Monday.. Sucks or Not?

Things that currently suck :
It's Monday.

My football team lost last night...

...And I worked that game until after midnight.

I haven't had caffeine yet today.

Things that currently do NOT suck:
Guest posting for Robin today!

Winning "Best Couples Costume" at a Halloween party over the weekend.
Yes, that was our trophy!

Booking our VACATION over the weekend!!!!!


Friends, I worked all day and night yesterday, getting home after midnight, so please excuse this blog "post" in list form. I have lots of details and pictures from this weekend to share, but they are just not quite ready to make it to the blog today ;) If you follow me on Instagram you got a sneak peak of the party and our costumes.... as well as info on our vacation we just booked. Please check back tomorrow for a FULL recap on what's going on in the M household!! :)

What sucks and doesn't suck on your Monday?!


  1. Uggh cannot even stand to think about that game. So, SO was hoping they could pull it off.

  2. I feel you!! I went to the game last night with work and what in the world happened to that team?!? Ugh! Can't wait to hear more about your costume party and vacation!

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  4. Things that suck: getting rear ended this morning.
    Things that don't suck: having a friend like you, *awwww*


  5. Well, it sucks that it's Monday. And my hair hates me today. That is all.

  6. What doesn't suck is that I haVe mondays off. What does suck, currently the hubs has been out of work with a back injury for 12 weeks and he's driving me bonkers ;)

  7. I was pulling for the Bengals last night! I wish they had been able to pull it off. Especially since I have Andy Dalton and AJ Green in one of my fantasy leagues!

    I'm sorry your Monday sucks so much, only a few more hours and it will be over!

  8. It sucks that my head hurts. Bug it doesn't suck I get to stay in bed!! Hope your Monday cheers up!

  9. LOVE that trophy idea, i have just been inspired!

  10. ohhh girl, get you some caffine. and an afternoon nap!!

    i somehow missed the vacation plans, checking instagram now...

  11. What doesn't suck is that my fantasy team is improving. Ever since I dropped Cam Newton. What made me think he was going to do so well?! At least Cincy has a bye this week. Maybe your nerves will get some rest :)

  12. Weekends go so fast! Happy Monday.

    New follower - found you on Kristen's {Few of my Favorite Things blog}


  13. What sucks is Kyla has a cold that she got from her cousin over the weekend. Her cousin also threw up so I'm hoping that stays away!

    What sucks is it's dark and dreary here today. It's 11:00 am and it looks like it's 8:00 PM!

    What doesn't suck is the Packers won and my fantasy team moved it's way up to 2nd place! Although I still have a LONG way to go to catch Allison!

    I hope the rest of your Monday improves. Can't wait to see pictures from your weekend!

  14. Girl, do I understand long work week/ends. I am (thankfully) not dealing with that kind of schedule anymore, but it put me in the worst moods! Hope that your day hasn't been stressful--

    I'm throwing a halloween party this weekend, and wanted to have cute "trophies" like that. Any idea where they got those skeletons from??

  15. Boo Bengals...sorry you had to work so late with no reward! That's awesome you won best couple costume. I want to see your costume! :)

  16. That trophy is AWESOME! Sorry about the Bengals loss. The hubs was quite upset about it last night as well. In fact his opinions on their season were my bedtime story last night lol. I can't wait to see more of your fab Halloween costume!

  17. love that trophy! hope you got some rest girl

  18. Hi Erin, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  19. That trophy is awesome!!! Sorry they lost :( have a good week erin!! :)

  20. Girl... you are amazing! You work so much and still make time for your hubs and bloggy friends :)
    Love the trophy! You totally deserved it!!


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