I had a fun, silly light-hearted post scheduled to go live this afternoon and after the news of what happened in Connecticut today, it just didn't seem fitting.

So instead- I'd ask that you join in with your prayers. I can't imagine the heartbreak that SO many must be going through right at this very moment.

I'd also ask that you remember my sweet Grandmother, who's in a lot of pain right now and undergoing some physical therapy. The medication makes her nauseous and according to my mom, she just isn't quite herself.

Remember my husband's family, as they still mourn the loss of his Grandfather. Please especially remember my father-in-law. It breaks my heart to see the hurt and grief on his face day after day.

People are hurting everywhere, and in many ways. It's hard not to feel helpless, but all I can do is offer up my prayers.

And please…. can I pray for you? I'd love to.


  1. lots of prayers to your family! and so so sad about the tragedy, I cant even imagine

  2. Special prayers for all involved in that terrible event as also for your sweet little family.

  3. Your family is absolutely in my prayers, Erin. My heart is so heavy, all we can do is pray

  4. Your family is my prayers <3 my heart is so heavy.


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