Short week ahead!

Somehow long weekends never seem quite long enough :) However, you can't beat the short work-week that follows! I'm already thinking of the upcoming weekend which is sure to be a fun one. Let's hope these 4 days at the office are smooth sailing.

This long weekend was muchhhh needed. The perfect mixture of fun plans but also, relaxation.

Friday a new baby cousin joined our family!!! Westley is SO adorable and SO loved already. I can't wait to meet him in person this weekend! Congratulations Mike & Lindsey!!! He is perfect!
Westley Owen; Born August 31 :)
Saturday I participated in J's family fantasy football draft. Let me tell you, I'm planning on winning it all ;)
Look at all the concentration ;) And.... don't be jealous that we match.
Sunday, J and I had a fun afternoon/evening just wandering and doing what we felt like. We ate at a delicious steak house we'd never been to, stopped in a bookstore we'd never shopped at, and of course had to grab a  Starbucks Java Chip frapp! There is no better combination then books and coffee.

Monday, we went up to my parent's house for lunch and to visit. Those lucky ducks just got back from vacation so it was good to catch up and look at their pictures and souvenirs.

We spent the rest of Monday reading new books we got and also writing. I've mentioned before that both J and I have a passion to write, and we now have actual books in the works. Over the weekend I hit the 11 thousand word milestone. Seems insane; but even more insane is how much more I still have to go ;)

How did you spend your long weekend?! :)
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  1. Looks like a great weekend! That steak looks SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!

    Also - Westley is PRECIOUS! SO CUTE!

  2. Love the name Westley! He's adorable. Looks like a relaxing weekend -- I'm jealous : ) I love Saturdays like that...nothing on the agenda, just doing a whole lot of whatever you feel like with your honey! Didn't know you were a writer -- congrats on hitting 11,000 words. That's huge! Enjoy your short week : )

  3. You two are so cute in your matching Bengals shirts! Sounds like a fun...and delicious weekend!

  4. he is the cutest! love that name, one of my bff guys is named Wes :)

  5. Aw...precious baby. I was telling my husband that in a way I don't like long weekends because they make going back to work so much harder! I spent my weekend relaxing and crafting. I have not had a weekend to relax in a LONG time!

  6. what a fun weekend!! that steak looks delicious! :)

  7. I love all of you and J's Bengals gear! I'm so excited for our Blogger FF!

  8. this seriously sounds like the most perfect weekend ever! so much fun abut also relaxing time...i love it! good luck in the draft ;) kick butt!!


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