Just another work day

Not be all BLAH while you all are celebrating that it's Friday, but it's just another work day for me. 
Oh, what….you haven't heard?

I'm on day 5 of a 19 day work streak I have started. 
Yeahhhh….. Moving on.
Link up with Ashley!!
Dear Friday, You don't even get a letter this week. You're dead to me ;)

Dear J, It's your birthday month! And I am already so excited about the plans and surprises I have in store for you. Birthday's ROCK.

Dear Mouse Poop, I wanted to throw up when I found you in my OFFICE. Please don't  EVER, EVERRRR return.

Dear Vacation, I know you are months and months away, but I can't help obsessing over our hotel, our activities, restaurants etc….. I love you, fyi!

Dear NaNoWriMoI plan on kicking your butt this year. Be prepared!

Dear Body, I bet you are happy that I've treated you nicely this week. Clean eating, TONS of water. Now all we need to do is get on that whole exercising thing.

Dear Blogworld, I am amazed by you every day. The advice, the laughs, the support.... it is NEVER ending!! Thank you, every single one of you!!!

Dear Blogworld Part 2, Because I love blogging, and so do you, you should really click here, here, here and last but not least here. You won't regret the visits- I promise.


  1. Ah I feel so special!! :-) I CANNOT believe you have to work 19 days in a row. How is that legal?!?!

  2. 19 days in a row?!?!??! Gross. Sorry friend!! :( Happy birth month to your hubby though!

  3. My email is forevernewlywedded@yahoo.com ! Sorry, I need to really get that up on my blog soon! :-)

    Loved these letters by the way!


  4. Cripes woman! I hope these next 14 days FLY by for you! :(

  5. Oh no! Oh no, no, no! Toooo much working, lady! But hey, you know it'll go super fast! Your letter to friday made me laugh. And I must agree about the birthday thing- they're pretty much my favorite.


  6. Your vacation is not too far away!!! Where are you going?

  7. Participating in Friday's Letters for the first time! Please stop by our blog if you have a chance. Have a great weekend. :)

    A Baltimore Ravens fan ;)

  8. 19 days of work?!?! Oh my gosh, NOOOOO!!

  9. 19 days of work?! In a row?!? Is that legal lol...I hope it flies by!! :)


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