Halloween Hodgepodge

Thursday, Thursday….. Friday's Eve. Nice to see you! I can only hope this day flies by so that we can get to the GOOD stuff--- aka, a weekend!! :)

Today I need to address a few things that can only be addressed in bullet point form. Otherwise, I'd be off on a tangent before you know it, typing a full blown essay on these topics.

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  • Last night I did something I'm not proud of. I BOUGHT a Halloween costume. Yep, a full ensemble from a store. There is obviously nothing wrong with this, but usually J and I pride ourselves on trying to come up with something we can create/put together via our own closets/Goodwill etc. This year? We put it off entirely too long- as we have an annual Halloween bash this coming Saturday. Pics & details of our costumes to come ;)
  • The "sexy" costumes seem to get more ridiculous EVERY single year. I mean, seriously, a HAMBURGER?! Nothing sexy about that. And last I remember, Chucky is a psycho male doll-- again, not sexy.
  • On the topic of the ridiculous "sexy" costumes, I was actually pleased to see there were a few more options this year that weren't so scandalous. Both Party City and Meijer's have adult costumes called "Sassy" such-and-such, meaning it's cute and girly, without showing every square inch of your body.

See? Instead of looking like you're wearing lingerie in public, you can still be a cute french maid! Kudos to those 
stores for giving us gals some options!

  • Halloween Candy: If you are attempting at all to be healthy and shed some pounds, I would advise against purchasing candy for trick-or-treaters any more than 24 hours before the event. Otherwise, you WILL get into it. Often. And have to go back out and buy more candy for the trick-or-treat.

Those Nerds & Starburst call my name at all hours of the  day.

  • Lastly- if you haven't gotten your costume yet, RUN to your nearest store and get one. It was a madhouse last night with people trying to buy costumes, decorations and party supplies. A child MAY have stuck his wet sucker on my pants and then ran away…. it's fine, right?!
Happy Halloween Season--- Do you have your costume yet?!


  1. We were going to wait on buying candy, but it all went on BOGO this week! So, we decided to get Skittles, since we both don't like them-otherwise my willpower would be down the toilet!!! And I'm glad there are some more tasteful halloween costumes out there-not like I didn't spend every halloween in college looking like a hooker, but the parents in our neighborhood would die if I was handing out candy in a naughty nurse getup!

  2. cant wait to see your costume! and i cant believe that kid stuck his sucker to your pants!!

  3. I made my costume...and don't worry..this preggo will NOT be going as a uh..sexy hamburger? hahahaha Can't wait to see yours!

  4. Can't wait to see you guys are going to be! I still haven't bought Kyla's costume. I tried to order one and they didn't have her size. That's what I get for waiting so long I guess. So I will be making a trip to Target tonight to find one.

    I haven't bought candy yet either and probably should weight considering I have about 20 baby pounds to lose. That's my favorite part of Halloween though...picking out the candy :) Maybe I'll just have Tyler hide it.

  5. I'm not a huge Halloween fan... I love seeing all the kids out though. They are always so darn cute.
    We bought some candy a couple weeks ago and I have eaten all of the Nerds already.... they are my favourite! I “need” to get more

  6. A sucker on your pants?!?!? BAHAHAHAHA laughing at the visual. So funny! I can't wait to see what you're going to be! Jake and I aren't doing costumes this year (GASP!) but I definitely haven't bought candy yet. That is a NO NO! HAHA However, I always buy way too much, and then have 7 bags of candy to eat. Fail.

  7. No costume for me... DD's just got completed.
    We still need to get our candy too.

  8. OMG I'm literally laughing out loud that a kid stuck his sucker on you. It's not funny but it is. John and I dressed up our first year together and then never again. Now, it's all about the kids :) They get so much candy and we end up eating most of it...oops. Can't wait to see what costumes you picked!

  9. Bahaha the hamburger is my favorite! Please tell me your a hamburger for Halloween !

  10. Hahaha I lol'd about the candy!!

    I bought our Halloween candy, put it all in a big grocery bag tied it, put it in another, tied it and one more and tied it and put it in top of fridge! Didn't want temptation.

    We JUST figured out Liv's costume! I'm so excited!! Now just have to figure out costumes for Jer and I so we can coordinate! We aren't into buying costumes either!

  11. Haha that's so gross!!! Can't wait to see your costumes!!!

  12. Wow, you are going all out sexy for halloween!

  13. I cant buy halloween candy early I will eat it ALL! I cant wait to see your costume!

  14. LOOOOOOVE HALLOWEEN! FAAAAAAAAAAAAAVORITE HOLIDAY BY FAR!! i am excited to see what you went with in BUYING!?!?! a costume! jk... i cheated a little bit this year too, lift just gets busy and you have to do what you gotta do!

    oh and the candy thing... we get NO trick or treaters... ZERO so we have to NOT buy candy unless we plan to eat it all, which I DO! ;)


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