Attention, attention!

I really cannot help it that every Friday I want to listen to this song and sing along.
It's AWFUL, yet I think it every Friday morning!


Dear Friday, lets power through day 12 of 19, we are almost there!!!

Dear Lacey, As always it was SO GOOD catching up with you last night. Love that our dinner dates end up being
3 hours long without even noticing ;)
March 2012- St Patty's Day

Dear Boss, You are pretty cool….I've always known this, but spending lots of extra time at work just solidifies how blessed I am to enjoy who I work for.

Dear C&K, Can't wait to see you for game night tomorrow night. Let's all try to keep our competitive nature under control…. ;) Yeah right, I mean it's MONOPOLY we're talking about!

Dear Mom, I'll see you tomorrow too…. my baby-shower-partner-in-crime! :)

May 2011- Mother's Day…and my motivation to be that skinny again!

Dear Jared, It's kinda' funny that you finally read some of my blog this week and were surprised you "got a shoutout every Friday"… Well of course you do! It's Friday letters ;) I know it has been a tough couple of weeks on both of us and I couldn't imagine going through life without. So thankful to have you as my best friend and husband! 

Ps- your bday is in 10 days!!! xoxo


  1. Happy Friday! I agree - going to work is a whole lot easier when you have a good boss!

    I'm going to the Bengals game this weekend! Hoping for a WIN real bad! Who Dey! :)

  2. WOW. What a GREAT picture of me! always pick the greatest pics of me to show off ;) ... good thing I love youuu!

    PS- one of us better win that monopoly game. The boys are dominating!

  3. You're so pretty! I love your hair in that Mother's Day picture. TGIF. I'm also lucky because my boss is great. I have some co-workers that are definitely crappy bosses, so I'm really glad I don't report to them. Haha.

  4. Tyler and I used to always play Monopoly after Kyla went to bed. Now Kase stays up too late and then I'm ready for bed. Such a fun game, but much more fun with more than two people :)

    You're on the home stretch of your 19 days. That's crazy by the way!

    Have a good weekend!

  5. Okay ummm that Friday video... the only thing I DIDNT like about it was the fact that I couldn't have been in there with you! Would you judge me if I said I kind of love that song? I mean what gets you more pumped up on a Friday?

    Aaand I love you a little, no a lot more now :)

  6. Only 6 days until you're done with your long work stretch!! :) YOU CAN DO IT!

  7. Your pictures always kill me!! Hahahah the one of the 4 of you is HILARIOUS. Although Jared's face is by far my favorite! hahah I can't believe your 19 day work streak is more than half over! Hopefully the next 7 days will fly!!

  8. Haha ohhh the Friday song!! I hum that every so often on Fridays! You and your Mom look like twins! And you are both so pretty! :-). I would say happy weekend but you have 6 more days to bust through. You got this!!


  9. Umm you and J are SO SO cute together!! Good luck getting through the rest of your stretch!!! You can do it girl!!!

    I am going to be sending you an email later tonight too!! :)

  10. Awww yay for moms! :) And you and Jared are so cute!!!

    Happy Friday!


  11. Too bad you couldn't be your mom's partner in crime for JAMEE's baby shower. I'm still upset about that. Haha. Hope you can power through the last few days of your looooonnnngg work stretch. Hang in there!

  12. I love that picture of your mom, and holy moly, you and Jared are adorable!

  13. Haha that Friday song, I secretly love it. And I'm also guilty of making "music videos" with my best friend. And can I please tell you that I Zumba all the time! Yay for your work stretch being almost over! :)


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