Checking In

Happy Wednesday ladies! Did you miss me yesterday?! It felt weird to take a day off after blogging for 16 straight days, whew! It was needed though, I hope you all understand....

 I was obviously super busy taking pictures of myself while driving. Don't yell at me, mom!

 I haven't updated you all in awhile on my 12 in '12 goals I set up last December... And I know you're just DYING to see what type of progress I've made ;)

I checked in during February, March, June and August. Not TOO horrible, right?!
Well, let's see how I've done...

1. Write 200 blog posts 
Definitely on track here, which is awesome! When I first made that goal it sounded CRAZY!! This blog is becoming so much more than I ever thought it would be. The ladies I've met, and continue to meet, are what keep me coming back! Blogging rocks!!!

2. Lose ** pounds 
Yeah.... about that. I've got a couple months still, right?! 
Before I start devouring every holiday treat in sight....
Who could resist?!?!!

3. Run my first 10k
4... Hopefully follow a 10k with a 1/2 marathon
Let's get real.... I'm no where close to either of these things. Kinda' bummed about these, because they are still things I'd love to do. I've done 5k's this year, but that's about as far as it's gotten. I'm just now getting back into a weekly habit of running, after probably 4-5 months off. Soooo, these goals
you will likely see again for the 2013 year ;)
5. Read 50 new books
Again-- I got a LITTLE ridiculous with the numbers I decided were doable. Maybe this should have just said, "make more time for reading!" lol.... I lost count of the books I've read, probably in the range of 13-15. But you know what, I have actually learned a lot by putting these goals out here and trying to stick with them. Even if I'm not plowing through a book a week, I do remind myself to slow down (sometimes) and just pick up a book and relax more often!

6. Agressively build up our savings account
Still plugging away at this one, woot woot!

7. Organize the house top to bottom
THIS is definitely in progress and I'm loving it. Just two weeks ago I started a major "decluttering" phase and  it's going strong!! I think my problem with cleaning/organization sometimes can just be to look at the BIG picture and get overwhelmed by how much there is to do. 

This time around? I'm taking one small room/project/area at a time and kicking it's booty! Can't wait to share some of the before and afters with you, hopefully soon! I want to live a more clutter-free and simple life!
 Organized people are happy people!! ;)

8. Visit 3 new cities 
This year we got to visit Gatlinburg and Hilton Head for our vacation. 
We also did a little bit of a "staycation" and drove 45 minutes out of town to do some shopping and catch some minor league baseball--if you missed that it's blogged here and here. Hoping to fit in one last mini-roadtrip before the year is over!!
Chicago, perhaps?!

9. Be a better friend
10. Learn how to trust in God's perfect timing
11. Show kindness to someone every single day
#'s 9, 10 and 11 are not really things you can judge or measure, but they are constant reminders in my life. I do feel like I've made a better effort to stay in touch with friends, to let them know that even if we are hours apart, I still have their backs and they can call/email/text/tweet/FB whenever they want or need ;)

12. Take a class or workshop that will help my career


  1. Don't you just love Hilton Head?!

  2. Okay, before I comment about any of the others, I wanted to say the last one is so funny. "Crap....." - Maybe just because I only woke up 20 minutes ago but for some reason I'm finding that hilarious.


    I'm so glad you've been blogging a lot lately! I've loved getting to know you though your blog! And if you run at least 2 5k's it totals to be a 10k - right? So "technically" you've done it! Also, those pretzles look amazing. I can't wait for Christmas so I can eat mouth watering treats like that!

  3. Chicago would be a good trip to do! I've never been there and am really hoping to make it up there next year for St. Patricks Day!

  4. LOL at your #12 "crap" ;) also.. you look smokin even when you are being silly. & third.. chicago is a must. make it happen! I've always wanted to go. do ittt!

  5. Wait wait wait... you like football AND baseball?! I just fell in love with your blog a little more!

  6. Just laughed out loud at the "crap..." hahaha! and you might not have done a 10k, but you go for 7am runs which to me is more impressive than any marathon! However, I am angry at you now because all I want are those holiday treats...October isn't too early, is it??

  7. Wow reading 50 books is a lot! I had 25 on my list, and I'm on 20, so hopefully I'll finish in time! Chicago is such a fun city- I hope you make it there! Good luck on all your goals!

  8. haha i loved the "crap..." at the end. you are doing well with so many of your goals! i do the same thing and get a little ambitious with the numbers sometimes... this month, i am shooting to cook 12 homemade meals... we'll see about that.

  9. I love this post such a cute and good one. Those are very good goals too

  10. Shoot I need to get on the losing weight one and just run myself the 5! Haven't even done that! Good progress though for you!! Keep it up!

  11. Wow those peppermint pretzels look amazing! 12 in 12- wow what a great idea! Looks like your doing so well- good for you for jumping into new things.

  12. love your lists! and i agree when Christmas come i can't resist the goodies at all... where are you thinking for one last mini road trip before the end of the year?

  13. You crack me up! I would say 13-15 books is pretty darn good, and i'm a reader. I just read one right after the other, i have no idea how many though. As a teen i could read a book in a day but now i'm busy & only find the time while i'm taking a bath or drying my hair or on my (rare) lunch breaks!

    I love organization! Need some more in this house, though! :o/

  14. this is such a great idea! i may have to make a list of my own for next year. :) your list is awesome! your captions are too funny, too!

    thanks for following my blog! i'm excited to be your newest follower!


  15. When you're done organizing your life, will you come do mine?!??! :)


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