Gameday Photoshoot

Happy Football Sunday to EACH of you!!!

Today is a bigggg game for my team, so right now… approximately 45 minutes to kickoff, I have no coherent thoughts. We are ANXIOUS over here!

We're just a couple crazy superfans who want to spend the next few hours cheering their team onto another W. So we've got our GAME FACES on!!

And we've got our Touchdown Celebrations ready!!
Watch out Cleveland… the battle of Ohio starts now!

WHODEY, blog world!!!!!


  1. Such cute pictures! You two are adorable (:

    xo, Heather

  2. Ha! Love this! Your pictures are hilarious!

    Hope your team wins! :)


  3. guys are adorable! hope your team wins!!!

  4. hahaha so cute!! Hubby and I aren't fans of the same team, but since ours don't play each other often, we do root for each other. Adorbs!

  5. YEAH CLEVELAND! woot woot! It was the only week that I didn't pick them to win in my pickem league so they did well. haha!

  6. Hehe too cute! Love all the photos the expressions are great :)

  7. Sorry I am a little late at looking at this post! These pictures are hilarious!!! hahaha! You guys are so cute!


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