A Look Back

It's amazing to me to see how much happens in a year's time. In life. In blogland. At work.
2012 was a good year. I won't say it was "great" but, it was good. There have been ups and downs, that is FOR SURE. I am honestly sooo pumped for 2013 to roll in and to have that fresh start.

This year I've made LOTS of new blog friends, and some of you are newer than others. Perhaps a look back at 2012 at some favorite moments/posts will help the newest ones! Or give you 'old-timers' a glance back at my blog too ;)

I first started blogging consistently.
I shared the story of how Jared and I met...
& the story of his proposal too.

Got all mushy gushy over Valentine's Day....
a date night out, and a date night at home too!
Celebrated 4 year date-iversary.

This lil' blog hit 100 followers!
Tried sushi for the first time. EVER.
And the rest of March was kinda' boring-- I won't lie ;)

Changed my blog's name!
Took a weekend getaway to Indianapolis.
Had a super fun girls weekend in Pittsburgh.
Turned 25!
Basically- April is one of the best months of the year ;)

Went on combo-vacation to the mountains & the beach.
Recapped our honeymoon here, here and here. (Gah, I wanna be in Mexico NOW!)
Celebrated ONE YEAR of marriage.

Shared one of my FAVE crockpot meals. Cilantro Lime Chicken.
Wrote a Father's Day letter that I'm not sure he ever read ;)
And we grilled out a lottttttt.

Got to celebrate my great-aunt's 90th birthday!
Did an awesome blogger 411 link-up about myself!
Went to lots of baseball games.

Helped plan a surprise party for Kayla's 21st birthday.
Celebrated Kayla & Caleb's engagement!
I let Jared take embarrassing pics of me for the blog.

Football season got underway & my life got a lot crazier.
Welcomed Jared's cousin home from Iraq.

Met my new baby cousin, Westley.

Kicked off fall with pumpkin patches & corn mazes.
Received the most comments on any blog post when I wrote about 'being present'
Attended one heckuva' Halloween party.

Worked 28 of the 30 days in the month (agh!)
Gave Nanowrimo a try.
Started Insanity workouts-- and still going strong!
Had a grocery store date night.

Spoiled Jared rotten for his 27th birthday- an all day date + the Trans-Siberian Orchestra!

My sweet friend shared some holiday road trip tips.
And I shared some winter date ideas!
Watched my Bengals clinch a spot in the playoffs.
And celebrated Christmas 10 times over.

It's crazy, how writing this post makes you feel. Some of these things feel like they were just yesterday, and others feel like it's been a lifetime since they happened. I'm thankful for this blog where I've documented SO MUCH of 2012. I cannot wait to see what I get to share with the blogworld in 2013. 

Happy New Year everyone!!

Just like everyone else...

….we got SNOW last night!
Doesn't our lil' shed look so cute?! :)
Luckily it's not enough to keep us from driving up to my parents today for ONE last Christmas extravaganza. I'm so looking forward to seeing them and visiting w/ my sister and her husband who are in town from NJ for a few days!
Britt & Aaron -Christmas 2011
Keepin' Christmas going as long as possible ;) 
Stay safe if you're out and about today!!

Last Friday of 2012!!!

The last Friday of the year??! How is that even possible?!! I think that calls for some serious celebrating 
this weekend, don't you?!

Even though there isn't an 'official' Friday Letters link-up this week, I still wanted to post mine!

Dear Friday, This week flew! Between holidays and crazy working hours, I'm not sure where the past 7 days even went.

Dear Christmas, Yep-- you aren't over yet! The fifth and final round is tomorrow with my immediate family, woo hoo!!!!

Dear Brittney, You get here tonight!!!! Drive safe!

Dear Lacey BFF, I'm SUPER pumped to see you soon soon soon! Try not to slap me next time you see me, no matter HOW excited you are ;)

Dear Co-worker, I'm in complete shock that you offered to work for me tomorrow. I want to say thank you and believe you're just being nice, but I'm pretty sure you have something up your sleeve…..

