Christmas traditions

With the events that have been going on this week, it's been tough to find the time and energy to get my blog posts going. To say this week has been draining would be a major understatement. I so appreciate my friend Alexa helping me out today. She is seriously a sweetheart, not to mention hilarious. I hope you enjoy reading about her favorite Christmas traditions, because I know it made me smile!

Hi, Love, Fun & Football readers! My name is Alexa and I blog over at Southern Living, Our Way! There I document bits and pieces of my newlywed life with some handsome man-candy, the parental responsibilities associated with our stubborn fur-baby, and the hilarious situations that only someone as awkward as me could find herself in. Did I entice you to come follow along? ;)
If my description didn't convince you, maybe this picture of us being the life of the party will!
I'm excited out of my mind to be guest posting on Erin's amazing blog today! Erin and I have become close friends through blogging, and despite living hours apart and never meeting in person {yet!}, we talk daily and I feel like I've known this girl forevs! And I'm not even gonna talk about how awesome she is, because we'd be here all day.

With my favorite holiday coming sooner than you can say red-nosed reindeer, today I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite Christmas memories! I'm a list-maker kind of gal :)
Favorite tradition: Growing up, about ten of us on my dad's side of the family would head over to my grandparents' cozy old house and have a huge sleepover on Christmas Eve. {Except no kid really sleeps on Christmas Eve. My brother and I would stay up all night listening for a fat man to land on the roof. My how bizarre that sounds now!} The tradition I remember most is what my Mimi called "Pickle Prizes." I don't know the details, but there's a German tradition in which parents or Santa hide a glass pickle ornament in the Christmas tree and the kid who finds it on Christmas morning gets an extra special gift! Well, Mimis don't discriminate, so instead of one extra gift for one grandchild, this game turned into all four grandkids looking for the pickle multiple times on Christmas Eve, until we'd all found it three times and received small prizes. Grandparents rock!

Favorite holiday food/treat: Am I allowed to say EVERYTHING? If I had to choose a meal food, it'd be sweet potato casserole topped with toasted marshmallows, just like it is on Thanksgiving. For sweets, my Mimi {can you tell she's the holiday hostess with the mostest?} makes the most delicious fudge, of which about 348740234 pieces find their way down into my belly.

Favorite Christmas song: Hands down, Wizards in Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The intensity just blows me away! Last month, thanks to a recommendation from Erin when she took Jared to see TSO for his birthday, my husband and I saw TSO when they came to Charlotte. Woo-wee, they rocked my face off! As for traditional carols, Do You Hear What I Hear? gives me goosebumps.

Most unusual Christmas: Last year {2011} included a lot of Christmas firsts for my family. Rather than traveling to Tennessee, where we have been every year since I was born, we decided we were going cray cray and traveling across the country on Christmas day. That's right, folks, we did our gifts and big dinner on Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning we packed our bags and boarded a flight for Scottsdale, AZ! My parents vacation there frequently, and I'd been once before, but Glenn had never been that far West so I was thrilled to share that memory with him. Plus, who doesn't want to see the Grand Canyon for the first time with the love of their life?
PlusPlus, who doesn't want to be fake-tossed off a cliff by their husband-to-be?
What are your favorite Christmas memories? Any songs that give you chills? Some irresistible treats that you eat a bajillion of using the excuse, "It's the holidays. Eff my diet. New Year's resolution time!" ?? 
Thank you so much for reading today! I hope y'all will hop on over to Southern Living, Our Way and follow along!


  1. Christmas eve sleepovers are the best! my sister and i would even have mini sleepovers in each others rooms as kids!

  2. i love that picture, too cute!! definitely stopping by your blog to say hello :)

  3. Already following the lovely Alexa, such fun pictures, girl!!

    Love you Erin ;)

  4. love blog friends!! this is so awesome! mmmm sweet potato casserole. love

  5. SO FUN! Just found your blog via Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink. NEW FOLLOWER! So excited to watch your life journeys continue.
    Your newest friend,

  6. how fun is she!? i cant wait to check out her blog, great guest post.


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