Show & Tell - Fall is HERE!

The past couple of Mondays I've been linking up with miss Becky at one of my fave blog's. First I posted all about homes and then all about our wedding. This week? 

Fall is IN THE AIR and that's the topic of our link up. Make sure to check out Becky's blog and all the other bloggers who linked up.

1. Tell us what you are looking forward to this fall?
In case you haven't noticed- I live for FOOTBALL around these parts, so that's obviously the first thing on my list ;) However, there's not much I love more than decorating my house with pumpkins, fall colors and lighting all the new fall candles I've been saving! And obviously awaiting the first day I get to break out some boots… Eeeee! ;)

2. Show us your fall style.
I've told you all before, I don't consider myself fashionable, or even trendy for the most part. I go with comfy, relatively easy and cheap. (Guilty) However, if someone would pay for all these outfits and tailor them to fit me perfectly, I've love to be rocking these all fall.

3. Tell us your favorite things to do in the fall. 
 Besides living, breathing and sleeping football….. ;) I love enjoying the outdoors in any way we can. This summer has been MISERABLY hot and muggy, so I'll be welcoming the cooler temperatures. J and I have tried to start making it a habit (when it's not 90!) to take a walk after dinner. I also enjoy the last few grill-outs and nights of cornhole with friends before we need to put it all away for the winter!

Drinking apple cider, going to pick out pumpkins and then carving them are also must-dos.

4. Show us your favorite fall beverage.
I don't think there is any other option but Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks

5. Tell us, how you will be participating in halloween this year. Plans? Costume ideas? 

A couple years ago J's cousins got married on the weekend before Halloween. They had a small private ceremony, and opted for a giant Halloween costume bash afterwards for their "reception." Craziest thing ever, but it has now turned into their annual bash and we LOVE IT! They have a great location for a giant bonfire/party and they go ALL out with the decor. I'm already looking forward to sharing more about it in October.

As for our costumes… they are top secret until the party ;) Stay tuned!

Who else is PUMPED September is here and fall festivities can begin!?



  1. LOVE those fall outfits!! So cute!

    I can't wait for Halloween as well!! Can't wait to see your costumes!!

  2. I love the last outfit the most. That is my style to a T. I love the picture of you "eating" the pumpkin guts! This time of year just makes my heart happy :)

  3. Yay for fall! Your husband's cousins' idea sounds like so much fun. Definitely not traditional, but definitely a neat idea. I can't wait to hear more about it.

  4. Yay for fall! I did the link up this week because I've had so much fun reading yours the last few weeks. I can't wait for so many of the same fall things! I love fall!!

  5. Love those outfits. I agree. Someone buy me them, and I'd wear them all! Haha! The wedding reception/annual bash sounds like SO much fun! I think the last time I wore a costume for halloween was when I was 7! And I've never had a Pumpkin Spice Latte - but it's on my list of things to do this season! :) Happy Labor Day!


  6. That picture of you with the pumpkin is hilarious! I love all of the things you said about fall, especially the yummy candles! I'm not sure when we're getting fall down here but I'm still looking forward to everything you mentioned!

  7. I love the fall weather too! There's just something about getting all bundled up to go to a football game! :)

  8. We love so many of the same things! I've already had 2 pumpkin spice lattes this weekend!

  9. I blame pregnancy brain for me forgetting to even mention football! Though I think it goes without saying ;) Two more days til regular season starts! Woop woop!!

  10. SO excited for fall festivals!

  11. Love the outfits! Following you back (:

  12. i am SO excited for fall! love all of those outfits... bring on the layers! :)

  13. I love ALL those outfits. :) Especially that mustard skirt! I NEED IT! HAHA


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