Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts and throwbacks today, in the form of bullet points because that's all 
my lazy brain can handle today ;)

  • If you are going to talk politics on social media, please, PLEASE at least be accurate. Regardless of your views and who you support, get it right! Nothing more annoying than seeing someone go off on a rant and in my mind, I'm all "That's wrong.... nope.... not true."
  • Eating healthy is boring, but I'm feeling better every day. I've been reading a TON of food blogs about cooking light, going low-carb and also "clean" eating and I've got to say, I'm learning a lot! Any recommendations for more blogs to check out??
  • Everyone going on vacations and cruises has me itching to plan a trip. Is it too early to plan for our 2nd anniversary.... aka, next May?
  • I get to see my pretty friend Lacey tonight, YAY!
  • Football is BACK. I was so pumped to watch the first game last night, did you all catch it?! I was rooting for the Giants (Sorry, Cowboys fans.... fantasy football reasons only!) and I really can't wait to watch all the games Sunday. And then THE big game of the week, Bengals v. Ravens on the 10th, WOOT! :)
And with that, I'll leave some ridiculous throwback photos to prove just HOW obsessed I am with football and my team. There might be a slight problem ;)

(2008 & 2011) Sometimes our get-ups get a little out of hand.
(2007) And sometimes I embarrass my family by wearing jerseys to Christmas events.
I'm sorry--- they had a game that night!!! ;)
(2009) I love it when friends let me know they're at a game and I get to meet up with them.
Sweet college friend Chelsea is about to welcome a NEW Bengals fan into the world next month!!! 

(2010) Stopping at the first available spot on the way home from a roadtrip so we wouldn't miss the game.
Pizza Hut is it!! 

(2011) Andddd, we've made it a goal to get to one away game a year-- here we are at the Tennesse Titans game!

Happy NFL Kickoff Week!!! :)



  1. One: I love bullet points. LOVE.
    Two: It's never too early {or late} to plan a vaca. Get on it! And keep me updated. I want all the juicy details. ;)

  2. You Bengals pictures are precious! My big is a huge fan!
    and I don't know if I could agree more with bullet point #1. I have stopped following people because their constant posts drive me nuts!

  3. I am SO happy that football season is back!!

  4. OMG. I've been planning our 1st anniversary trip since February. HAHAHAHAHA Get started lady! :)

  5. SO glad to have made it back over to your blog..I of course have been following you through IG, but it just isn't the same! I have totally been looking at all of your old wedding posts, as I plan mine!! I need to hop on the healthy eating train like I get ready to eat pizza for lunch...;) I also just re-opened my blog with a new, if you want to check it out! We need to catch up soon girl!!

  6. I went low carb before my wedding and it really worked. I also know that the blood type diets are supposed to be pretty dang accurate. And I agree with you on the politics thing. So annoying! As for the anniversary, never to early to plan right?!

    Haha you know you have a fantasy football problem when you don't care about the game, just how certain people do. Yep. That is me too!

  7. Totally agree with you on the politics! Drives me nuts!

    You are SO stinkin' cute in your black and orange! :) Happy NFL Season!

  8. I couldn't agree more on the politics thing! People just slam the party they are against and just sound ignorant, ugh! I am dying for vacation and we are going to Mexico in a few weeks for a is what is fueling me through this terrible heat!!! and I dont think it is ever a bad time to vacation :-)

  9. I think every blogpost should be written in bullet form. Thanks for rooting for the Giants, so effing mad they lost. And SOOO true about the politics. I don't care what your opinion is but it better be an educated one!

  10. Victor Cruz is on my fantasy team. *sigh* I was hoping for some dancing but alas...he dropped several good throws!

    Ya know what team actually has a great stadium (aside from the Colts obviously ;))...the Panthers. We stopped there on our way through Charlotte on vacation last's really nice!

  11. I always feel better after reading your Bengals-love-fest posts. I'm not the only one!! What a great goal to make it to an away game every season! I just moved to Indianapolis and I went to the pre-season game last week!

  12. I literally cannot agree more about the political thing!! So many people I follow do it and it makes me sooo angry, and then I stop wanting to see anything at all from them! It's sad really. Love all your pictures, per usual!! :)

  13. You are awesome. That is all.

  14. I SO agree about the political thing- annoying!! and your dedication is adorbs :)

  15. What a smart cookie you are to plan to go to at least one away game. That is so FUN!!

  16. i agree about politics on social media. my thoughts are we're all adults, so our opinions are established... someones facebook status is only going to cause debates- not influence someone to think the way you do. its pointless. '

    and our anniversary is in may, too. we didnt go anywhere this year, and i definitely want to start planning something big now!! :)


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