Goals, goals, goals!

I didn't want to make a "New Year's Resolution" for 2012 so I made a list of goals. Goals that I could work towards, that I wouldn't give up after a few weeks. I originally posted about it here, and have checked in every couple of months or so to update you on my progress! You can read about February, March, June, August, and October if you want to see what I've done. Now onto further progress!

1. Write 200 blog posts 
I'm definitely on track to do this, which is so cool. Blogging just keeps getting more and more exciting for me so I've loved keeping up with this, meeting new bloggers along the way and seeing where this blog might take me.

2. Lose ** pounds 
Do we want to get real personal right now?!
Well, it is MY blog after all.
I'm currently down 7 pounds from my "biggest" weight ever. I have been up and down on the scale for months and this time I finally feel like I've taken charge. I'm eating clean and feeling better. I hope to keep this up and get back to my wedding weight! 

3. Run my first 10k
4... Hopefully follow a 10k with a 1/2 marathon
WOMP WOMP WOMP. I really failed on these this year. So you will be seeing them on my 2013 goals list- and they WILL be checked off next year, don't you worry.

5. Read 50 new books
I lost track of how many books I've read this year, but it's probably 20 or less.
However, I have made a much better effort at remembering to allow myself some downtime to read, and I do it much more often than I used to.
Currently reading

6. Agressively build up our savings account
I don't know if I can use the word aggressive, but we're definitely working on it. I'm giving us a CHECK!

7. Organize the house top to bottom.
Surprisingly, I've made a ton of progress on this. Just last week I donated 3 huge bags of clothes and household items to charity, and slowly but surely our house is becoming less and less cluttered. Hoping to share some of my organization projects on the blog before this year is up! 
Just a small peek at what we've done: gutting closets, finding THE best storage solution for gift wrap/bags, cleaning out gutters and the installation of our new FREE windows ;)

8. Visit 3 new cities 
This year we got to visit Gatlinburg and Hilton Head for our vacation. 
We also did a little bit of a "staycation" and drove 45 minutes out of town to do some shopping and catch some minor league baseball--if you missed that it's blogged here and here. I would have loved to fit in one more weekend trip to visit my sister, but realistically I don't think it will happen.

9. Be a better friend
10. Learn how to trust in God's perfect timing
11. Show kindness to someone every single day
All good reminders no matter who ya' are! Something I strive for!

12. Take a class or workshop that will help my career
This one gets a CHECK from me too, even though I didn't exactly take a class. I did make a really good connection with someone with years of experience though. She and I hit it off, have talked over lunch and emails and I've really gained a new perspective on my industry. That alone has helped me grow in my career. 

It's hard to believe that in just a month or so I'll be making new goals to work towards in 2013! AH!
So do you make resolutions? Have you ever followed through on them for an extended time?


  1. There are so great. Reading 20 new books was one thing I wanted to try. Now that I am out of college, it's much easier! Running a 10K..wow! One of my goals for next year is to run at all! I used to, but have gotten ultra lazy. Love your goals.. definitely something to think about as the year comes to a close.

    -Karla =)

  2. This a great idea. I am not one to make NY resolutions, cause I never keep them but this sounds like something that may be more attainable!

  3. I'm so glad you've accomplished so many of your goals! I think I'm going to do a post like this, this year. I haven't before because usually people just forget about them, but with your periodic updates, it makes me think I can actually accomplish them, too!

    I can't wait to see your house once it's all organized. I'm a sucker for that sorta stuff.

    And we too, are building (trying, anyway) to build up or savings. The only thing is we know once we get it where we want, it is going to go away again after we take it all out for our wedding :( Boo!



  4. I never follow through with resolutions, it's awful I know. I love the organizing goal, that's a goal for me too:) as for savings? pfft..they are pretty non-existent while trying to remodel a house. Maybe next year will be better in that department!

  5. I just can't believe it's almost time to start making resolutions for 2013. That is crazy!!!!! Good job on your goals girl!

  6. Great job with all your goals :-)

  7. Our goals are so similar! And I agree, I am not one for resolutions, I love goals though.

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  9. These all sound like great goals!!! I would LOVE to hear how you are losing weight! I am currently "dieting", if you want to call it that, and I have lost about 4 pounds!! Small, but great! I am so proud of myself for actually sticking to it and not giving into my cravings!!! So I'm sure you are beyond proud!

  10. You have some great goals! I'm going to try to read 50 books in a year, too. I was doing it this year but my remaining college classes got in the way.

  11. These are really good goals and I think you are going to succeed at these and what a great way to do this instead of a new years resolution that no one ever keeps

  12. I'm all about making resolutions/goals! I should check back on the ones I made for this year to see how I'm doing ;) Thanks for the reminder! New follower to your blog! I'm looking forward to reading more!

  13. I need to make some goals for sure! You really seem to be on track girl! Can you give me some good book recommendations?!

  14. This is great! My 2012 resolution was to set monthly goals...so pretty similar! I feel like I'm WAY more successful accomplishing little things along the way versus massive goals! GREAT job on your list chica! You've still got 2 more months to get that shiz done! :)

  15. Love this goal list. You have a new reader in me! (I also could eat Mexican food every single day!!)

  16. I love this idea of checking back in to see the progress with those goals. COngrats! My husband and I definitely learned a lot about finances with Dave Ramsey's books. You should check them out.
    xo Angela

  17. Wow, girl!! You have been on the ball!! I need to get my act together!!

  18. You're doing great on your goals!! :) Keep it up!

  19. This is a great idea, so doing this! & you are doing fab with your goals, keep it up girl! :)


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