Wednesday Love

I won't lie, when you're in the midst of a whirlwind week- the last thing you want to do is post about 'what you're loving'… BUT I think it's a great idea. Especially in light of my post on Monday. Let's count our blessings people!!
These people bless me DAILY!

I'm loving…. Blog friends with cute kids, so I can indulge my baby fever ;)

I'm loving…. that I finally got with it & started up a 'design' page on my blog!

I'm loving…. friends that send you THE most random text messages/pics because they know it will make your day.

I'm loving…. my marriage and how it continually gets better every day. No, we aren't perfect, but it's pretty 
awesome to see how we've grown as a couple in the past year and a half.
Yes- we skip & hold hands sometimes ;)
I'm loving…. eating better and sticking with the Insanity workout. My body is thanking me!

I'm loving…. that I've finally finished all my shopping and have everything wrapped and ready to go for our 
4 Christmas get-togethers.

I'm loving…. our church and the exciting ways Jared and I want to get involved in the new year.

I'm loving…. making goals for the upcoming year and how we get a fresh start every 12 months ;)

I'm loving…. life! I honestly couldn't ask for anything more!

What are you loving today?!


  1. what a great post.

    yay for having all your presents bought and wrapped! I love your designs! That first picture if fantastic, are you skipping? if so I love it 183029 times more

    ps who is that adorable little kiddo ;) lol

  2. I'm loving this great post:-)

    I'm also loving that today is my last day with kiddos before 2 weeks off!!

  3. Such a happy post after the heartbreak that's been going around. Loved it. And yay for new goals and getting to start over :)

  4. This year has seemed like such a whirlwind! I'm looking forward to what 2013 has in store!

  5. So cute. You are seriuously the cutest!

    oh and im emailing you back about the design! weird. im busy with two little monsters :)

  6. Ahhh those first two pictures... who is that SMOKIN hot girl in it with you?! BAha! Kidding ;) that night was too fun. Love you to the moon, dear!!

  7. A lot of things to love in this post :)

  8. the pic skipping through the field--so cute!

  9. This post just made me happy! So uplifting!

    Happy Wednesday.

  10. YAYY this is such a happy post! :) I love it!


  11. aw and I am loving this post! It has so many happy things :) Hats off to you girl for doing Insanity. My former roommate did it too and I have so much respect for people who do it and stick with it!

  12. Haha that first picture is awesome! Happy Wednesday!

  13. So tell me more about this Insanity workout! How long is each workout? What kinds of exercises do you do? I have heard nothing but great things about it. :)

  14. Love your new design. Each one just gets better and better! I'm impressed. Also- you and your hubby are ridiculously cute. :)


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