Dear Blogworld, I like you guys, a little bit ;) I feel like I celebrated Christmas 100 times over after reading everyone's recaps and seeing how you all deck the halls! Looking forward to all the fun we'll have in 2013!! (Blogger roadtrip, Alexa, Robin, etc?!)
My parents- NYE 2012
Dear NYE, Already looking forward to YOU as well! Annual family dinner at Benihana, and Jared & I are hosting our first parTAY as well!!!
Us! NYE 2012

TGIF, indeed!!!! :)

Only in December

*FYI- blogger is being a meany today. It refuses to align my post, so don't blame me!* ;)

 Only in December…
 do you get to surprise sweet, old ladies with carols at her front door.
Jared's parents
Jared's grandma

Only in December…
 do husbands comply with matchy-matchy, festive attire.

Only in December…
 would this be funny on a pop machine.

Only in December.... do you get to do photoshoots with your Mom ;)

Only in December... do you see a million-dollar-smile from the cutest kids!

Only in December... are singing ties appropriate.

Only in December... do you allow your husband to take pictures of your in pjs and sans makeup. (yikes!)

Only in December....are Snoopy sweatshirts not only welcomed, but encouraged.

Only in December....does your baby fever spike from seeing cousins.

Only in December..... do your mom and her sister sit around harmonizing every Christmas carol known to mankind.

Only in December....does this look appealing.

Only in December....are the appetizers at parties enough for a full meal.

Only in December....Can I act like I'm 8 again and get super pumped to see my name on gifts!


Whew! I'm sure we are ALL in the same boat right now. The Christmas-was-here-and-gone-so-fast-and-we-crammed-everything-possible-into-a-few-days-that-we-could, boat. 

I'm sure you all ALSO took about the same amount of pictures as I did over the past few days. I don't have an exact count, but last I checked it was easily over 400. FOUR. HUNDRED. We are some crazy bloggers around here. And by 'we' I'm just assuming, as previously mentioned, we're all in the same boat ;)

I'll have recaps galore (duh!) in the next couple of days, but for now I'm just doing the ole' photo dump for those of you who missed my Instagram updates. Plus- I still have one more Christmas to celebrate! This coming Saturday my sister and her husband will be in town and we get to do gifts and dinner with them and my parents, YAY!
1. Jared's fave holiday special- Claymation Christmas. 
2. An amazing local play/musical.
3. Bengals feast.
4. My fave puppy and I cheering on the Bengals.
5. Bengals are in the playoffs!!!
6. Sorry I'm obsessed with Maggie
7. Awesome new CD from my BIL & SIL
8. My mom on Christmas Eve
9. Some hott couple on Christmas Eve ;)
10. Jared enjoying his new game, Madden13
11. My gifts from Jared
12. Headed to Grandma's on Christmas Day in THE coolest vintage sweatshirt you've ever seen.

Can't wait to catch up on all your holiday fun!! :)

A Very, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from my family blog to yours! ;)

Short & Sweet

Hi friends! I know we are all busy celebrating but I just wanted to stop in and wish you ALL 
a VERY Merry Christmas!!! Looking forward to hearing about all the fun you've had, and sharing all the fun 
I've had this holiday season! We've already celebrated Christmas twice, and have 3 more celebrations to go. 
The more, the merrier, right?! :)

Yesterday, Jared and I got THE best Christmas gift ever. A spot in the playoffs!!!!

A Day in the Life

7:00 AM: I'll wake up entirely too early for a Saturday and have to put in a few hours at the ole' JAY-OH-BEE. Sad, but true. 'Tis the life of a football wife ;)
1:00 PM: Once I'm home it'll be time to get INSANE with working out. We're now in our 3rd week of Insanity, and I'm loving it more each time! I definitely feel stronger....and there are muscles hurting that I didn't even know existed before this program. Massage package, Santa?!

2:00-3:00 PM: Shower & get ready for the evening. Try to look as festive as possible.

3:30 PM: Visit with Jared's Mamaw to bring her some Christmas cheer.
That's Jared's brother btw- YES, they look alike.
5:00 PM: Headed out for a Christmas double date with our favorites brother & sister :)
We're headed to a FREE Christmas play at a church in the area, that we've been going to for a few years now. The lobby is always filled with free sweets & hot chocolates, photo booths, etc etc!

8:00-?? Hopefully ending the night with some delicious food --sushi anyone?!-- driving around to look at local Christmas lights, and ending with a Christmas movie marathon at our house! Simple & classic.

How are you spending your Saturday before Christmas?! :)