• Sometimes I have weeks where I feel like all I did was work, eat and sleep.
  • Sometimes I realize how out of shape I am when I start the Insanity workouts and literally cannot get off the couch the next day
  • Sometimes I pretend my in-laws puppy is mine.

  • Sometimes I take my vitamins before I eat breakfast and instantly feel sick to my stomach.
  • Sometimes I want to fast forward life, just a few months or maybe a year...
  • Sometimes I wonder how I got SO LUCKY to marry a man like Jared.
He loves me- I promise ;)
  • Sometimes I can be found planning/pinning fun stuff for our next anniversary, even though it seems like we just celebrated 1 ;)
  • Sometimes I use bullet points as an excuse for a blog post. Forgive me? :)
Happy Friday, everyone!!!

Winner + the music video you've been waiting for

Winner winner, chicken dinner! I know I said I wasn't going to announce the winner until Friday, but I got too excited and decided to let you all in TODAY! :)

Congrats Brittany from Myers Family blog!! Now you can get a canvas print of your gorgeous family, or maybe use it as a Christmas gift for someone else! Check your email for details ;)

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who entered. Printcopia made it possible and I'm very appreciative of that. I'm hoping to hit 500 before the end of the year and send out an "Erin's favorite things" type of prize!! Blogging rocks!

I also wanted to link up with the lovely Shannon today!
So What Wednesday
-So what if I announced my winner early?! I love my bloggy friends!
-So what that I did zero Black Friday Shopping, zero Cyber Monday shopping and
have about 2 and a half presents purchased...... (yikes!)
-So what if it took approximately 37 tries to get our Christmas card photo last night... for 2 grown adults.
-So what if I stalk DisneyWorld's website every single day in anticipation of our upcoming vacay?
-So what if I'm only on Day 2 of the Insanity workouts and it physically pains me to get off the couch?!
-So what if you're turning 30 today?! :) Happy Birthday to Jen!!!!
-So what if I thought sharing this video I made would be a good idea today? Enjoy ;)


Sometimes life can get us down. Whether it's our job, our family, our finances.... or some combination of those and more, life gets messy. And in those times, I am so thankful for the people who encourage me on a regular basis. The people who pour into my heart and soul, who keep me in their prayers, who challenge me and continually encourage me to be the best version of myself.

Jared- above all, encourages me. Every single day. Even when his job stinks or when he is preoccupied with worries, he finds a way to lift me up. He finds ways to encourage me to pursue my dreams-- dreams that might not even seem realistic right now, but he believes in me and pushes me to achieve them.

My parents- who have more wisdom on more topics than anyone I know. I can call and vent on my way home from work and by the end of the conversation they usually have me laughing about one thing or another. I think I know where I get my crazy from ;)

Lacey & Kayla- These two girls mean the world to me. From random picture texts at the perfect timing, to emailing and G-chatting during our work days, they are ALWAYS there. They both believe in me, believe in my dreams and much of my confidence comes from our friendships.

Bloggers- Your blogs challenge me and entertain me daily, and I really mean that. They challenge me to try new things, to be a better blogger, to go after my goals. Your blogs make me laugh, DAILY. Sometimes I don't know how I'd get through a workday without Carolyn, Robin, Jen... and many MANY more!!

I know I often take for granted the wonderful people I have in my life, but I honestly couldn't be who I am today without these people. So who has encouraged you lately? Better yet- who can YOU encourage today??

A mini-thanksgiving break

Of course everyone and their mother (literally) will be recapping their Thanksgiving day/weekend and what better way 
than to link your recap with Becky's blog?! Be sure to check it out!

I know I grumbled and griped a lot via social media about ONLY getting Thursday off last week, plus having to work all weekend, 
but I survived. I still got to eat plenty of turkey and pumpkin pie, still got to spend time with my family -namely my sister 
who was in town- and still found time to put up all our Christmas decor!

Happy Thanksgiving morning from Jared, Erin & our lil turkey friend on the shelf ;)

 My dad and Jared enjoying some pre-dinner football

 My adorable Papaw sporting the best team in the NFL's gear

My beautiful sister-- her hubby had to work at the last minute and didn't get to come in town :( 
We missed him!

 My cousin and her new family of 3!

Going through my pictures I took about 40 of the baby, and about 10 non-baby.
Haha, I guess that's what happens when there is only one little in the family!

 The annual drawing of names for our Christmas Grab bag-- and some scrabble action.

My aunt is SO in love with her little grandbaby

 Aunt + Cousins

 See? Lots of pics of this cute little face!

 Annual group photo

Annual CRAZY group photo. Please note the flying baby and Jared as Popeye ;)

It was a little strange only having one place to visit on Thanksgiving this year, as Jared's family was out of town that whole week. It was nice, however, to come home after stuffing our faces, relax a bit and then drag ALL our Christmas stuff out. Our home is officially a winter wonderland.

PS- You still have 'til the end of today to enter my giveaway for a free canvas print! 
Don't forget! ;)

We celebrate, a lot!

I mentioned earlier this week that we did a birthday/Thanksgiving combo last Sunday. Jared's birthday was Monday, his dad's birthday was Tuesday, and my in-laws wouldn't be here for Thanksgiving day- so we rolled it into one big celebration! Plus- the Bengals were playing that day- hence all the black and orange.

I'm at work again, today- so I'll let my pictures do most of the talking today. I hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend
 more than I am!!

 Puppies basking in the sunlight--- is there anything cuter?!

 My FIL, clearly LOVED his polar bear card ;)

A new wrench set for Jared

We love our FIL!

