A lot of love


Dear Friday, After working 18 out of the last 19 days, I am HAPPIER THAN EVER to see you. I get the next two days off, 
thank goodness!!

Dear Jared, It's been hilarious seeing you try to figure out what all your birthday gifts/surprises are. 
Can't wait to spoil you tomorrow!! :)

Dear Khloe Kardashian, You are TERRIBLE on the X-fact as a cohost. Mario Lopez needs to kick you outta' there FOR SURE.

Dear Thanksgiving, Round one starts this Sunday.... and we're having Mexican food. 
Weird, but I'm definitely not complaining!

Dear Neighborhood, You legit looked like you were on fire last night. Glad it was just an intense sunset.

Dear Sister, I'm so excited to see you next week! And so bummed to hear your hubby 
has to work now and can't come :( Boo work!!!

Dear Daily Puppy calendar, You make me insanely happy.

Dear Followers, You guys are awesome! I cannot believe there are almost 400 of you. 
Can't wait to host my first ever giveaway- shooting for next week!! :)


  1. Damn girl thats a very long working week! Time to sit back and relax and watch some more of those sunsets :) Hope you have a fantastic weekend x

  2. FINALLY! Someone agrees with me about Khloe Kardashian being horrible on X Factor. Thank you!
    Also... the sunsets in CT have been pretty funky looking too. Pretty-- but they happen way to early in the day and I'm ready for Spring.
    I am so happy your 19 work days are almost over! =)

  3. Khloe Kardashian is just horrible all around, amiright?!

    That Daily Puppy calendar, however, is ADORABLE all around! :)
    Happy Friday!!

  4. That sun set is gorgeous!

    I wish regular Thanksgiving included Mexican! Maybe, I can sneak some in!

  5. love the back of your wedding dress.. stunning! xo annalizbeth

  6. Yay to a long weekend & seeing your sister! Happy Early birthday to Jared! Have an amazing weekend hun <3



  7. Yayy for the weekend off, you made it!! Have fun celebrating the birthday weekend!

  8. Totally agree with you about Khloe...she is the worst host. I am actually watching it now as I catch up on my shows from the week, and you can legit see her sometimes looking at the monitar reading her lines. I dont understand why they need two judges anyways but who knows. Anyways enjoy your thankgiving, I wish over here in Canada it was Thanksgiving again....best part is the food hands down!

  9. I have that shirt your sissy is wearing -- she has great taste : ) I really did think the trees were on fire when I first looked! So pretty though!! Have fun with your first round of Thanksgiving -- Mexican is my fav.

  10. Love your puppy calendar! I need one for my office! And I agree about Khloe, she's no good! I hate she stands there and pouts her lips, not cute!

  11. working 18 days strait has GOT to be draining. wow. atleast you're done now! none of the kardashians have talent, yet they are everywhere. go away already!!

  12. Tyler and I actually enjoy watching how awkward Khloe is. It seems like they are having her say less and less and have Mario do all the hosting. I feel like everything with the hosts in it is awkward. Like Mario insisting that Simon make a decision and Simon refusing. Just plain awkward.

    Have a great weekend - you deserve it!

  13. That sunset is gorgeous! And I hope that you enjoy your very overdue time off! Have a great weekend!

  14. Gorgeous photos! Enjoy your weekend.

  15. Right?!
    She is HORRIBLE. And she always wear the most unflattering clothes that makes her look like a stuffed Orka whale. Not cute, Khloe.

  16. Hi! Stopping by from the linkup. I am so glad I'm not the only one who thinks Khloe is TERRIBLE on X Factor. Sometimes I even have to turn away - it just makes me cringe! Ugh!

    Love your blog, too. :) Have a great weekend!

  17. Agreed. She is the WORST host of all time, not only does she stutter about every 3 seconds but she wears the ugliest crap!

    Bahaha I love "Recently Roached"'s comment "A stuffed orka whale"...so true!!

  18. Wow..it's been way too long since I've been to your blog - love your new layout! And So glad you get your weekend this weekend!

  19. Awesome sunset pic! I found you via the Friday Letters link up. The title of your blog totally drew me in :) I am a huge football fan myself. And I see from your about me section that we root for the same NFL team - WHO DEY :) Definitely looking forward to getting to know you better as a new follower! Have a great weekend!!

    Andrea - alhadventures.blogspot.com

  20. You are not kidding - that is an intense sunset!

    A puppy calendar!!!! :)

    Have fun & relax on your 2 days off!!!! You deserve it!

  21. Enjoy your days off!! Happy weekend girly!! :)

  22. mexi for turkey day! haha i love it, yummmmy! also i def thought that was a fire within the woods- awesome sunset capture!


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