Happy Thursday! This week is flying by, and I'm TOTALLY okay with that!
Just a few things to take care of today--- and on a totally random, weird note--- I cannot say "HOUSEKEEPING" without thinking of Mrs. Doubtfire. (Probably because I always try to say it in Robin William's accent) I mean, was that one of the best movies of the early 90s or what?!

So, after that WEIRD intro, not sure if any of you are still here- but if you are, it's much appreciated. I just thought instead of me listing off a few blog housekeeping things, it might be more interesting if Mrs. Doubtfire was in charge.

First off- Fantasy football bloggers, I'm loving checking our results every week. It doesn't that hurt that I'm finally moving up in the ranks ;) 

However- I cannot win my own prizes and we'll be at the halfway point in no time. After week 8 there will be another prize given out to the leader at that time. 

What I'd love from you is for you to let me know what your username is, if your blog name/email address is not included in your entry. Please email/comment letting me know so I can contact you easily if/when it's needed!! Plus I want to give you guys some props on my blog each week-- I know Allison is whooping up on us all right now!!

Next Up- Just a reminder that I now have a sponsors tab. Check it out if interested. It not, disregard this. I don't ever want my blog to become ALL about sponsors and giveaways so I refuse to push it on people day after day. That is definitely NOT my goal or tactic!

Lastly- I will say a belated Happy Birthday to Amy. Her birthday was yesterday and not only did she hit 100(+) followers, she's hosting her first giveaway! If you want to win an Organizing Utility tote PLUS $30 gift card to her Thirty-One shop, enter here! Or- don't, because I really want to win it ;)

Random enough for you?!
That's all I've got for today.... and it's back to do a little more housekeeping.


  1. Mrs. Doubtfire is awesome! My favorite line is "I don't work with the males bc I used to be one!" And I suck at FF. Good thing I don't have any money on the line!

  2. Love that movie!! I may watch that tonight!
    Have a good day!

  3. Ok, I love you even more now after this post. I think I have the whole movie memorized. I used to babysit a little girl and we watched it every Sunday when I babysat her. And it's on TV a lot and the hubby and I watch it every time ;)

    I'm pretty proud to say I moved up to 6th this week. Still a long way to go to catch up to Allison though. It's fun doing this each week :)

    Thanks for posting about the giveaway :)

  4. Wow! You're really up there in the fantasy football game! Are you third with a small group of people, or everyone who's playing the game anywhere?

    And is it weird that when I vaccuum, I sometimes do it just like the video you have up? Haha!


  5. haha oh man i forgot about that movie till now!! love your blog btw :)

  6. Haha I love that movie and I love it is something I can now enjoy with O&G!

  7. HI Erin!!! So nice to meet you!!!! You may or may not know I am a HUGE Thunder Fan.....when I moved we left behind Thunder Season Tickets! I literally LOVE that team so much!
    Thunder UP

  8. I love Mrs Doubtfire! I still own it on VHS and I don't even have anything to play it on hahaha

  9. hi erin! just recently came across your blog and am a new follower! just curious, what do you do? i saw on your "about me" that you're very busy during the fall months...i'm in sports medicine so life has been pretty crazy for me too lately!

  10. Random posts are the best! And I just watched Mrs. Doubtfire on TV the other day so great timing! :)

  11. I love Mrs. Doubtfire! Such a good movie!

    I plan on keeping up my streak, I just hope that my players get the memo!


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