Last Friday of 2012!!!

The last Friday of the year??! How is that even possible?!! I think that calls for some serious celebrating 
this weekend, don't you?!

Even though there isn't an 'official' Friday Letters link-up this week, I still wanted to post mine!

Dear Friday, This week flew! Between holidays and crazy working hours, I'm not sure where the past 7 days even went.

Dear Christmas, Yep-- you aren't over yet! The fifth and final round is tomorrow with my immediate family, woo hoo!!!!

Dear Brittney, You get here tonight!!!! Drive safe!

Dear Lacey BFF, I'm SUPER pumped to see you soon soon soon! Try not to slap me next time you see me, no matter HOW excited you are ;)

Dear Co-worker, I'm in complete shock that you offered to work for me tomorrow. I want to say thank you and believe you're just being nice, but I'm pretty sure you have something up your sleeve…..

Dear Blogworld, I like you guys, a little bit ;) I feel like I celebrated Christmas 100 times over after reading everyone's recaps and seeing how you all deck the halls! Looking forward to all the fun we'll have in 2013!! (Blogger roadtrip, Alexa, Robin, etc?!)
My parents- NYE 2012
Dear NYE, Already looking forward to YOU as well! Annual family dinner at Benihana, and Jared & I are hosting our first parTAY as well!!!
Us! NYE 2012

TGIF, indeed!!!! :)


  1. 5 Christmases? AWESOME. I thought 3 was a lot ;)

    You should road-trip to Pittsburgh :)

    mmmmm Benihana...have you ever had the Sumo Roll? so so good!!!

  2. First of all super jealous of all your Christmas celebrations!

    And second, best NYE tradition ever! To bad I live 3 hours away from the closest one! Guess Ill just be wishing I was you alllll day;)

    Glad you had a great Christmas(es)


  3. This road-trip keeps being dropped by the 4 of us... I think its time it just happens. Lets go glamping, or to someone's awesome beach house... *ahem* alexa ;)

  4. Girl you certainly are having a lot of Christmases, although I did too, so I can't really say too much :) Hope you have a great weekend!!

  5. ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP!!!!!! Take a wild guess as to whether I'm excited and want it to happen ASAP pronto right away?!
    Pretty please with a glass of wine on top, let's get it goin', ladies!

  6. agree with you, reading everyones blogs made me happy and it was fun to see how everyone celebrated!

  7. Oh man, I didn't even realize it was the last Friday of the year. Guess I gotta go big! This has been the weirdest week. All my days are messed up. Enjoy your final Christmas hooray!

  8. Yay for more Christmas! I'm exchanging gifts with my boyfriend tonight, who was out of town, so I'm excited for more gifts too! :)

  9. I am legit really excited to read about your NYE party. It may motivate me to want to plan my own for next year! =)

  10. Have a great NYE!!! I never have plans...I do not know how that happens so it is cool to see that you have annual plans! I need to find me some of those! :)

  11. Hooray for last Fridays of the year!! :) Hopefully you have an awesome weekend! :)

  12. ROAD TRIP!! I'm so excited. It's my #1 new years resolution! Haha I can't get over how much you, your sister, and your mom look alike! I hope you have the best week ever with your last Christmas extravaganza!!!


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