Attempting a Recap

How ridiculous is it that I took almost 200 pictures in one weekend?!
I mean, birthdays are a big deal, but I was definitely a little snap-happy this time around.
It was very tough to pick and choose which ones to share, and even how to recap our amazing weekend!

Friday night I filled Jared in on all the plans I had made for our Saturday extravaganza.

I filled this box with each of the 'clues' and a corny poem that described our day beginning to end.

He was very excited to learn we were going to Trans Siberian Orchestra that weekend :)

Saturday morning we started off bright and early and headed downtown.

Obviously the only way to start off a Christmas-filled day is with Starbucks holiday drinks!
Once we had our caffeine going, the Holiday Expo at the convention center was our first stop. Neither of us had ever been, but I spotted a Groupon a couple weeks earlier, with a 2-for-1 admission, so I snatched it up... and I am SO glad we went! It was a Christmas wonderland!

We basically walked into the expo and immediately got greeted by Santa. Not a bad way to start the day ;)

There were crafts, cooking demonstrations, fashion accessories and the fluffiest Alpaca's I've ever seen.
I can't even count how many free samples we munched on either!

It was a madhouse. SO many people there-- including my bloggy friend Katie, and we attempted to meet up but there were seriously so many people there, it would have been near impossible lol! We did get a great start on our Christmas shopping though, lots of good finds!

After we left the expo, we sorta' wandered around town, doing what we please. It was really nice! We had planned for some downtime throughout the day, and it was fun to just go at our own pace and explore the city, look at some of the Christmas decor going up, etc.

We stopped into a local Gameworks, played a few games, and cashed our 92 tickets in for some candy.

Then after a quick snack, we checked into our hotel. Yep, I got us a hotel for the evening ;)

Btw- that picture of Jared on the right... totally gonna' be his album cover one day ;)

Then it was off to our dinner reservations. They decorated the table for Jared's bday, we inhaled an amazing appetizer and had an awesome view of fountain square.

And then it was time. Time for THE best live music either of us had ever seen or heard.
TSO was seriously unreal. It's now on our list to do EVERY time they come in town.

Sunday we also got to watch the Bengals WIN, celebrated Jared and his dad's bday 
with my in-laws and had an early Thanksgiving. Those pictures must wait for another day, another time otherwise I'm pretty sure my blogger will shut down!

And now that I've probably hit a record number of photos in one post, 
I'll let you get back to your regularly scheduled lives. ;)


  1. looks like an amazing time, I love the TSO and a holiday expo is always so fun!

  2. fun :) you are such a good wife!

  3. looks like a fun weekend, although I'm extremely jealous I wasn't able to go to the TSO orchestra. I had free tickets from work, but we had a wedding to go to and couldn't make it all work :( bummer.

    and hopefully the Bengals continue to play well!

  4. Love seeing all the pics!!! :) love you both!

  5. First of all, I LOVE your sweater. I have been searching for some long sweaters like that to go with leggings and can't find any like that!

    Second, Tyler and I have said for 3 years now that we were going to see TSO. They come to Madison every year. This just might have to be the year we stop talking about it and do it!

    And lastly, you are so awesome for planning all that for him!

  6. Looks like y'all had such a fun weekend! You are an excellent birthday celebrator :) I'm a big fan of blowing out birthdays too! So much fun!

  7. Looks like you guys had a blast! I want to see TSO so so so so bad! Maybe next year! Happy late Birthday to your Husband!

  8. What a fun birthday celebration and what a great wife you are! :)

    By the way, free sample hot dog guy was totally giving you the stank-eye for snapping his pic!;)

  9. Oh my gosh... you are the BEST wifey ever!! What a PERFECT weekend! And that concert would be amazing. I'm slightly jealous ;)

  10. Looks like the perfect way to celebrate a birthday! I mean, I was sold at "free samples."

  11. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time! I think John is going to surprise me with TSO and I'm super excited!!!

  12. I saw TSO a couple of years ago. They are AMAZING!! What a great birthday surprise :) Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend!

  13. Looks like SUCH a fun day!!! You are a great wife planning all of those fun surprises!!! The hotel would be my favorite!! Who doesn't love staying in a hotel?!! :)

  14. Looks like a good time!! Love the future album cover! loL!

  15. Such a good wife!! His face is priceless in the pictures -- you can tell he was excited! I loved the picture overload, btw...I'm a visual girl!

  16. fun birthday weekend recap, looks like it was GREAT time! good job you wifey you!

    i love the selfie photo of you two in the hotel, the flash appears to have been a reach around photo! hahaha funny.

  17. Wow that looks so great!! Looks like y'all had an awesome time for his birthday! And I don't really think there's such a things as "too many pictures..." At least not to me :)

  18. sounds like an amazing weekend!! what a good wife!

  19. Loved all of the pictures! So fun!
    Latest follower.


  20. Great job!! This looks like the perfect day and so festive too! I can't wait to have a date downtown with my husband when all the lights are up! Yay.

  21. I need to get my hands on an alpaca, STAT. Those things are adorable!!! It makes me think of the Despicable Me movie: "IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIIIIIE!!!!!" :) So glad y'all had a blast for Jared's birthday! Still trying to talk hubby into getting TSO tickets for the Charlotte show next week!

  22. Pictures are FUN! Who wouldn't take tons of them?!?! I would take more pictures if I didn't have to lug my huge DSLR around everywhere. I'm going to ask for a smaller camera just so I can carry it around more often;)

  23. All of these pictures have literally blown my mind! Looks like you guys are getting into the Christmas spirit early! And seriously, Alpacas?? I am beyond jealous!

  24. Looks like you had a great weekend! And the Bengals winning? Fantastic!!!! :D

  25. Girl, I always take a TON of pics & want to post WAY too many in my blog! Haha! Oh-well! ;)

    You didn't have too many pics here, if that helps! :)

    You are an awesome wife to plan all that for him!! So sweet. I know he loved it. LOVE the album cover pic! And i really wanna hear the TSO one day!

    Sounds like an awesome day!

  26. I love the alpacas! I am so excited Starbucks christmas drink are finally guys are so cute! Sounds like such a fun day!

  27. so fun!! looks like a great birthday to me! and i love your sweater, pretty lady!

  28. How fun, looks like he had a great birthday, you're such a goo wifey!! :)

  29. EEEK you guys are going to have SO much fun at TSO this year, again!!

    PS what about now? :)


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