Time to PARTY!

I am OFF WORK today all. Enter the happy dance!!

Don't be jealous- this will be my very last vacation day for an extended time, so I'm going to soak it up :)

And as always- wanted to link up with Miss Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds!


Dear Friday, Glad we get to spend the day OUT of the office. Let's party!!

Dear Mamaw, I'm coming to visit you today and I'm so looking forward to seeing you. :)

Dear Caleb, Happy Birthday brother-in-law!!! I know your lady has an awesome day planned for you :)

Dear fat fingers, could you please unswell?! I need to get my rings cleaned but they are currently stuck… =\

Dear laundry, go ahead and wash, dry, iron and fold yourself. Thanks in advance.

Just 7 months til this beautiful gal get's married!! :)

Dear Jared, You are awesome, per usual ;) Looking forward to date night tonight!!

Dear Blog world, You continue to amaze me. Thank you to each and every person who follows and comments on my blog. And if you don't comment, please do!! :) I'd love to "meet" you!!


  1. that happy dance gif is amazingggggg! and i'm super jealous about your day off – enjoy it girl :)

  2. Have a wonderful 3-day weekend! Have fun wedding dress shopping tomorrow, I'm sure it'll be a blast!

  3. I have that exact same necklace that you have on with your grandma!! crazy! Have a good weekend!

  4. yay for Fridays off! weeeee for wedding dress shopping!

    hope you have a fabulous weekend

  5. So glad you're off, yay!

    If you need to take your rings off, try holding your hands above your head (like "raising your hands" in school). It should help to un swell them.

    Have fun wedding dress shopping. I've been a few times and have yet to find "the one". It's a lot harder than I thought it would be!

    And who's house is that (in the last picture?) It's beautiful - I love how opened it is and all the light in the kitchen/dining area.


  6. Yay for a day off! I'm jealous. Ok, so I kind of have every day off, but not really. I just need a day to relax and have grandma take the kids or something, haha.

    Have an awesome weekend!

  7. Hi Erin! I've never commented before but I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Morgan & I'm in my mid-twenties. I was born and raised in Arkansas and I love everything about the south! :) I enjoy reading your blog - you and your husband seem like such a great couple! Have an awesome 3-day weekend!!

  8. Hello Erin! I'm Maggie and I am a new blogger and follower. Your blog is adorable. If the laundry fairy arrives to iron and fold your laundry, do you mind sending her my way next? Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  9. So cute! These photos are hilarious. Enjoy your day off and happy weekend!

  10. OMG, I am dying over that bear...I don't know why I am finding that SO damn funny, it must be 2:15 on a Friday afternoon.

  11. Hope you have had a wonderful day of R & R!

  12. haha love the bear dancing! Hope you had an amazing day off, you deserve it!

  13. LOVED this post!!! That bear dancing is amazing! New to your blog, and I love it! =)

    -Karla (forevernewlywedded)

  14. That's awesome that you got the day off!!! I hope it was awesome!! Congrats to your brother-in-law and on his recent engagement! I hope you have a great weekend!!!

  15. Hope you had a great {long} weekend!



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