Saturday Savings!

Thanks to everyone who cried with me over the lost Cancun trip. I had a successful girls night out last night that I'll share with you next week, but it definitely eased the pain of the loss ;)

I hope you're all out enjoying a wonderful Saturday, I know I plan to. I wanted to share a few quick money-savings sites that I frequent. (None of these sites are sponsors or paying me to advertise--- Just my opinions!)
The first one is PaidViewpoint and you can sign up here. Super easy to sign up, and they email you random surveys maybe once every other day. The surveys range from ALL types of topics, anything is free game. After each survey you complete, they deposit about 10 cents into your account. I know, you're thinking 10 cents??! But it adds up! Once you're at a certain amount it lets you cash out and can be sent to your Paypal account! I've cashed out multiple times now. It's just something that takes 3 minutes out of my day and hey, FREE MONEY! :) So get over there and start getting paid!!!

The next one is Totsy!! Amazing savings here. Seriously-- I've been able to snag some really great gifts for people. They advertise it's for "moms" but they have TONS of stuff. Lots of baby/kids deals, but also household items, adult clothing, shoes, etc! They don't do exchanges/returns, so be sure of what you're purchasing when you're getting it. Their deals change all the time, always adding new stuff so add this to your favorites list and check them out too!

Last, but not least, I just discovered Ebates and can't believe it's taken me this long to figure it out!!! Basically, if you're going to do any online shopping (and who doesn't?!) start through their site, find the place you want to shop and earn cash back! Just from going through their site! It's really that easy-- sign up people! ;)

So tell me-- what ways do you save/earn money online?! Do you use any of these sites? Any sites I need to add to my lists??? Happy Shopping!!!


  1. Great tips! Thanks sor sharing!! :)

  2. Oooh!! I didn't know about evades either!! Def will check it out!! :)


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