Over the weekend, Jared's Grandpa passed away very unexpectedly, after suffering a heart attack Saturday evening. We had just left a friend's wedding ceremony 2 hours from home when we got a call from Jared's mom. That drive to the hospital definitely felt like 2 days, instead of 2 hours.

Christmas Party 2011
Grandpa Charlie was such a happy, joyful man and that is definitely how he will be remembered. I know it will be especially hard with the holidays, as he always loved Christmas SO MUCH. Our annual gift exchange had actually been scheduled for yesterday, and the family went ahead and all got together, despite the circumstances. His kids knew that's what Grandpa would have wanted, and everyone needed to be together anyway. And you know what was kinda' cool? Grandpa Charlie had already bought his two gifts for the exchange, so his son and daughter got to open them at the party. It was a really special moment for them.

My father-in-law, Grandpa Charlie, Aunt Theresa
So I ask that you could keep Jared's family in your prayers. Everything happened so suddenly that I think there is still a lot of shock, and obviously a lot of heartache. We can have peace knowing that he is in a better place, and we'll see him again one day- but that can only soften the hurt a little bit.

I hope this video will work for you guys- this was our Christmas party last year, and I'm so glad a family member got this on film. This is definitely how Grandpa Charlie will always be remembered.

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