 The birthday men and their cookie cake!

Me and my birthday boy!!
  Ps- say goodbye to that fat face of mine, I've officially started the Insanity workouts!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend friends! 
And don't forget to enter the giveaway if you haven't already :)

A post-thanksgiving post

I hope everyone has been enjoying time with their families and friends over the past day or two. A full Thanksgiving recap will definitely be coming Monday, full of photo overload and some funny stories, but for now.... it's one of those days I just need to make a list. Those happen around here from time to time, and to be honest, they are quite nice ;)
  • I'm at work today......and it seems so cruel! However, in an effort to complain less, I can say at least I'm not working in retail today. I really do feel bad for you all, I'm sure yesterday and today are insane for you!
  • We are also having a potluck brunch at the office today, so yummy food always makes everything a little more tolerable.
  • This year at Thanksgiving there was a BABY for the first time ever... well, since I was one! ;) Makes for a fun and different day of celebration. He's almost 12 weeks old and we love new cousin Westley!!!
  • Last night Jared and I put up our tree and lots of other Christmas decorations. Our house is officially a winter wonderland!!
  • Lastly- thank you to everyone who has entered my giveaway so far! You still have until next Tuesday, so go enter!!

A giveaway for my loves!

I'm happy to finally be able to host my first ever giveaway. And after just recently hitting 400 followers,
 the timing could not be more perfect!!! :)
Printcopia contacted me about their canvas prints and I didn't hesitate to say I'd love to!
A girl can never print too many pictures, and obviously pictures on canvas are a must for me.

I decided to have a wedding picture printed on the 8.5" x 11" they offered me, because if I'm being honest here,
I do NOT have enough wedding photos in our house. I mean, that was the best we'd ever looked…
and it deserves some love in the form of our photos ;)

It was super easy to upload my photo and there are few variations on the width of your canvas, the border, etc.
Very user-friendly, unlike a few other canvas printing companies I've used previously.

I'm VERY happy with how it turned out and it's proudly displayed at our house now :)
Printcopia has generously offered a FREE 8.5" x 11" canvas print to one of my readers, yay!
Easy entry below!! Contest will run through Nov. 27th and I'll announce the winner Nov. 30th!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

PS- They also have two sister sites I'd recommend checking out. Although I haven't ordered through them yet,
they offer lawn signs and car magnets at pretty good prices- if you're interested!

Attempting a Recap

How ridiculous is it that I took almost 200 pictures in one weekend?!
I mean, birthdays are a big deal, but I was definitely a little snap-happy this time around.
It was very tough to pick and choose which ones to share, and even how to recap our amazing weekend!

Friday night I filled Jared in on all the plans I had made for our Saturday extravaganza.

I filled this box with each of the 'clues' and a corny poem that described our day beginning to end.

He was very excited to learn we were going to Trans Siberian Orchestra that weekend :)

Saturday morning we started off bright and early and headed downtown.

Obviously the only way to start off a Christmas-filled day is with Starbucks holiday drinks!
Once we had our caffeine going, the Holiday Expo at the convention center was our first stop. Neither of us had ever been, but I spotted a Groupon a couple weeks earlier, with a 2-for-1 admission, so I snatched it up... and I am SO glad we went! It was a Christmas wonderland!

We basically walked into the expo and immediately got greeted by Santa. Not a bad way to start the day ;)

There were crafts, cooking demonstrations, fashion accessories and the fluffiest Alpaca's I've ever seen.
I can't even count how many free samples we munched on either!

It was a madhouse. SO many people there-- including my bloggy friend Katie, and we attempted to meet up but there were seriously so many people there, it would have been near impossible lol! We did get a great start on our Christmas shopping though, lots of good finds!

After we left the expo, we sorta' wandered around town, doing what we please. It was really nice! We had planned for some downtime throughout the day, and it was fun to just go at our own pace and explore the city, look at some of the Christmas decor going up, etc.

We stopped into a local Gameworks, played a few games, and cashed our 92 tickets in for some candy.

Then after a quick snack, we checked into our hotel. Yep, I got us a hotel for the evening ;)

Btw- that picture of Jared on the right... totally gonna' be his album cover one day ;)

Then it was off to our dinner reservations. They decorated the table for Jared's bday, we inhaled an amazing appetizer and had an awesome view of fountain square.

And then it was time. Time for THE best live music either of us had ever seen or heard.
TSO was seriously unreal. It's now on our list to do EVERY time they come in town.

Sunday we also got to watch the Bengals WIN, celebrated Jared and his dad's bday 
with my in-laws and had an early Thanksgiving. Those pictures must wait for another day, another time otherwise I'm pretty sure my blogger will shut down!

And now that I've probably hit a record number of photos in one post, 
I'll let you get back to your regularly scheduled lives. ;)

To Jared...

Jared--- HAPPY Birthday!!! :)

It's hard to believe this is the 6th time we've celebrated your birthday together. 
I have cherished every single one!
Jared's surprise party -2011
From surprise parties, to sporting events, to the best concert we've ever seen-- 
we truly celebrate your birthday BIG every year.
Jared's birthday -2010
I am so proud of you, and I'm honored to be your wife. 
You are the funniest person I know and you honestly make me laugh every single day.
Your friends and family love you; anyone who has met you knows you are genuinely
 a happy person that loves to LOVE life.

I love you and hope this birthday has been one of the best, one for the books. 
Cheers to another wonderful year; hopefully one that will bring you and I 
millions more blessings and laughs.

*Birthday recap to come tomorrow! We are still busy celebrating!* ;)