The weekend of all weekends

So, maybe it's Wednesday….and maybe I'm just now getting around to telling you about my weekend. But to be quite honest, I haven't had a COMPLETELY free, fun weekend in some time. Sure, I always find a way to fit fun in… but I have been at the office WAY TOO MUCH lately. Last Friday made day 12 in a row of working-- So I was definitely ready to let loose over the weekend. And let loose, I did!!

Friday- J picked me up from work at 5:01 on the dot and we headed over to the Cincinnati Reds game. It COULD have been the game they clinched, but they ended up losing that night =\ We still had a blast though, eating at a new place downtown and doing some serious people watching too!

This was our "Reds might clinch tonight" face! #fail
Gorgeous sky that night!

Still thought we might win at this point ;)
Saturday- Jared and I cleaned/organized our BUTTS off. I have been dying just to have a Saturday to sleep in and then get up and be productive around the house/yard. I have a few organization projects I hope to share on the blog soon. I am definitely in "DECLUTTER AND SIMPLIFY LIFE" mode. We have too much stuff, and I want our home to be clutter free.
I mean, do I really NEED this art project from sophomore year of college?! That was 6 years ago! #Whoa 

 It's a HUGE undertaking but we are one step closer after this weekend. I focused on 
de-cluttering inside and J worked in the yard/on the roof all day.
He's such a hard worker :) And I loved that the clouds looked like a heart above him!!!!

We also took J's new car for a spin to get some errands done. I am LOVING that his car is now safe, reliable and gets AMAZING gas mileage, WOOP!!! :)
Please excuse the greasy hair, it's my weekend look ;)

Then that night we hosted our regular game night, Monopoly was the choice, again… although this time we played the "Hilton Head-opoly" version! And it may have turned into a dance party WITH strobe lights afterward…. Okay, it did.
We love our guys & our games ;)

Yep, that really happened. Try not to be too jealous of my Saturday nights ;)

After staying up WAY too late and dancing to one too many Katy Perry songs (not that there is such a thing!) we went to church the next day and came home to watch a Bengals win! To celebrate we had some post-game street football.
J totally clocked our nephew right in the head in this picture- LOL!

Being 2-1 feels pretty great right now :)

Doing a weekend recap on a Wednesday was actually kinda' fun…. because I can now look forward to the upcoming weekend, and it's just a couple short days away!!


  1. sounds like a fun weekend! Nothing wrong w. strobe lite dance parties lol

  2. what a fun weekend!! I love game nights with friends, but I definitely need to incorporate a dance party next time!

  3. Sounds like a GREAT weekend. Monopoly is our game of choice in my family!

  4. so jealous you got to go to a Red game. My husband is a HUGE fan, but whenever he makes it to a game it's a guys trip- boo! Looks like a fun weekend one I would want to mention on a Wednesday too!

  5. That strobe light dance party was the best. Lets try for that again soon, k? Also I couldn't agree more... NO SUCH THING as too much katy perry. We are stalkers ;)

    Love youuuu!

  6. Dance party?! YES! And what a weekend for Cincy sports! I think I forgot to tell you how much I love the new blog design!

  7. Ok... so can I come hang with you guys on the weekends? Yes? Ok good.

    And your neighborhood looks kinda like ours so yeah... we should def be neighbors!

  8. Baseball, game night, football, and football in the street... that is totally my kind of weekend!

  9. Gotta love fun and productive weekends! I love the dance party, haha!

  10. OMG I love random, unexpected dance parties!!! It looks like you had an amazing yet productive weekend :)

    p.s. - I'm your newest follower and hope you'll follow back at

  11. Sounds like you had such an awesome weekend! Definitely sounds exciting :)


  12. Okay, I seriously AM jealous of your saturday nights! That right there is exactly what I like to do! Sooo when are you moving to Florida?

  13. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! :) So glad you got to let loose and have fun!

  14. sounds like a great weekend.. you guys are the cutest couple ever!!


  15. What kind of car did he get?! Looks like ya'll had fun. Totally jealous of the party Saturday night : )

  16. You guys are so fun! I love that you even own strobe lights.

  17. The Redskins Bengals game killed me! Strobe lights at game night? Win!

  18. I found your blog and the name immediately caught my attention. My husband is a college football coach so football is everything around my household.

    And is there really anything better than a game night of Monopoly? I'm obsessed!



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