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Linking up with Becky today...  One, Because she is awesome and 
Two, Because after yesterday's football game loss I am not quite ready to talk about the weekend ;)

1. If you could relive any memory in your life, tell us what it would be, and what/if anything you
would change about it?
I know, I know--- it's totally cliche, but I'd relive our honeymoon again. Being giddy newlyweds, J's first time flying, our first time out of the country... having an entire 8 days all to ourselves soaking up the sun at an all-inclusive resort... It was truly the best week of our lives!!! You can read more about our
 honeymoon here, here and here!

2. If you could be any celebrity or well-known person, show us who you would be.
I think I'd choose Erin Andrews. I love sports (duh!) and at one time thought I saw myself more in the broadcast journalism field. She is one of the few women sports reporters I truly respect and think consistently does an awesome job. PS- Erin, if you're reading-- can I come shadow you for the day?! :)

3. If you won the lottery, tell us would take the lump sum or take the money overtime, would you continue working or quit right away, would you reveal who you are, and what are some of the first things you would spend with your money?
I'm going with lump sum.... It would be nice to have the money upfront so that we could pay off our student loans and our house right away. I'd LOVE to be debt-free instantly, but I don't think I'd quit my job right away. Once debt was paid off, it would be nice to take a nice looooong vacation, a dream vacation like a 2-week trip through Europe, or 2 weeks at some remote island. Places you'd normally never get a chance to see! Other than that, I'd like to upgrade into a nicer, larger house. A house that could be a "forever" home!

4. If you could live anywhere, show us where it would be and tell us why.
I'll take this gorgeous 4 bedroom, 4 bath house currently for sale in one of our "dream" neighborhoods. It's on the market for JUST $800k. It's PERFECT for our future family.... AND for when we win the lottery ;)

5. If you could have one magic power, what would be and what would you do with it?
Teleportation!! I joke about this all the time, but seriously- let's get with it science. When you're trying to leave work and traffic is miserable?! POOF! Teleport home! In the case of a family emergency?! BAM! Send you where you need to go, instantly.

Let's talk weekend recap tomorrow, shall we?! Saturday was THE. BEST!


  1. Alright girlfriend, those honeymoon pictures have me WAY too excited for mine. It can't get here quick enough ;)

    & that house will be yours one day, duh.

    Love ya!

  2. I said teleportation too!! I am ALWAYS saying when we're out late how I just want to teleport home into my bed. It would make life SO MUCH EASIER. And you could take weekend trips anywhere!! Let's work on that hahaha

  3. your honeymoon pictures look amazing! and that house?! I die!

  4. Ahh, love Erin Andrews... another fabulous Erin to add to the list!;)

  5. I love Erin Andrews too and miss her on ESPN. I like Samantha Steele so far though.

    That house is so pretty! If only it wasn't $800K! Yikes!

  6. What is your dream neighborhood. I know we've had this convo before but I can't remember. And I agree that Erin Andrews is pretty amazing!

  7. That house is amazing!!! In Ohio? Honeymoon looks like it was a blast! Getting to avoid all traffic would be amazing!

  8. Erin is gorgeous and I've decided that I want her hair color!! Haha. Oh and I will take that house as well. Random but Derek and I checked out the new jungle Jim's this weekend and it was cray cray there. Have you gone yet?

  9. Love this!! :) I would totally relive my honeymoon! :)

  10. I love EA too! I loved her on Dancing With The Stars and was really hoping she'd be on this season of all stars, but she's a little busy with football season :)

    We have some dream homes picked out too. We want to get a bigger house in about two years so I have some time to start playing the lottery!

    Your honeymoon pictures make me want a vacation BAAAAAD!

  11. I can't believe i didn't think of teleportation...that would be so amazing! I loved our honeymoon, just the being away part would be amazing right now!

  12. The honeymoon! Me too! Everyone thinks the best day of your life is your wedding? I think it was the first day of the honeymoon. Just me & my man on a tropical island all the stress of the wedding GONE?! yes, please! :) Though the wedding day was a close second. Hahaha. ;) It was an amazing day too!

    I love that house! I will take it! Ha!

  13. Um i want to be e andrews too!!!

    AND i would totally relive that honeymoon as well - it looks awesome!!

  14. Good answer for the first question I think I would totally do the same especially now that we have kids its gotten hard to get away. But I dont know how but we are doing 2 trips in 2 months so I guess we are making up for it lol
    I love that house and think as soon as you win that will be a great decision lol

  15. I adore Erin too! So classy, smart and gets to cover the best sport out!


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