nights for wine/food tasting. 5 bucks and you are satisfied...what a deal!

  13. Totally not lame to go bowling or have game night - we love both!!! Scrabble is our jam, and I'm quite a sight trying to sling a bowling ball while attempting to stay behind the scary buzzy line. {And it never works. I ALWAYS slip and bust my butt in the lane. Cute.}

    Happy date-nighting! Love all of your ideas :)

  14. We're big on date nights in to save the moola. I love the idea of bowling, though. Fun stuff, but I always forget about it!

  15. Aww these are so cute! I went on a winter date night last night :) ice skating - super fun!

  16. I am a big Thunder fan because I live in OKC. Before that I was a nugget fan because I lived in Denver. I grew up as a Blazer fan because I grew up in Portland. That's how I decide who to root for. Thunder UP! Esther Norine Designs

  17. yesss. love pet store haha. I am going bowling tonight!! how funny!

  18. We love bowling too! We're even thinking about joining a league.. If that doesn't make us sound old, I'm not sure what does!

  19. I have so many comments for this post. So get ready. Also, brace yourself 'cause I'm running on 3 hours of sleep and 2 margaritas.
    1. Confession time...I worked at a bowling alley in college (it was more of a student center, but had a bowling alley) and I definitely had to wear a bowling shirt and I also know how to fix bowling lanes! I'm super cool.

    2. I saw the home depot picture and thought you were suggesting going there on a date and thought "YES! Dom and I go to Lowes all the time!" and then realized the date was actually making something. Awkward.

    3. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO A COLLEGE BASKETBALL GAME! I know you're a football girl, but being from Syracuse, basketball is LIFE! I literally went to every home game when I lived there (except my junior year when I had ballet 5-10 every Tues and missed almost ALL of them. Ugh)

    4. Your day after tomorrow pic is super creepy.

    5. Love you.

  20. So many things to say!

    1. Bowling here is not cheap, especially on the weekend! Which sucks because J and I would totally bowl all the time.

    2. When I'm bored, I find an excuse to go to Home Depot. So many awesome things!

    3. I love Day After Tomorrow and can't find it on sale anywhere near me. I need to own it asap, just like I need to own The Hunger Games and the Fast & Furious movies I don't own already.

    4. I've never been to a football game, college or professional. USC tickets are getting more and more expensive, especially for the games where they play teams that are actually good. *ahem* Notre Dame and Oregon. Although I root for the Auburn Tigers. #WarEagle

    5. I've tried to get J to sit down and play Scrabble with me, but he's totally not into it. Because I'd totally beat him. ;)

    Uhhh. That's all. Happy Weekend! (:


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